Communique for the attack of a police car in Prague

In Prague on Feb 13th 2014, a Molotov attack on a police car took place on Hostivařská street. The attack was claimed by the Black Brigade, an autonomous network of revolutionary cells. The blow struck the defender of the capitalist system and was an act of solidarity with victims of police repression, in this case those who were evicted from Neklanka squat on 7th February 2014 and for those who stand trial after being arrested during the eviction for defending the squat.

Unsurprisingly, We waited a long time for our enemies response, as was the case of an attack on a police car in Janov, an event only briefly mentioned in the Comprehensive situational report by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We do not expect that the message of our actions will be spread by the enemy, and the fact that the event is almost silent does not mean that the content of the actions ceased to exist. We have our own channels and we intend to use them to explain our actions.

This time we attacked because we don’t want to passively watch as the cops take peoples homes, we will not close our eyes when people are driven out on to the street in freezing weather. We push hard because we do not accept the bourgeois right to leave the uninhabited houses to unnecessary decay or demolition, that they cannot serve the people.

We fully support squatting as part of revolutionary practice, as practical expropriation, preventing houses being abused for the accumulation of profit, at the expense of the public. Instead, changing it into a resource to meet human needs.

Showing support for squats usually means facing the police attacks and provocations, as was the case during the Neklanka eviction. Some of those who refused to accept police aggression were arrested and two people sent to court. It is not important if they commited the crime they were accused of, or i it was a police fabrication. Two people were charged and forced on trial for the defence of human dignity and squatting. This is reason enough for us to be in solidarity with them and support them.

From our actions it is clear that we do not intent to express solidarity in the courthouses where the enemies dominate. We understand very well that the court is one of the bodies of power which helps capitalism to function. So if we mention solidarity we do not mean the humble supplications of understanding on the part of the judges, with solidarity we mean conflict with agents of oppression and to confront their structures. On February 2014 we attacked the police, next time it could be any other institution or person protecting the capitalist system.

We refuse to submit to undignified conditions of the system.

We seek its destruction , therefore we will continue to fight !

Black Brigade - Network revolutionary cells ( CB - SRB) - April 2014




Black Brigade! Hopefully nobody will burn down their churches!

Only 1 police car?

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