Radicalism is old not new.

The political spectrum is composed of radicals, liberals, and conservatives. Radicalism is the opposite of conservatism. Radicals support what conservatives oppose. Conservatives support what radicals oppose. Liberalism is a position halfway between radicalism and conservatism. Liberalism is a compromise between radicalism and conservatism. Radicals support human rights, democracy, egalitarianism, communism, socialism, anarchism, diversity, interracial marriage, same-sex marriage, abortion, vegetarianism, animal rights, environmentalism, atheism, science, and evolution.

Why we should boycott Russian products.

The boycott of Russian products such as vodka is the correct response to the anti-gay laws in Russia. Next year, which is 2014, we should boycott and protest the Winter Olympics in Russia. We should not care if we offend Russians. Russia is one of the most conservative countries in Europe. Russia has been becoming increasingly conservative since the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991. The anti-gay laws in Russia are part of this conservative trend. Russia is an empire. Russia tries to dominate world politics.

Class Rethink

When we think of class we tend to categorise it into the following groups:

Working Class
Middle Class
Upper Class

Or possibly:

Working Class
Lower Middle Class
Upper Middle Class
Upper Class

Marx would define these groups by people’s relationship to the means of production and labour power, for example:

Working Class (proletariat) – Worker
Middle Class (petit-bourgeoisie) – Small business owner, cannot employ anyone
Upper Class (bourgeoisie) – Business owners who employ others

India says no to cancer patent

India’s Supreme Court has rejected a plea by Novartis to patent an updated version of its cancer drug, Glivec.

Patents mean that cheap (affordable) life-saving medicine cannot be legally reproduced, meaning many people around the world die from curable or treatable illnesses because they can’t afford the drugs.

These pharmaceutical companies are a direct spawn of capitalism, the painful reality, no money, you die.

Of course these companies retort with the same capitalist mantra, if you don’t allow patents, we’ll stop researching new drugs.

Sound familiar?

The immorality of capitalism.

The capitalists are only concerned about one thing: money. They live the life they do because they have ruthlessly exploited others. The need to exploit more and to get more and more raw materials and wealth led to imperialism, and the aristocracy of the imperialist countries lived even more lavishly than before.

We see on the news that Africa is poor. Africa has a minority who have a vast amount of wealth because of foreign backers. These people are willing to allow imperialism to steal Africa’s natural resources.
Africa is not poor, Africa is being looted.

Towards a world without a 1% Changing the fundamental paradigms that rule society opens the door to a completely different future.

Towards a world without a 1%
Changing the fundamental paradigms that rule society opens the door to a completely different future.

“Despite their defeats, the princes do not lose anything” (Jean-Paul Marat).
The world is dominated by the 1%, the Happy Few with a surplus of power and money. Despite wars, revolutions, economic and financial crises, natural catastrophes, etc. they rule the world already for ages.
Is a world possible where decisions are not taken because of the pivotal role of money but because all people have the same status?

Dialectical Delinquents - now re-organised

Dialectical Delinquents - – now re-organised and no longer merely a site under construction.

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