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As reported earlier, University of California San...
For all too long now yuppies have been peacefully...
On October 17th, 2014, comrades Carlos López,...

Reportback - Ché Café Eviction Defence March - San Diego, California

Ché Café Eviction Defence March

As reported earlier, University of California San Diego administration have once again launched a campaign to evict the 34+ year old autonomous, collectively controlled, student co-operative space known as the Ché Café.


Appendix on Writer's Block and Erectile Dysfunction

I have published an appendix to my 'Practical Proposals Intended For Discussion, Extension, Correction & Implementation' which provides some context to the essay 'Why I am not an anarchist'

It is available at


Rojava: An Anarcho-Syndicalist Perspective

Anarchists refuse to participate in national liberation fronts; they participate in class fronts which may or may not be involved in national liberation struggles. The struggle must spread to establish economic, political and social structures in the liberated territories, based on federalist and libertarian organisations.” -Alfredo Maria Bonanno

As this is published there come news reports that the Islamic State (ISIS) has been almost completely pushed out of the city of Kobane, party headquarters of Democratic Union Party (PYD) the Syrian affiliate party to the Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK), their co-president Saleh Muslim calling such developments the liberation of Kobane.[1] Hopefully as such progress in the region moves forward anarcho-syndicalists and social revolutionaries of all tendencies can start to objectively discuss the situation in West Kurdistan without the emotional reflex to a population under siege, facing a humanitarian disaster.


Public Grief and the Logic of War

The past week has seen two attacks in Canada against Canadian soldiers by Muslim men. In response, thousands of people filled the streets to wave flags and call for heightened surveillance, preventive arrests, and war in the middle east. The crowds are calling for a police state. It feels heavy, and we're stuck watching with dread as the crowds seem intent on re-enacting propaganda scenes from the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Except in Canada in 2014, instead of a torch the crowds are cheering on the progress of a dead soldier whose corpse was driven from Ottawa to Hamilton.


The Political Potential of Party Riots

we can't stop, we won't stop, can't you see it's we who own the night?

It was inevitable: After news spread of anti-police riots in the small college town of Keene, New Hampshire, on Oct. 18, people on Twitter started comparing media coverage of the incident with that of the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. However, the difference in coverage between the first weeks of protest in Ferguson and the night of drunken rioting that emerged from the Keene Pumpkin Festival was telling. As white college kids in Keene flipped cars and threw bottles at cops for the fun of it, the media called them rowdy booze-filled revelers and all sorts of other euphemisms.


Zoltan vs. Zerzan

From Stanford Events

The Stanford Transhumanist Association is thrilled to announce a debate between Zoltan Istvan and John Zerzan on the future of technology and its ethical implications. Is technology the source of our problems, or is it their ultimate solution? Come and hear the views of two thinkers who stand, and arguably have defined, the two polar opposite views on the effects of technology and its role in alleviating suffering.

The Final Straw: October 26th

Airing at 2pm EST on October 26th at Streaming at AshevilleFM from 3am EST on October 27th through November 3rd, 2014, then podcasting at Also airing this week on KOWA-LPFM in Olympia, WA, KWTF in Bodega Bay, CA, KXCF in Marshall, CA, and WCRS-LP Columbus Community Radio 98.3 and 102.1 FM

Students and Community Members Join Struggle to Fight Eviction of Ché Café - San Diego, California

Ché Mural

The Ché Café, a legendary hub for musicians, artists and student organizers in San Diego, has once again come under attack by the administration of the University of California at San Diego. The Ché has been open for more than 34 years and is one of only three original autonomous, collectively controlled, student owned co-operatives that remain on the UCSD campus.


Why I Am Not An Anarchist

Personal essay that may be of interest to readers of this website:

Comments, AFTER having read the whole thing, are welcomed at the email address listed on that site. As for the comments thread this article, off the cuff chatter will probably proliferate, as is usual.


Sardine in search of an escape from the tin


Police Murder Student at ZAD du Testet

Saturday was the reoccupation demo following the most recent eviction at the ZAD du Testet, in the Tarn region of southern France. It was attended by 5-7000 people, according to the organizers. There were clashes with military police in the afternoon, with 10 people wounded, one of them shot in the face with a rubber bullet. The paramedics were called but refused to come.