On the Anarchist Memes Drama – Or: Why Do Capitalists Want to Be Anarchists?

From Seattle Free Press

Recently, following a series of reported and flagged posts, the popular Facebook page Anarchist Memes was unpublished by Facebook (you can visit their new page here).

The posts which led to the page’s censorship revolved around feminist, trans, and anti-fascist themes, leading a gaggle of so-called “men’s rights activists” and capitalists to report the page for “sexist” and “violent” content.

Facebook, of course, being the massively misogynist organization that it is, decided to enforce these reports, leading the once 90,000 strong page to have to start its efforts all over again (as of today, the new page has only around 9,000 “likes”).

Not surprisingly, this has pissed a lot of anarchists off.

What was surprising, however, was that a group of capitalists (one of whom, Don Voluntarist Dougherty, tried to take full credit for the flagging… feel free to write him about it) launched a page by the same name right after the original was taken down, leading to a hilarious flame war between the two groups, and an incredibly poor showing of support for the capitalists, who could muster barely 1/9 of the likes the anarchists gained.

The events were, we’d have to conclude, at most annoying. But it got me thinking – I understand why a group of capitalist apologists would want to take down a popular page like Anarchist Memes. What I don’t understand is why, given all the animosity between the two camps, any capitalists would want to be included as anarchists at all?

It isn’t just that I hate everything these people are – from their affiliations with fascists and “men’s rights” activists, to their support for police and prisons – it’s that even from their perspective, it just doesn’t make any sense.

Accordingly, I’d like to help start a long overdue conversation amongst capitalists – a conversation you should have had 50 years ago when Murray Rothbard introduced the term “anarcho-capitalism.”

It’s an open question, addressed to all of you weirdos: why do capitalists want to be anarchists?

I mean, I get it, we’re sexy as fuck. We light shit on fire, we throw really exclusive parties, and we look great in balaclavas. Nevertheless, here’s some food for thought for you unfortunate souls out there still on some NAP kick:

You disagree with 90% of what anarchists believe. It isn’t just a question of historical lineage – today, the overwhelming, vast, incredible majority of anyone, anywhere, who calls themselves an anarchist is anti-capitalist. They oppose private property. They reject all prisons, police, and courts – especially privately owned ones. In case you missed the past million memo’s, here’s what anarchists think about property rights:

You participate in none of the same activities. With the frequent – and bizarre – calls from capitalists to “unite” with anarchists “against the state,” one has to wonder how these idiots picture that unity actually functioning. Can you imagine anarchists voting for Ron Paul? Or taking part in one of their ridiculous attempts to establish “free market communities” in bum fuck nowhere, middle America?

Alternatively, when is the last time you saw a capitalist take a swing at a cop, or walk a picket line? NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

You aim for a society that anarchists hate:

Why try to find common ground with anarchists, who are at best a political movement almost completely unconcerned with you, and at worst a molotov wielding mob that would chase you out-of-town if you ever became influential enough?

Look, you know it, and we know it. Everybody fucking knows it. You all came out of nowhere, stumbled into a political tradition with a hundred years of history and momentum behind it, and stupidly decided to start calling yourselves anarchists. Now, somehow, you’re really confused when no one believes you.

This isn’t at all an attempt to win you over to anarchism, nor is it to rehash arguments about that term’s definition (which, in this case, is beyond any reputable dispute). Its more out of pity - just like the pathetic attempt to “take over” Anarchist Memes demonstrates, there’s nowhere for you to go with it. Do yourselves a favor and find another political movement to latch onto; one you could actually find common ground with. Might I suggest the Republican Party?



jesus christ, please unplug from the internet for your own sake. Shit like this fills me with despair. If you're engaged in screaming matches morons on facebook, you're playing the master's game, in the master's casino. When the chips are down, they're his chips.

go outdoors

throw a newspaper box in the street

throw a newspaper box at a google bus!

As long as it's a newspaper box loaded with Fluoride-Cola, okay.

this is very importants!

Just a typical neo-anarchist issue, fluoride. Nobody cares about fluoride but wealthy people. Go march in Portland advocating that working class kids get rotten teeth.

too late fool we already have them!

Fluoride-Coke pills would be the bourgeois yuppy excuse/alternative.

You dumb? That whole propaganda on fluoride preventing tooth decay was proven baseless, and actually it even accelerates tooth decay according to some recent studies, aside from being fucking toxic and lowering people's intelligence. Like you as an instance.

Nice tin-foil hat bro

you should update wikipedia then, seems they're not up to date with cutting-edge wing-nut...

Of course, if it's from Wikipedia it's gotta be the truth. And no, there is no such thing as censorship among senior Wikipedia editors paid by big pharma and the DHS, it's just a conspiracy theory.

I guess the folks on the anti-fluoridation/pro tooth rot band wagon also oppose the placement of iodine in salt too. Someone needs to put together a list of things upper middle class white folks find protest worthy. I think it would just be interesting to see what raises to the level protest for their kind

Fluoride is just another bourgeois issue so the wealthy don't feel left out of the protest thing like children of the middle and upper middle class protesting about tuition or wealthy gay folks protesting about perceived discriminated against them. Just go to Spencer's and purchase your anarchy gear and get some cardboard, you can join in the fun too.

Fluorides a little white pill right?

No it's a bourgeois issue because it is to the bourgeoisie's best political interests to make them masses always more stupid, irrational and incoherent, like the swam gas brain turds above who can't even fucking acknowledge scientifically-demonstrated facts, but rather DEFEND the mainstream media propaganda they've been brainwashed with since childhood.

Go Blazers! Western Conference Finals here we come!

"an incredibly poor showing of support for the capitalists, who could muster barely 1/9 of the likes the anarchists gained."

Oh good, so you won! Take that capitalism!

"leading the once 90,000 strong page to have to start its efforts all over again"

90,000 strong . . . of WHAT? 90,000 instances of people clicking a little thumbs up icon to characterize their taste and generate it as data for the use and profit of various companies or state forces. What a victory. We're almost there!

Get a fucking hold of yourself and stop thinking about this fucking facebook page.

I want to 'like' this comment, but i can't find th... OMG I SOMEHOW LEFT FACEBOOK!!!

When AM posted something, 90 000 people would see it pop up in their newfeeds. They could then share it with others and discuss.

Can yuo really see any value in being able to reach that many people on short notice?

Can't you see how those people were reached?

Umm...yes. What's your point?

what is facebook


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This should be embarrassing to whomever is fucking with the @memes admin. Sorry, I thought anarchy was supposed to be in opposition to the technologies of repression upon which the state and capitalist institution are based....Guess the term's taken on a new meaning and I no longer am an 'anarchist'.

i dont know man once you start talkin bout technologies of repression anything goes so

ps: pure fluoride toothpaste works wonders as a caulking agent!

I havent had facebook in awhile, but I remember thinking anarchistmemes was stupid anyways: it was full of bill hicks quotes and leftist/workerist shit,

Anarchists rejecting stupid websites is exactly what allowed An-caps to gain such a presence on them.

Also, the whole fluoride thing is an old fascist bugaboo, started by the John Birch society and promoted by groups like the KKK. Remember that "diabolical communist plot to sap and bottle our bodily fluids" from Doctor Strangelove? Kubrick was making fun of these nutjobs.

When we're too cool to engage with the rest of the world, this is the kind of shit that fills those voids instead.

I think in terms of security it is dumb for @'s to have FB, but all like the idea of having a public presence on social media.... perhaps there is a way of doing so that doesn't include social mapping?

Let's see. Why do so called Anarcho-capitalists want to be called Anarchists? They want no government when it get's in their way, but they do want government when it helps them, that is to say when it preserves negative rights. It's just like when Anarchists/Marxists want no government when it gets in their way, but they do want government when it helps them, that is to say when it preserves positive rights. Same thing but reversed. Anarchists say they are not just against government, but all forms of repression. For somebody who enjoys positive rights, repression would be the interferes with positive rights. For someone who enjoys negative rights, repression would be the interferes with negative rights.

Unfortunately, the rights, needs, and desires of some people must necessarily contradict and exist at the expense of the rights, needs, and desires of some other people.

So, why do some people on the right want to be called Anarchist? It's because everybody want's freedom. But freedom does and always will come at the expense of the freedom of other people. So why would a Marxist want to be called an anarchist? Same thing, everybody want's to be free. But for the most part the goals of the far left, the abolition of parenthood, of property, of marriage, of religion, and of spirituality, of so many things will in necessity require the destruction of the rights of people to have these very things. It will also require the destruction of the people themselves who enjoy a negative right to these things.

So who is right and who is wrong? That is purely a matter of position.

J.A.D. A Titanist ( not a libertarian nor an anarchist nor a fascist )

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