10 Years of Anarchist News

From Worker's blog

This is the date that is more-or-less 10 years after the first entry of a very early (think php-nuke) version of anarchistnews on the Wayback Machine. The original mission of anarchistnews was to improve on deficiencies of the active news wires of that time These deficiencies were

  • being too broad (as to not be particularly anarchist)
  • having a comment section dominated by the admin
  • having a comment section onerously and arbitrarily moderated
  • being one-dimensional

No good deed goes unpunished so as the years have ticked away the success of resolving these deficiencies has also exposed new, complicated problems. I’ll say that if the goal of anarchistnews was to #attack what had come before, to spurn #society, and create an atmosphere that reflected (although this was unbeknownst to me at the time) a younger and contemporary anarchist perspective... then I feel the past ten years has been an incredible success. If the goal was to create a community, demonstrate how digital life can bridge chasms, and defeat the new corporate technocracy at the communication game... not so much.

What we have done

We have created a place for in-depth conversation on topical stories, a safe space for trolls (of at least four different varieties), the go-to one-stop location for scene drama, and a place to advertise black-clad banner drops, window smashings, and glue lockings. As we are interested in each of these things in some weighted order each day (and that order changes) we consider it a success that most days anarchistnews delivers a different emphasis too.

To the extent that the Internet has a singular watercooler, not controlled by a corporation, for anarchist discussion in North America, anarchistnews has grown to fill that role. (Note that this singularity breeds contempt and that is to be expected, especially from a movement of malcontents and freaks.)

What I have learned

The list of lessons from a project like anarchistnews is long. I’ll start with a personal list and then a categorical one. I have learned that every time you compete with or act with hostility towards someone else you also allow them to enter your life. You think about, whether you realize it or not, the same problems that they do and in some substantial way reconcile yourself to why their approach to problem domain was appropriate. After doing anarchistnews for years I am far less judgmental about decisions that infoshop, libcom, or crimethinc have made with their web boards. Similarly I can understand their frustrations with decisions around anarchistnews. None of us have got it right (#society still stands) or have had anything beyond limited success. This empathy for other people's projects might seem at odds with the playfully hostile tone that is a hallmark of anarchistnews but it's where I’m at.

Here is the tl;dr on categories of lessons. Internationalization is very difficult to do while sitting in the US. Technology problems are a pain in the ass.

Anarchistnews obviously reflects a North American bias. It is in English, reports on actions, analysis, etc from NA first, but also attempts to highlight activity and thought in other parts of the world. It is impossible to fairly editorialize and distill all the different language (even if translated) action blogs and context for a NA audience, at least without more participation from other places. Context is a particular challenge in NA because we live in a place where nearly 350 million people speak the same language (compare this to 500 million people in the EU speaking 23 official languages); grow up watching the same television programs; know the same dozen or so politicians' names; and enter anarchism through the same, very limited, entry points. If anarchistnews did better original reporting of international perspectives I believe it would go a long way towards building more international bridges, which would benefit both sides of each new connection. Even more than with Europe, the scarcity of translation and cross-cultural traffic between the US and Mexico is a dramatic failure for NA anarchism and anarchistnews in particular.


Anarchistnews runs on the open source software Drupal. It has used Drupal (for better and for worse) for at least 8 years and the software has developed from something that a single person could hack into place into a large, sprawling, system that several years ago I lost the capacity to fully grok. The biggest consequence of this is that during the last major upgrade (I believe from 6 to 7) I got outside help... who committed to more than they were willing to do. As a result we are now missing about five years of anarchistnews backups. Realistically this will not be resolved until someone who both gives a fuck about the missing archives and has experience backloading data from drupal6 to drupal7 reaches out to me. This hasn’t happened but I want to extend the invitation. Additional tech drama has included (just in the past year) a very virulent and consistent mixture of federal probing (mostly by IP address in the Arlington VA zone) and international spammers hitting the anarchistnews server pool all the fucking time. I’ve tried many different solutions but haven’t hit the golden ratio (although I’ve had a bit more success lately) of banning IPs, memcache, mysql settings, and tolerance for the proficiency trolls have with TOR. Final note on technology, over the years I’ve tried to get technical help but the issue continues to be that finding people who are competent technologists (of whatever stripe) AND politically on board with anarchistnews (meaning not sectarian) may be possible but would require more time (in meetings, meeting new people, going outside) than it usually takes for me to hack a solution together myself. I have a slow-moving/appropriate mechanism in place that may resolve this issue but... slow.


Sectarian is another way to say clique-with-a-program. Anarchistnews has had limited success in its attempt to be non-sectarian in news coverage . Sectarian politics doesn’t, in fact, look like the war of all tendencies against each other. Mostly sectarian anarchist politics looks like different perspectives looking right past each other. In the context of social scenes this means you end up only hanging out with/being friends with people who share a general orientation but from the perspective of anarchistnews this means that perspectives that feel like they get mocked or a short shrift from the commentators on anarchistnews stop posting their news there. This is incredibly frustrating. For starters this means that for there to be balanced coverage on the site I have to go out and find perspectives that are under-represented (yuck) which always means they end up serving as chum to the trolls rather than balance, it also means that anarchistnews is often seen as a hive-mind where, as the only person that reads every comment, the opposite is true. We strongly believe that any time you rely on one person/perspective to provide balance you are doomed to failure.

Another content note. Uncontroversial (or generally approved of) actions and stories get far fewer comments than controversial things do. This doesn’t seem surprising once it’s stated out loud. But the inverse (which is as obvious) is remarked on all the time as a condemnation of not just anarchistnews, but the Internet in general, society, etc. This just seems myopic. Controversy is controversial. The Internet has created a culture of adrenaline-fueled controversy chasing. The fault of this is... anarchistnews moderation!?

What will change and not

Now that you are familiar with what we’ve learned you can probably guess what is going to change... not much! We were very close to pulling the trigger on some big changes (including removing/displacing comments) but have changed our minds. Over the past 2-3 years I’ve minimized the amount per day that it takes to run the site, I’ve grown inured to the slings and arrows of worker-obsessed trolls, and, upon reflection, feel that removing this venue for discussion wouldn’t have a clearly positive effect (just an arguable removal of negative effect). The momentum of anarchistnews is considerable.

Wishes for other projects

That said I believe there is a lot of room for other projects that fill the holes that anarchistnews leaves untouched. The most obvious would be an exciting, moderated, non-sectarian discussion forum. Somewhere between anarchistnews and the 101 level stuff of http://anarchy101.org and corporate anarchist discussions but with a crew of intelligent and patient moderators. A lot of work but it could be worth doing. Another gap could be a curated RSS feed that accomplishes a lot of what people claim they want in anarchistnews but with no comments. This isn’t so dissimilar to the Indymedia model that anarchistnews is a type of response to (and probably why it hasn’t happened yet) but all that it would require is the work of 2-3 motivated people to make something very usable and useful.


Among the general and vague criticisms that the site gets is the idea that I (the psuedonymous character known as worker) have designs on controlling anarchy which I accomplish by my choice of story and my haikus of hostility (aka the rollers). While I (in my not-worker mode) don’t claim to have no stake in certain arguments that happen on anarchistnews I am sincere when I say that I don’t participate in them. I do not make comments on the site unless as worker and usually then only in response to direct questions. Of course anarchistnews is a frame on topical anarchism but in the context of corporate-hosted conversations about the same topics it is arguable how tight the frame is. Additionally there are very few stories that get submitted to the site (by someone other than me) that do not get posted. Once people caught on that anarchist means uses the term anarchist or demonstrates explicit connection to anarchist ideas there are have been far fewer posts (and even fewer complaints) about what gets submitted. That said, I do not devote a great deal of time hunting down stories to post so if you feel as though your particular tendency isn’t being well represented on the site please use this link and add it.


I want to end this reflection on ten years of anarchistnews by pointing out a specific criticism. I don’t want to take this comment entirely in good faith but it is worth mentioning that comments like this still touch me. They don’t exactly hurt my feelings but they represent exactly the disconnect between critics (like 90% of the commentors on the site) and the people who write the reportbacks, analysis, call outs, and actual content of the site. The implication that anonymity has created a shitshow is a criticism that cuts to the bone and for that I appreciate it but the ahistoricalness of the comment gives me pause. Serious pause. If you have not moderated a site or run a project that people interact with anonymously (which is nearly every project nowadays) its hard to describe how complicated the issues around this are. It is simple to say is that no matter what one chooses around these kinds of issues you are going to be making the wrong choices for a subset of your audience, of your peers, your enemies, and your friends. Anarchistnews has always worked on the premise that anarchy, in its raw, unmediated form is worth the trouble. Trolls, cops, and frenemies haven’t convinced me that this isn’t true, but they are trying.



Thanks worker. I've enjoyed the ups and downs. The troller community is strong and without them all the assholes of anarchy would dominate the anarchist webs, silencing real critical views as well as types of humor that can't exist at any other anarchist sites due to people trying to get the comments pulled.

I think this site could use more blue comedy, perhaps also promote a nude calendar to support anarchist political prisoners.

Congrats. Great long running project you have pushed to make successful over the years. You have done a good job and the haters will always hate. Everyone loves to complain, specially people who have zero going on.

Let me suggest that moving into an uncertain internet future anarchistnews might help to provide alternatives to some of the anarchy promoted on Reddit and Facebook. Some of that shit is straight up liberal over there. And not to mention, when/if FacebookReddit ever begins to lose traction this may be a place people come to in order to keep connected.

Anyhow, point being, there's still lots of things this place can be doing for north american anarchy. Thanks again

I gave /r/anarchism an honest try. Several actually. It's like they're staunchly committed to stamping out any actual anarchist analysis, critique, or perspective that might threaten the hegemony of the dogmas and liberal ideologies that dominate that place. Plus it's pretty obvious that only a very narrowly defined anarchism is allowed there if you don't want to get banned or treated like an enemy. Wanna see sectarian? Check them out.

It's to the credit of @news that worker doesn't force any sort of stark political line.

Yeah it can be a rough place. And you are correct, virtually devoid of any sort of analysis. Just confused white college radicalism and liberal outrage. God, the reactions to that shooting last month were just painful. People who call themselves anarchists posting about gun control and shit.

A lot of these people just have such a fear of not being accepted by their peers that they refuse to think for themselves and just follow the loudest voice. Ironically falling victim to the sort of authoritarian individual characteristics their confused identity politics critiques.

I troll r/ancraps often by posting articles about anarchists fucking shit up or calling for revolutionary shit. Sometimes I think to myself that I could probably piss off both places at the same time with some posts.

More like r/LiberalsPosingAsAnarchists


Congratulations on ten years! And a hardy thank you too because if it wasn't for this website exposing me to all different kinds of anarchy over the past few years, I might still be an uninspired lefty activist.

It was A news where I first read about anarchist egoism, nihilism, insurrectionary anarchism and so on and challenged my own ideologies at the time by holding them up to these newly found insights. In spite of what you just wrote, if it wasn't for A-News and the diversity of opinions, tendencies, and approaches that are found here, the only thing I would know about anarchism would be an uninspired text book historical anarchism with no life to animate it.

Thanks for all you do worker, seriously!

<3 an unrepentant troll

Wow. Ten years of snark, gratuitous insult, facile knee-jerk condemnation, and general denunciation... And that's just from me! Aside from several authentic voices of non-sectarian anarchist spewage, he trolls, flame-baiters, and paranoid anti-anarchists make this site the best place for news, analysis, and entertainment. I wouldn't have it any other way. Here's to another ten eventful years!

The, not "he."

thanks to 10 years of liberals and leftists acting like cops and dressing up as anarchists

Anarchistnews is not to thank for that. The suburbs and liberal arts colleges are.

really, i think alot of bad ass anarchists are made in suburbia. but yea, fuck college and intellectual anarchism(liberalism). on the up side those college crowds think that communism is anarchism, helps to identify the closet liberals.

Great post - it's stuff like this and everything in it that makes @news appealing. To ten more years and beyond of reading every comment posted.

For various reasons it seems @news gets a really bad rap amongst a lot of the other anarchist online spaces, which is weird and unfortunate - but thank you for all the thankless work. :)

Wow...ten years already? Amazing. I wonder if infoshop.org is around the same age?

It's a testament to the comprehensiveness of @news that I usually come here first to get my news about all things anarchist, all the actions, resistance, arrests, events, book launches, etc. not only in North America but around the world. It was on @news that I first learned about the huge exciting anarchist movement happening in Greece so many years ago.

The comments have always been a source of both humor and of frustration. But it is still one of the most open places to vent and discuss on the interweb. I hope that remains so. May I suggest adding an actual formal discussion forum to the site?

Here's to ten more years of @news!

Crazy enough, infoshop as imperfect as it is was one of the first political large scale sources of news on the actual internet. It has been what it is now since 1995. I remember sitting in my parents house at 14 on a 28.8 modem with AOL looking at the site.

Spunk library was also started by Chuck in like 1992. Anarchist shit was basically some of the first political stuff on the www.

Either way, congrats on anews 10 year mark.

I don't think it's possible Spunk Library was on the internet in 1992, since the world wide web didn't become public or appear until 1993. This is the very first website:


I remember getting into an argument with a friend in 1998 when I thought the internet was becoming just another fad. I predicted the internet would only last a few more years and then everyone would move onto something else.

Anyway, congrats and happy 10-year anniversary to Anarchist News!

worker have you thought about changing to some comparatively light weight imageboard software?

Except for tags, sounds like requiring little modification; only staff can make new threads, and replies can't post images. Tinyboard is currently popular and like the best in php and I think what anokchan runs, and while I don't like it, in part because it's written in php, drupal is written in php, so...

I have a tag-like idea for an unfinished project, maybe it can be implemented in another board software as long as it's multi-board.

I am sure this is a difficult task, worker, and I appreciate your efforts. I don't find much of interest on @News though I check it most days, just in case. That lack is a reflection of the anarchist milieu, not the site or the mods (though I am sure that trolling could be handled better/differently). The site is a bare bones minimum for getting some sort of news and info, and since that is all there is out there (bare bones minimum) in the public forum, it serves its stated purpose. Given what the Internet is...just slightly better than useless when it comes to sharing anarchist ideas that have feet-on-the-ground merit. Drama and spectacle seem more the norm – then again, so is modern life. Can a public forum like this improve on that? Not likely, though one likes to imagine the possibilities.

Of course, there are untold stories and news and info and thoughts and ideas that never make it here because those projects are being lived. As experiments, as ideas, and as thrashers of theory and ideology - and no doubt as reinforcement of same. A site that was more conducive to discussing these real life experiments that does away with @news trolling, arrogant ideologues, and authoritarian grumps while moving beyond Anarchy101's dull repetitiveness would be a welcome experiment.

As to finding those who would help, I am surprised it has been difficult. There are a lot of @ tech types. My experience has been that it is often the manner in which the “owner” of a project organizes or “manages” it that dissuades others from joining in. This is no doubt especially so since you are looking for those who are – or should be – very reluctant to be managed, to be anything other than an “equal” partner on a project (again assuming you want anarchists on the project). Since you are doing some awesome self-reflection on this anniversary, you might want to consider that possibility as well. Not saying it is that way, I have no way of knowing, just wondering.

A few questions:
Are you storing IP addresses? If yes, what does that mean for the people using the site should your servers be snatched? Obviously the pigs have nearly unlimited means at their disposal for figuring who is who and where, but hopefully we never make it easier for them.

You mentioned different classifications of trolls; what are they and how do you see them relating to each other, to actual anarchists, and their impact on the site viability?

What do you use/do to prevent Denial of Service attacks (in general). I have not been able to keep one site up due to these hacks and being ousted by the ISPs. And I only had a minimum of incendiary anarchist material posted.

Anyway, kudos for keeping up with the project despite the inherent difficulties and unrewarding results (talking about the general level of discourse and activity).

To actual anarchists? Hahaha, just hear this queer

This comment is obviously from reddit.

It has been so excellent NOT going to Chuck Os Infoshop for the past 10 years. That is reason enough to appreciate @News.

Does infoshop still exist? That's crazy to me. I don't know anyone who still checks that page other than to copy and paste the link to the anarchist FAQ for noobs.


It is also pretty active on Facebook these days: https://www.facebook.com/infoshoporg

There was a time when i thought worker was running this site as a satyrical art project to prove a point and spread dischord
I don't think that anymore, but i sill fantasize you stroking your old beard and giggling like an wild eyed willy wonka/neizchte/morphius
This site really helped me overcome "anarchism" and put to rest my own ideology by breaking the mirror to my repressions that the comment section was/is
Thanks for what you do, seriously!
You are really more than an admin, you're an anthropologist documenting psychology of the NA @ scene
Fascinating work, i believe a coffee tAble book is on order

On allowing for a widening of dialogue outside of left-anarchist perspectives. The updates that people choose to post to this site, the reviews, the action reports, the dialogue (snarky and trollish and also horribly honest and heart-felt) have been a great boon to the english-language anarchist milieu and I hope it continues to grow. Big ups.

anarchistnews.org has been a big part of my life over the past four years. to say that i have appreciated having access to such engaging is an understatement. i have ‘met’ a number of very interesting people through this activity and have been branched into a lot of interesting ideas.

your attempt to overcome the tendency of discussion sites to be ‘too broad’ re anarchist ideas is right on target in my view, and i think you have been very successful in addressing that deficiency, ... not by narrowing the discussion in the sense of the theme but by somehow converting thematic broadness to anarchic broadness [black noise background].

i’m not sure how to describe what sustains my interest in anarchistnews [as compared with other sources of anarchist news], but it’s something like ‘traction’, and i am not talking about ‘for me’ but as something that seems to me to generally characterize anarchistnews. people who venture to make a comment ‘get traction’ and it is most likely to be troll traction, but troll-traction seems to open the door [like a bar room brawl] for others to branch in and this amplifies and relationally complexifies overall ‘traction’. no one feels obliged to stick with the topic no matter how serious it might be taken in other ‘forum environments’ so the anarchistnews forum is something like forrest gump’s proverbial box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get.


Your comment did not meet the 10,000 word length required emile. Please go back and rewrite your comment, and this time include the term 'spatial plenum' at least once.

it is possible to explore this trend in society to restore our primitive ways to their natural primacy over our technology-shaped ways, without getting so [soon-to-be-monkey] 'literalist' about it.

for example, we have books such as ‘Women who run with the wolves’;

“Within every woman there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. She is the Wild Woman, who represents the instinctual nature of women. But she is an endangered species. In WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES, Dr. Estés unfolds rich intercultural myths, fairy tales, and stories, many from her own family, in order to help women reconnect with the fierce, healthy, visionary attributes of this instinctual nature. Through the stories and commentaries in this remarkable book, we retrieve, examine, love, and understand the Wild Woman and hold her against our deep psyches as one who is both magic and medicine.”

this view is resonant with Nietzsche’s promotion of wild Dionysian revolution, and the Nietzschean views connect through the psychological ideas of Carl Jung;

“Jung believed it was this process of enantiodromia that had been the driving force behind the creation of Zarathustra. According to Jung, Nietzsche’s age (and in many ways, Jung’s own age too) was an age characterized by a narrow and one-sided conscious attitude. At the end of the Christian era, life had become repressed, too overly focused on the Apollonian side of life, to put it in Nietzsche’s own terms. It was Nietzsche who, according to Jung, was among the first to recognize this fact, and who expressed that a part of human nature was not being lived (the instincts, the Dionysian side of life). Because he felt these problems of his own time so deeply, the collective unconscious presented him with a compensatory, archetypal vision, therewith starting the process of enantiodromia, of a new beginning”

think about it, it is not that difficult, ... Western culture tries to turn each of us into an ‘independent rational machine’. that is mainstream biological science’s model for man, organism and organization. IT IS A FUCKING BULLSHIT MODEL, ... but just look around you and you will see that steely glint of machine-selfhood in a lot of eyes.

a ‘good person’ is in Western society, specified in negative terms; one who ‘doesn’t fornicate’, ‘doesn’t steal’, ‘doesn’t kill’ [unless the ‘big independent rational machine on the hill called THE STATE’ tells you where and when it is ‘good’ to kill], ... and one who ‘doesn’t covet one’s neighbour’s possessions, even if the gated-community neighbours next door are floating in abundance and partying while you and your children are starving to death.

we joke about negative definitions; e.g; “we are the girls of Norfolk high, we don’t smoke and we don’t drink....Norfolk, Norfolk Norfolk” but Western society and its institutions of Government, Commerce and Justice are built on rational constructs, ‘machinery’ wherein each component and process acts according to a specific purpose and does not stray from that particular purpose [keeping one's nose to the grindstone removes one from temptation; i.e. removes one from natural opportunities for creative growth]. the 'model' reason-driven system is ‘purely purposeful’ and is not distracted by relational changes in its ‘situation’ within the larger dynamic it is included in.

Western society and its justice system asks us all to model ourselves according to this rational puritanical model. It could have been otherwise in the evolving social dynamic of the United States as Nathaniel Hawthorne writes in ‘The Maypole of Merry Mount’. Dionysian paganism with its relational intuitivism was ‘budding’ in America, but the Puritanical element was not going to allow that to happen. The events at Merry Mount is a gifted writers depiction of a notional pivotal moment wherein the Dionysian fell into an unnatural subjugation by the Apollonian.

We are each of us, wild savage creatures in our core. We know this. Males know that shapely females can orchestrate the behaviour of ‘their organ’ in what looks like ‘action from a distance’, ... the 'action at a distance' core scientific/philosophic problem in gravity and other field dynamics. of course, the problem goes away once we acknowledge the natural primacy of relational field influence over independent material thing based dynamics. There is no ‘action at a distance’ if one acknowledges that space is an energy charged relational spatial plenum. If we acknowledge this, as Faraday did, though the political community of scientists continues to resist, ... then ‘action at a distance’ is rendered meaningless because ‘distance’ is rendered meaningless in a ‘real’ sense.

sure we can ‘impose’ the notion of distance on things, but only if we impose an absolute space reference frame on the world of our experience and observations. there is no such ‘reference frame’ in the physical reality of our experience and there cannot be, because it implies the reality of ‘infinity’ and ‘infinity’ has now’t to do with our human experience. the concept of ‘being’ implies the reality of infinity [eternality] and it is used to ‘correct our experience’ which informs us that we live in a relational space that is undergoing continuing transformation.

“we cannot step into the same river twice for it is not the same river and we are not the same person” – Heraclitus

there is no such thing in our experiential reality as ‘being’ but, nevertheless, the notion of an ‘independent reason-driven being’ is our modern Western society’s [and modern mainstream biological science’s] operative definition of ‘man’ [and of organism and organization, ... thanks to the Enlightenment European thinking].

“Indeed, nothing has yet possessed a more naive power of persuasion than the error concerning being, as it has been formulated by the Eleatics, for example. After all, every word and every sentence we say speak in its favor. Even the opponents of the Eleatics still succumbed to the seduction of their concept of being: Democritus, among others, when he invented his atom. “Reason” in language — oh, what an old deceptive witch she is! I am afraid we are not rid of God because we still have faith in grammar.” ... Everywhere “being” is projected by thought, pushed underneath, as the cause; the concept of being follows, and is a derivative of, the concept of ego” – Nietzsche, ‘Twilight of the Idols’

Anarcho-primitives may see ‘technology’ as the problem and anarchisteve may make fun of the notion that people could even consider returning to more primitive ‘ways’, but there have been many thinkers in our society, such as jung and nietzsche, who have been asserting, in their various differing jargons [there is understanding here in the sense of intentional ambiguity and linguistic resonance aka Derida's 'vive le différance’] that we are deny our authentic core, wild Dionysian, relationally intuitive selves, ... by having elevated rationality [the yang-only aspect of our yin/yang selves] into an unnatural precedence over our natural place in the continually transforming scheme of things.

instead of the relational situations that unfold with us within them being allowed to orchestrate the evolving of our ‘becoming’, our Western puritanical-mechanical conditioning urges us to come instead from our rational sense of ‘who we are’ and to judge ourselves by our departures from this ‘ideal’. wasted, squandered, is our dionysian selves that could be opening up to the orchestrating pull of the relational situations that are unfolding with us in them, ... the shaping of ourselves by ‘rising to the occasion’ unfolding from our unique situational inclusion in the continually transforming relational spatial plenum.

if we ever find ourselves impoverished with sick and starving children, next door to those living in great abundance who are unwilling to share, our puritanical-mechanical Western society will insist that we remain ‘rational’ and repeat to ourselves all those things that define us negatively, such as ‘i am someone who will not steal’, ‘i am someone who will not kill’, ... because we must measure ourselves against such ideals, as the law and justice system does. we must not listen to wild, savage dionysian revolutionary influences that some say is the authentic self.

But millions have done just this. they have listened to their ‘conscience’ and let their children starve to death [it must be God’s will] and then themselves, so that they could die with a ‘clear conscience’, without committing crimes and without the associated ‘guilt’. Their good neighbours live to party on, celebrating their appointment, by nature, to membership in 'the superior ranks'.

” Every species of animals naturally multiplies in proportion to the means of their subsistence, and no species can ever multiply beyond it. But in civilized society it is only among the inferior ranks of people that the scantiness of subsistence can set limits to the further multiplication of the human species; and it can do so in no other way than by destroying a great part of the children which their fruitful marriages produce.” —Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations

this is part of the rising global force inducing a restoring of the primitive, ... putting an end to the denial of our authentic intuitive selves.

“Within every one of us there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. It is the Wild Self, who represents the instinctual nature of the human entity. But the Wild Self is an endangered species. There are narratives out there that can help us recollect who we really are, ... that can reconnect us with the fierce, healthy, visionary attributes of this instinctual nature. Such stories can bring us back in touch with the Wild Self that lies in our deep psyche, ... the self that is both magic and medicine.”

all of these trends in various different realms and jargons, to dethrone ‘the rational self’ and restore the instinctive, relationally intuitive self to its natural precedence over rationality, provide deeper context for the emergence of ‘anarcho-primitivism’, and the antipathy for the unnatural primacy of rationality that expresses itself through technology. technology is a vehicle that allows us to ‘do away with’ our inhabitant-habitat relation and operate as ‘inhabitants’, yang-only style, as if our operating theatre were a habitat independent of the inhabitants such that reside within it.

guess what?! ... that’s the foundational premise that has been institutionalized in Western science and society. it is crap, of course, but we feed it to ourselves, and faithfully consume it, everyday in the continuing process known as Western society.

I have been holding back on this idea for a while but I will release it here. A good fundraising idea woukd be to make t shirts for @news. print some t shirts with this written on them "anarchist news-I read it for The comments"

Would buy

Cool! A t-shirt with M. Grumpy, S. Einzeige, Emile, fighting over who will kill the beast - or each other, I can't tell. But, I'll buy.

Though the "I read it for the comments" is quite perfect, too.

to being the post leftist hangout among news sites for anarchists. I can still remember when Chairman Chuck's approach became unbearable. And there are numerous other sites that have that censoring attitude as well.

Good for bucking the trend even it it means the trolling fleas will show up to more healthier discussion environments.


That's cute coming from you Einzige.

Unlike many commenters here, I well remember the pre-internet anarchist scene. Honestly, I don't think it was very different. Flame wars were conducted on paper, or via gossip, but they still constituted an important part of anarchist discourse. I'm not convinced that it is actually so beneficial to read about some Greek cop getting molotov'd the day it happens vs. six months later. In neither case does it actually seem to affect anyone else's actions. If anything, the major effect of the internet on anarchism has been the proliferation of right-anarchists. Used to be, you could go years without encountering any of those doofuses, but now they pop up everywhere.

There's a time when the operation of the internet becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart that you can't take part! You can't even passively take part! And you've got to put your bodies upon the modems and upon the servers, upon the keyboards, upon all the apparatus -- and you've got to make it stop!

Somebody already called worker an anthropologist and I kind of agree!

I went to the saddest book fair (they're all pretty sad) a couple years back and it turned out that a couple of "anarchist studies" college liberals had put it on in hopes that actual anarchists would show up and they could study them. They literally had clipboards and were demanding that everyone sit in a circle and talk about themselves while they took notes, all creepy-like.

Contrast that with casually hanging out here for a couple years and I would argue that you get a pretty objective (if sometimes very unflattering) view of what the NA milieu is about. So thanks worker! I got my PhD in "anarchist studies" from this place*

You should totally print diplomas on t-shirts too.

*also doing organizing work too! I'm a big believer in the internet being a fucking waste of time

"That said, I do not devote a great deal of time hunting down stories to post so if you feel as though your particular tendency isn’t being well represented on the site please use this link and add it."

Worker, FYI that link doesn't work.

Try http://anarchistnews.org/node/add (or Add Content at the top of the page) if the https doesn't work (the wildcard cert that is not @news domain can frighten some browswers)

Thanks. That link worked.

Any chance all the old stories/comments that were deleted could come back as an archive? I want to reread the 'Crash Into Me' fiasco again.

Ohh, so good. Big love from southern ontario.

The ironic part is that as a site that provided a much needed alternative to Infoshop, the two sites will at some point in the future be the best refuge for anarchist politics in the United States online apart from social media.

i have participated here about 6 months,; it feels like 10 years!
I appreciate worker and all that he/she does.
Happy Anniversary!
let's keep partying here like it was 2004!!

With all this talk about anarchist news sites, why has nobody yet mentioned http://anarkismo.net ???


Get a load of this guy!

study the authoriatarian personality and how it relates to us all.



Good site, congrats, yadda yadda yadda

(.)(.) <-------------Boobs for teh vulgar deficient

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