June 11th, 2014 reportbacks

We're humbled by the enormous outpouring of solidarity which comrades all over the world demonstrated on June 11th this year, especially the ways in which people linked Marius and Eric's struggles in prison with their own struggles against environmental devastation, the prison-world and the forces of capitalist exploitation.

We'd also like to draw attention to the hunger strike currently taking place in Greek prisons, against the construction of new high security wings and entire prison for those convicted on terrorism charges (primarily anarchist and nihilist combatants). We continue to stand in complicity with comrades, near and far, who are struggling both inside and outside of prison walls against the intensification of the systems of control and oppression.

Reportbacks are below, alphabetical by city. If you participated in an event that wasn't listed, post about it in the comments!

Asheville, NC--
$500 raised for the comrades, and lots of new faces at the event/show.

Berlin, Germany--
We began with a call-in from anarchist-communist prisoner Tasos Theofilou, accused of participating in a bank robbery and the murder of a taxi driver, and of being part of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire (which he denies). Being able to breach the prison walls in this small way, and to talk directly with Tasos, was very special. Greek comrades discussed the new political uses of anti-terror policy in Greece, as well as the plan to build newly classified 'special prisons' modeled on the US's Communications Management Units. Vegan food was served. Then a comrade from the USA gave a presentation on Eric and Marie's cases, describing the Green Scare, the question of informants, the problems that "thought-crimes" present for our movements (which has a certain overlap with Tasos' case, since one of the only pieces of "evidence" against him is a play he wrote), and what all this means for anarchist practice today. We showed the new 20 min documentary, "until all are free", before concluding with two short films about militant eco direct action in Canada by indigenous peoples, to connect Marie and Eric's causes to the present day. An extensive multi-lingual anarchist zine library was raided, and shirts & drinks were sold, raising 110eu (148USD) for Eric and Marie. Four people wrote letters to Marie and Eric as well. A follow-up event was proposed by some comrades in the audience, who were inspired by the topics discussed.

Bloomington, IN--

-For the June 11th day of solidarity with longterm anarchist prisoners, comrades in Bloomington, IN hosted an event which sought to connect outside supporters with those struggling behind bars. We listened to pre-recorded interviews with two rebellious prisoners– Leon Benson, a rebel serving a 60-year sentence in Indiana who has participated in prison struggles and recently got out of a ten-year term in solitary confinement, and Michael Kimble, a black gay anarchist being held captive by the state of Alabama since 1986. Leon was also able to call in to the event and fielded questions from audience members about the conditions of long-term imprisonment and the relationship between struggles outside and inside prisons. Michael was unable to call in due to oppressive state-sanctioned time standardization (time zone misunderstanding). We also read an incendiary statement from anarchist prisoner Sean Swain and signed cards and wrote letters to several long-term anarchist prisoners from the U.S. and around the world, including Marius (Marie) Mason and Eric McDavid. The event raised $600 for Marius and Eric.

-We attacked the facade of the AT&T building in Bloomington with paintbombs. The company's cooperation with NSA surveillance efforts was confirmed again one year ago by the Snowden leaks, yet AT&T and other collaborators have escaped any real consequences. We covered the building with graffiti highlighting their massive participation in the machinery of control and repression.

This machinery (digital and physical) is everywhere and available to simple attacks like this one. Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid in their daily struggles against prison. These revolutionaries are imprisoned for their commitment to struggle in defense of the earth. The same forces that profit from the destruction of the natural world also maintain prisons and require the protection of police and the NSA. Solidarity with Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond, and all rebels whose actions expose and attack the cracks in this control society.

-We glued the locks of a Bloomingfoods, a local green capitalist “co-operative” enterprise, because we find it disgusting that a town that once nurtured the fighting spirit of Marius Mason pacifies itself with feel-good shopping in the face of environmental destruction. We also painted “death to cops and snitches” on a local bridge.

-In Bloomington, supporters hosted a late-night pub quiz night at a local vegetarian restaurant. Players formed teams and answered a variety of challenging trivia questions, while enjoying fried vegan snacks and beer. The packed house raised over $250, which was split between Marius' cats and a local Farm Animal Sanctuary. Funds raised for the sanctuary were matched by a generous anonymous donation.

Briger Forest, Florida--
We spiked the trees in the Briger Forest.

With anger and love we hiked through this southeastern Florida forest and threw 6” nails into the gears of the capitalist death wish. The spikes were driven into countless trees in the areas of Briger already bought and sold for destruction. Slash pines, scrub oaks, saw palmettos, cabbage palms, even invasive melaleuca and Australian pines. Some spiked high, some low—some visible, many hidden. We left nothing safe to cut. Signs were hung near the edges of the forest as a warning to would-be forest levelers:


more: http://anarchistnews.org/content/we-spiked-trees-briger-forest

Bristol, UK--
Four cellphone towers burnt. Communique here:
Information about the person arrested for allegedly committing this action:
If anyone knows of this person's legal support needs, please pass them along and we will be glad to help publicize them.

Chapel Hill, NC--

Cincinnati, OH--
Cincinnati recognized its 4th annual J11 with an open house at Soapbox Books (our first infoshop, now in its 2nd year) Food Not Bombs arrived and talks on the necessity of Prisoner Support and Security Culture were given. Then a house show
nearby with Decide Today (ex-Realicide), Iron Oath (new sXe hXc) and the Make Overs
from South Africa. Zines covering topics of Animal & Earth Liberation, police resistance, political prisoner support, &c were distributed. Donations will be forwarded to those in need. www.realicide.com www.soapboxbooks.org (A) in 513

Detroit, MI--
Although Marie remains in heavy lock-down at the Carswell Federal dungeon in Fort Worth, Texas, her spirit remains strong and expresses itself often in oil paintings she sends out with postal correspondence. As our June 11 event, an exhibit of some of her work was on the display at Detroit's Cass Cafe at an opening Friday, June 13, and remains up for public viewing through June 21. The IWW Detroit Branch was present with a table and banner as per Marie's request as about 100 people came throughout the night to view the art and take literature.

Durham, NC--
On Friday 13th, June 2014, around 8:00PM, an angry crowd of about sixty people converged on the Durham County Detention Center in downtown Durham for the June 11th international day of solidarity with long term anarchist eco-prisoners Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, and all others whom the state has imprisoned. The crowd brought banners bearing messages of solidarity with those inside, one even saying “We Are the Bad Luck” with a provocative image of a cop being kicked, drums, a variety of noisemakers, and a giant crow puppet which waved around visible to inmates, until it eventually blended in with the night sky, creating a witchy silhouette. Bandanas were
brought along with “How to Do It” posters, which provided info about how to mask and bloc up properly in order to conceal one’s identity from police or random do-gooders who might be filming. Almost immediately, a pig tried to talk to us, but his unwelcomed chit-chat was stopped ultimately when people gathered around him and drove him away with loud, disruptive drumming.
more: http://anarchistnews.org/content/june-11th-solidarity-noise-demo-reportb...

Grand Rapids, MI--
Despite gloomy weather, a crowd of 35-45 people and three dogs gathered at the Treehouse of Horror in Grand Rapids on Wednesday, June 11th. The main draw was the music, a genre-diverse showcase of seven acts; supporters also munched on potluck offerings, wrote letters to prisoners, and perused a large selection of radical zines. A banner hung at the house reading "Solidarity with Marie - you inspire us all" as we talked about why it's so important to create a culture of solidarity and support with all prisoners. We chose to focus on Marie Mason because of her connection to our home region, but did not limit discussion to her story alone. The atmosphere was relaxed and receptive throughout. Donations collected came to somewhere around $150.

New Orleans, LA--
In New Orleans for June 11 the documentary If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front was screened, followed by a discussion of the history of eco-resistance and its repression by the State in the U.S. The screening, which brought out about 20 people, was the first of its kind to be held at Jane Place, a newly formed and emerging anarchist social center. The discussion focused primarily on the details and relevance of Eric McDavid and Marie Mason's imprisonment, and money was collected for their commissaries.

Olympia, WA--
Yesterday a banner bearing the words "Free All Prisoners (A) june11.org" was hung from an overpass over I-5 in Olympia, Washington. It was hung during afternoon rush hour traffic and stayed up for at least 12 hours. Warm greetings to Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, Sean Swain, Michael Kimble, Jeremy Hammond, and all others engaged in revolt against prison society.

Sacramento, CA--
Sacramento Prisoner Support hosted a two-hour event on June 11th, the International Day of Solidarity with Eric McDavid and Marie Mason, at the Sol Collective in Sacramento, CA.
The event was, in part, a prisoner art show. Art has proven to be a powerful medium through which prisoners can express to the world their experiences within prison. We displayed art from several radical prisoners.
One section of the art show was dedicated to Eric and Marie. A pencil drawing by Eric McDavid called "Endurance" was on display (along with a powerful poem). There were also a couple of paintings from Marie, including a painting inspired by a tree sit in Tazmania.
We also had artwork from TR, a Pennsylvania state prisoner. TR has painted stunning portraits of two incredible individuals, Marilyn Buck and Assata Shakur. He paints with precision, and has also created beautiful pictures on leaves he has collected from the rec. yard, in protest of a prison policy that labels leaves as contraband.
We also displayed artwork by anarchist prisoners Larry Pendleton and Sean Swain (prisoners in Nevada and Ohio, respectively). One section was dedicated to the powerful and unmistakable art of the Minister of Defense for the New Afrikan Black Panther Party – Prison Chapter, Kevin Rashid Johnson. We also had art on display by Jose Villarreal, who is in the SHU up at California State Prison - Pelican Bay.
We screened "Until All Are Free," a 20 minute documentary about Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, and then fielded questions about Eric and Marie. After the film there was a brief open mic, where people seemed inspired to talk about books they've read and events they've been to in the past that pertain to political prisoners and prison struggles. Two members of Sacramento Prisoner Support read written pieces and letters from prisoners, including a powerful poem by Sean Swain.
The night was capped off with a wonderful 45 minute performance by Straight Out Scribes, a mother/daughter spoken word duo who are very familiar with what it means to stand with political prisoners. They visited Marilyn Buck when she was being held at FCI Dublin, CA, they worked on the campaign to free Huey P. Newton, and they continue to write to many prisoners today. We were honored to have their performance be a part of our June 11th event this year.
The SPS table was full of literature on Eric McDavid, Marie Mason and other political prisoners, as well as a lot of support stickers and T shirts. Some new connections were made and fliers for our next prisoner letter writing night were distributed.
We move forward with Eric and Marie on our minds and in our hearts, along with all the other prisoners we stand with and work for. We find solace in the fact that there are June 11th events happening all over the world, knowing we are part of a movement and that we are making a difference.

Tel-Aviv, Israel/Palestine--
We held our event last night in Tel-Aviv. We started with a weekend of cooking, we were certain we are making too much food but we were amazed by the fact that more than a 100 people showed up for the event. We served them yummy food, and held a talk about Marie's and Eric's case. People than took the time to write letters to Marie and to Eric, which we will make a two zines, one for each of. People got their picture taken holding a sign stating their support for Marie and Eric. People donated generously, and we managed to raise around 750$ that will be split equally and sent to Marie and Eric. We later screened the film "Life according to Ohad", a documentary about an animal liberation activist here and his relationship with his family.

We were amazed and thrilled by how many people came and helped us in our preparations and by how many people came to the event and showed their love and care to Eric and Marie Of the four years we have been holding this important event this probably the most successful event yet. lets hope that next year it will even be better :)

Thessaloniki, Greece--
On June 11th, at 12:00 we started a microphone demo at the city centre of Thessaloniki to inform people about the cases of Eric and Marie, the cases of other anarchist prisoners, the situation that is going on with the reformation of the prison system with maximum security units, and the Total Liberation and Anarchist struggle. At the afternoon, around 19:00, we gathered at the Terra Incognita squat and made a representation of our brochure about 11th June and the anarchist fight against prisons, state and capitalism.
This is written in the banner: No prisoner at the hands of authority. Liberation to E. McDavid and M. Mason.
Posters and banners were also hanged at Volos, Larisa, Crete, Athens, Patras, Ksanthi, Kavala.
Black/Green - Μαύρο/Πράσινο

Zaragoza, Spain--
Here the event was in general ok. The bad thing was we couldn't make the painting, but the screening of the movie was ok, around 20 people came. After that people were discussing and getting information stuff we had about Marie, Eric and other anarchist prisoners. The concert and the vegan meal was pretty good, a lot of people came, around 50.



except for the cell tower arsons. everything else on this list is boring.

Yeah we get it. Your actions were cool and everyone else should strive to burn as many things down as you do, brave troll.

when somebody is like "oh yeah, like 30 people came out to our video showing and we ate vegan cookies" i'm not going to pretend that is some revolutionary action. that is just a sign of our irrelavance. blowing up cell towers, that is revolutionary. blowing up bridges, that is revolutionary. eating cookies in some infoshops basement, is not revolutionary. it's time to call out the phony revolutionaries amongst the real revolutionaries.

Wouldn't it depend upon the (potential) effects? If the video and cookies makes people re-evaluate the system we live in, the kind of system we'd want to live in and how to get from one to the other then it could be considered a roaring success.
If, on the other hand, blowing up a bridge gives the media an excuse to write off anarchists as nothing more than mindless terrorists then it should surely be considered a failure.

When this moron says "blowing up bridges, that is revolutionary" he sound exactly like a certain police provocateur in Cleveland. Is this comments section the right place to recruit? For *whom?* People who speak in ways that are functionally identical to police infiltrators should be ruthlessly attacked, even in comments sections.

blowing up a bridge takes balls. at least those kids in cleveland had a pair, unlike you phony "anarchists" and your vegan bake sales. if blowing stuff up alienates someone then good. anarchy isn't a popularity contest. anarchy is about rebellion and nonconformity, so why would we care if people were "turned off" by our actions? oh yeah because you all are a bunch of conformist phonys. foh!

blowing up a bridge takes balls

So does putting a loaded gun to your head and pulling the trigger, doesn't mean either is a clever or productive thing to do.

anarchy is about rebellion and nonconformity

We clearly have very different ideas of anarchism. To me anarchism is about living free from oppression of all sorts, able to associate with whomever we wish, study and discuss any topic that takes our interest, travel where we wish, live in whatever manner we like (exceptions may apply but only where the exception can be justified). It isn't about trying to be different or about destruction for the sake of destruction.

why would we care if people were "turned off" by our actions?

Because it is not up to us to institute an anarchist society, it is up to society as a whole to demand an end to oppressive institutions, it is up to society as a whole to figure out the best way to structure itself in order to meet its needs. If people (the individual units that combine to form society) think anarchism is nothing more than disaffected youths and terrorists then the chances of them choosing that path are highly unlikely. In fact, they may allow more repressive measures to be instituted to defend themselves from what they see as a threat.

please don't generalize

hahah wow....

So... Are you like 16 and just recently discovered "anarchism" on the internet?

When someone talks like this, there are only really two possibilities. First, they could be a cop trying to infiltrate and entrap. Second, they could be a complete fucking idiot who knows nothing about security culture. Neither is someone you should ever even talk about blowing shit up with, regardless of your opinions about blowing shit up in general.

You're probably right. I thought it may be worth trying to disuade him/her from meaningless aggression and towards more constructive forms of recruitment and protest but I really don't think I made the slightest difference.

kind of like "recruitment and protest"?

Anyway, you instantly become a parody of yourself when you post here, accusing everyone else of talk and no action. Pig or naive kid, it really doesn't make much difference although the pig could at least argue that they're getting paid for their time?

Nobody said anything about "talk but no action". The problem is not lack of action but instead action that will likely be detrimental to our goals (assuming you even have those same goals).

Are you .. serious? What thread are you reading?

Talk but no action (or meaningless actions) was the original criticism by this troll you've been arguing with, then they went on to suggest that arson and bombing would be their definition of "real" action which is debatable.

More action, less talk is a common criticism amongst the milieu, perhaps taken to it's most absurd here on this website. It's something of a cliche to accuse NA anarchists of doing nothing, especially since the criticism is usually coming from people who ALSO do nothing. That was my point, trying to pull humour out of an otherwise depressing reality ...

Sorry, a combination of almost everybody being called "Anonymous" and my failure to notice humour means I sometimes misinterpret posts. Apologies.

i dont want to live in a system

Maybe "system" isn't the best word, especially as I believe anarchism would take on any number of different forms across the world and those forms would evolve over time to suit the needs and desires of the people, so there would be no single system.
That aside, surely anything other than human extinction or the complete lack of any form or structure in society could be called a system, even if they are just rudimentary guidelines or unquestioned traditions.

thw will to a system is a lack of integrity

yes, maybe 'system' is not the right word.

systems sciences pioneer, Russell Ackoff, has echoed what you are saying here. in his words 'every system is included in a relational suprasystem'. he used the example of 'university' as a system that is included in the relational suprasystem of community.

as far a 'the university itself' goes, we can describe it 'analytically' as an 'independently-existing thing-itself with its own internal components and processes-driven and directed development and behaviour.

but every system is fulfilling some need with the relational suprasystem [the community in this example], so what ackoff is saying is that 'analytical inquiry' must be grounded by 'synthetical inquiry'. that is, the relational suprasystem [e.g. community] has some continuing need that outside-inwardly orchestrates the system dynamic [e.g. university] which is satisfying that need. analytical inquiry presents the system as if it were functioning on its own, in a vacuum [in a Euclidian space which is independent of the inhabitant-systems that reside within it].

'Synthetical inquiry' is inquiry into what is outside-inwardly orchestrating the continuing system that we describe in terms of 'analytical inquiry'.

for example, if people are good at building organized systems like universities, ... they must also be aware that "ambient relational dynamics" [outside-inward orchestrating system behaviour] must continue to open up inside-outward asserting opportunities for these individuals. every analytical system is included in a relational suprasystem.

the Enlightenment European view of man, organism and organization is that of the 'independent reason-driven system' that operates in a notional absolute space and absolute time reference frame [the 'system'] aka 'a machine-system'. such a view psychologically inverts the directional order of the 'system-dynamics'; i.e. the relational suprasystem dynamic of community orchestrates and shapes the emergence and sustaining of the university 'system' dynamic, however, in analytical inquiry one imposes a notional absolute space and absolute time reference framing which artificially 'gets rid of' the outside-inward orchestrating and shaping influence of the relational dynamics of community, making it appear as if the 'system' is an 'independently-existing system with its own internal process driven and directed behaviour.

to speak of 'systems' as if they are independently existing, and are fully and solely responsible for their own cause-effect actions is over-simplified 'representation' which is contradictory to our real-life sensory experience.

If you wish to engage me in conversation you would do well to pull that philosophy textbook out of your arse, it's translating everything you say into bollocks. This is proof of what I've long believed: abstract philosophical nonsense will be the death of the revolution.

please don't institute it, bro - just do it. and who is this we you are speaking of? if emile is the death of the revolution it aint my revolution. and to hell with "the" revolution, fighters fight 'til they're dead.struggle forever! stay hot and keep spreading the fire!have you tried going outside to meet your neighbors lately steve?

the philosophy that has gone into the foundations upon which your simple binary thinking stands, the existence of which, and shortfalls that reside therein, that you seem oblivious to, is indeed the problem.

it is certainly common for people born into a particular society, such as Western civilization, to look out at it and critique it. but it is less common for people to reflect on the fact that the 'looking lenses' and 'tools of inquiry' that they are using to do this, are coming from somewhere [did the Greek philosophers, Parmenides, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle have any influence on Western thinking?]. Certainly, Western thinking [spontaneously assimilated by people growing up with such thinking] is very different from Eastern thinking and different from indigenous anarchist thinking.

If observations and critiques about 'what is going on out there' differ, should we satisfy ourselves with the notion that our 'truth' is superior to 'the truth of others'? or would we be wiser to go with Nietzsche on this and assume there are no
truths, and that our difference in views derive from differences in the 'looking lenses' and 'tools of inquiry' we are using to develop our language-and-thought 'representations' of 'what is going on out there'?

if one were to believe this, then politics as we know it would make no sense. why bother to rally everyone around a common rational view and plan? politically, "East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet" [Kipling].

you say;

"The problem is not lack of action but instead action that will likely be detrimental to our goals (assuming you even have those same goals)."

you declare yourself to be a politician by this statement. if you want to put action before rational plans and goals, then social harmony will have to come from 'action' regardless of rational views. this is the approach adopted by indigenous anarchists and it makes use of the 'talking circle' approach which is not for developing 'common goals' but for understanding what everyone is experiencing [which is not the same thing as looking out there to see and give representation to 'what is going on out there']. understanding one another's experiencing supports the cultivating and sustaining of harmony in the social relations dynamic.

philosophy is a discussion medium that can accommodate within it discussions concerning the 'looking lenses' and 'tools of inquiry' of different cultures, rather than being stuck with discussing 'what is going on out there' from only the 'looking lenses' and 'tools of inquiry' that one's particular culture bred into one.

those that are not interested in lifting the discussion up to a trans-cultural level do not bypass 'philosophy' because their particular 'looking lenses' and 'tools of inquiry' have particular philosophical foundations. What Plato and Aristotle 'put in there' is 'being used by us' [who are raised in Western civilization] whether or not we choose to dredge it up out of our inbuilt culturally particular 'looking lenses' and 'tools of inquiry' and cross-culturally compare the philosophical makings [and learn something about how it is we see things differently in the process], rather than jumping straight into debate about the superiority of our VIEWS relative to the VIEWS of others.

You're not looking at things in a "trans-cultural" manner, you're looking at them in a purely anti-western manner. You seem to have come to the conclusion that because a lot of things created by western society are bad then everything must be, even things like attitudes to rape.

I don't care whether rape is considered "cultural" for some society or other, it is an oppressive act, it causes physical and emotional harm, it degrades and humiliates the victim. If you want to put forth arguments to counter something I've said then fine, I'll listen (though I can't see any way around the fact that it is an oppressive act) but not if you just want to tell me I've got it all wrong because some guy dressed it up in fancy enough language to impress you.

Incidentally, you may notice that I said "abstract philosophy". This was to distinguish it from political philosophy as the two are very different (though some political philosophers also dabble(d) in the abstract kind. I'm looking at you, Marx). Ideas about what form a society could/should take are completely different from speculation about the nature of evil, the meaning of life or some other unanswerable non-question.

In the spirit of azano’s messages, this comment is not to ‘put you down’ but to share with you my view that your ‘telling me how i am thinking’ does not make a lot of sense; i.e. you say;

“You're not looking at things in a "trans-cultural" manner, you're looking at them in a purely anti-western manner.”

My comments about systems being included in a relational suprasystem can be visualized by thinking of the ‘motherboard’ being a conductor rather than an insulator. for example, a system is defined analytically, as something that behaves according to its internal components and processes, like a chip on a motherboard. Supposing we have three or four chips on a common mother board and each one of them is a different ‘culture-system’. in the real physical world of our experience, the motherboard is not an insulator but a conductor, as captured by Mach’s principle;

“the dynamics of the inhabitant-cultures are conditioning the dynamics of the habitat at the same time as the dynamics of the habitat are conditioning the dynamics of the inhabitant-cultures”.

it is easy to see this in the case of the colonizer culture-system and the indigenous aboriginal culture system which are included on the same motherboard.

the notion of a culture being a system-in-itself is analytical idealization since the culture is included in a common relational space with other cultures and that common relational space is mediating the actions of the multiple different cultures that reside in the common relational space. This is what is intended by space being ‘relational space’;

“By the principle of Occam’s razor, physicists and philosophers prefer ideas that can explain the same phenomena with the fewest assumptions. In this case you can construct a perfectly valid theory by positing the existence of certain relations without additionally assuming individual things. So proponents of ontic structural realism say we might as well dispense with things and assume that the world is made of [relational-spatial] structures, or nets of relations.” – Meinard Kuhlmann, ‘What is Real’, Scientific American, August 2013

What I am saying is that, ‘what is real’ is that there is only the ‘trans-cultural’ since all cultures are included in a relational space [conducting rather than insulating]. there is no such thing as ‘Western culture’ as an ‘independent system’. In other words, the culture-systems ‘push and pull off of one another through the mediating medium of relational space’ [ecosystem style]. As Mach observes, we impose analytical thinking on relational structures such as ‘cultures’ so as to ‘represent them’ in a ‘thought-economical manner’; i.e. it is the Enlightenment European practice to think of ‘things’ such as ‘cultures’ and ‘humans’ and ‘organisms’ and ‘organizations’ as ‘independent reason-driven systems’. This is convenient abstraction/idealization but it is ‘not reality’.

The relational nature of dynamics applies to ‘rapists’ as it applies to humans generally; i.e. we are NOT ‘independent reason-driven systems’, we are relational forms in a continually transforming relational spatial plenum [conducting motherboard].

When the number of rapes and rapists rises, it signals problems in the relational dynamics that constitute community [the relational dynamics are the real physical dynamics] so that the actions of ‘rape’ are manifestations of dissonance in the relational structure of community. Since relational space is an activity continuum, the notion of ‘rapist’ and ‘what rapists do’ is an ‘economical’ ‘language-and-thought’ based ‘representation’ of what is going on. It saves us having to think through the full complexity of the real physical dynamics of nature as a continually transforming relational spatial plenum.

Yes, there is the language-and-thought construct; ‘the rapist rapes’ just as there is the language-and-thought construct ‘the earth rotates’ and/or ‘lightning flashes’;
“Our judgement has us conclude that every change must have an author”;–but this conclusion is already mythology: it separates that which effects from the effecting. If I say “lightning flashes,” I have posited the flash once as an activity and a second time as a subject, and thus added to the event a being that is not one with the event but is rather fixed, “is” and does not “become.”–To regard an event as an “effecting,” and this as being, that is the double error, or interpretation, of which we are guilty.” – Nietzsche, ‘Will to Power’, 531

Not all cultures employ a noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar that reduces activities within the relational activity continuum [aka ‘flow’] to notional dynamics that JUMPSTART from out of an ‘independent being’ ; i.e. the subject-word-concept as in ‘the rapist rapes’. There is no such thing as ‘being’ in ‘what is real’ according to our experiencing of inclusion in the relational activity continuum called ‘the world’.

“Indeed, nothing has yet possessed a more naive power of persuasion than the error concerning being, as it has been formulated by the Eleatics, for example. After all, every word and every sentence we say speak in its favor. Even the opponents of the Eleatics still succumbed to the seduction of their concept of being: Democritus, among others, when he invented his atom. “Reason” in language — oh, what an old deceptive witch she is! I am afraid we are not rid of God because we still have faith in grammar.” – Nietzsche, ‘Twilight of the Idols’

Independent beings with their own internal sourcing of behaviour do not REALLY ‘exist’.

‘What is real’ is the continually transforming relational spatial plenum which gathers within it [the self-organizing universe as Jantsch and Capra and others call it] relational forms, inhabitants that are INTERdependent with the habitat as per Mach’s principle.

Of course, I understand the phrase ‘the rapist rapes’ but I do NOT assume that ‘the rapist’ REALLY IS an ‘independent reason-driven system’. Rape is a dissonant relational activity within the relational activity continuum. The source of the dissonant activity is also the source of relational form included in the dissonant activity. Or, as Emerson puts it; ‘the flow of nature not only inhabits the organism, it creates it.’ [meaning that the flow gathers the organism and outside-inwardly orchestrates and shapes its inside-outward asserting development and behaviour].

“Space is not empty. It is full, a plenum as opposed to a vacuum, and is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves.” — David Bohm

Everybody knows what is intended by ‘the thief steals’ but as in Mach’s principle, if a small minority of inhabitants are conditioning the habitat by monopolizing control over access to natural resources, this is at the same time outside-inwardly orchestrating and shaping the behaviour of those denied access to the resources, therefore the sourcing of the behaviour [stealing] does not jumpstart from a human seen as an ‘independent reason-driven system’ called ‘a thief’; i.e. from a notional ‘being’ or ‘language-and thought construct’ that delivers ‘economy of thought’.

“Indeed, nothing has yet possessed a more naive power of persuasion than the error concerning being, as it has been formulated by the Eleatics, for example. After all, every word and every sentence we say speak in its favor. Even the opponents of the Eleatics still succumbed to the seduction of their concept of being: Democritus, among others, when he invented his atom. “Reason” in language — oh, what an old deceptive witch she is! I am afraid we are not rid of God because we still have faith in grammar.” – Nietzsche, ‘Twilight of the Idols’ [repeated for emphasis]

‘rape’ is a relational dissonance, not an ‘act’ whose authorship jumpstarts from the interior of a notional ‘independent reason-driven system’ called 'rapist'.

of our experiences should occupy more of our discussions here.
I agree we tend to focus in re-presentational propositions of theory
and practice here on this site, focusing on the "Truth" of our Ideologies.
the "Morality "of our pre-selected practices in concert with our
ideologies and behaviors, and consequently our "Strategy" influencing our "Politics" .
we are unconsciously trapping ourselves into fictitious "Paradigms" that become rigid
"Philosophies" that require Goals(Telos), Signifiers(signs twisted into Formations of Binary Order),
and ultimately ORDER-WORDS to establish Truth-As-Power.
Unfortunately, we at times have to under-mine our own Thought and Language before we can ever
get to pro-pose alter-native "ways" of "looking" and 'sensing" our ability to experience the relational interaction with each other and our habitat. so-be-it. yes-we-can. let-us-try. outward-inward-onward.
My wife and I attended a very small town's Fourth of July celebration with friends who live there. the focus was on a small "parade" through the center of town focusing on horses, lamas, kids interactions, the "Fire Department" and rudimentary
floats". The" clow, our friend, was the biggest "hit". Very little in the way of Corporate or State or Religious Paradigms.
much in the way of townspeople interacting with city-folk like ourselves along the way. a quaint flea market with much
home-made items for sale at nominal cost or given away or exchanged. We got some home-made strawberry-rhubarb to take home.
later,the local eatery had a couple of talented singers with guitars while we sat around as locals stopped by and chatted
with us (the "clown", my wife and I). no big Fireworks or other Events. good people of all ages , backgrounds etc. hanging
around sharing experiences and practices. slow pace, no agendas, no scoring points , no winners or losers,
no one-upmanship. later on the porch with our friends.
experiencing , sharing and doing for no reason . we accomplished absolutely nothing all. a day that will ,for us ,never go away.

>real-life sensory experience.

this again

nigga did you read this http://anarchistnews.org/comment/47261#comment-47261

of objects, the theme of an early book of Baudrillard,
describes the burgeoning bourgeois societies of the past as introducing the new
status of the home as a house, where every object in every room is selected carefully
to add form to function. the subsequent series of Signs became grouped as signifying themes
to indicate the ordered, refined sensibility of the newly formed consumer society. This served as a paradigm
of status and a standard for living in the proper way for this class. much of this has expanded over the centuries
in such a way that there are now literally an infinite number of "standards" for which all of society in a vast array of "fields"
of objects (Scenes) that permeate the relational space of our lives. And they have penetrated every region, class, peoples,etc.,
where even conflicting Signifying Scenes merely validate each other's being. He termed this the Obscene>, Quite a "System", indeed .He early on
emphasized an alternative of a-signifying ," part-object "signs " that have influenced the Poststructuralist theory
on the pre-semiotic ( Pre-Oedipal) , allowing the immersing of play interaction with all manner of natural material-based experiential
phenomena .This constitutes a Non-Signifying, non-Selfhood that can contribute to non-Subjective relational interaction that
lead to a respect for difference and a praxis of doing that avoids the Ob-Scene and >toward an appreciation of a less
"mediated" living of our lives without-re-presentation. This of course is the basis for the alternative life-world to which we all
aspire.Yes to no-System; no to Ob-scene; and joyful affirmation for: the sublimely creative embodied way of the relational flow of living our lives. Finally, There is a sensibility here that abjures any definitive, shall we say, "SYSTEM". And that is the way that it can-be if we just let-it…..be.

Abolish the solar system!

that they call it a system doesnt make it so

Anarchy Steve are you always a liberal?

Since when has anarchy been a populist struggle for hearts and minds?

If that's what you're after, vote democrat.

How will we ever institute an anarchist society if the majority of people fear and hate anarchism because mindless thugs have misappropriated the word. Any anarchist society must be built by the people, and the people will never build it if they think anarchism means nothing more than "blowing shit up".

If you only want to do things that you enjoy then go do stuff you enjoy, but don't pretend it has anything to do with creating an anarchist society.

"an anarchist society" "the revolution"


who are you

The fuck outta here Lenin!

Steve, let me introduce the ultra-super-hipster-nihilist-anarchists. They're soooooooooo anarchist that they don't even believe that anarchy is ever possible, or that a revolution is ever coming. If you liked primitivism, you're going to love this shit.

Yes, we've met (though probably not these specific ones). I almost wish they'd go off and become fascists. If their negativity and apathy does as much harm to them as it does to us then at least that will be one problem taken care of.

"Anarchy for leftists!"

At least that's my slogan amiright steve?

anarchy is now. the revolution doesn't stop.

what is it you want, though? really.

negate revolution! its an outdated goal, whatevr hacks are used to keep it running (the rev of everyday lyfe, the rev doesnt stop, etc)

not a goal .rather, given phenomena- e.g; electrons revolve around nucleus, rise and fall of social states, etc.

how many revolutions per minute

I'm sick of the authoritarian assholes that try to control dissent. If people want to blow shit up, why are the bitching? You know they aren't going to do anything anyways. About the only thing they do is dissuade people from siding with us. Assclowns like anarchist steve think they are saving people from us, but really they are quashing and dividing the natural dissent that would destroy this bullshit domination we are presented with. More shit should explode, we are presented with ecocide and this little bitch is complaining about us? You see motherfucker!?! This is what the left does, criticize the natural inclination of people to destroy this shit and steer it to the safe paths that won't bring the conflict we need to end that which controls us.

Somebody saying your website comments about bombing are unhelpful = "trying to control dissent"?

Cry me a river. It's not our responsibility to pat you on the head and make you feel great about yourself, especially if you're insulting others. If you have a good idea for what should happen, DO it, don't fucking comment here about it.

Also, fuck dumbass comments insulting those who do the kind of infrastructural work without which the risk-takers are left high and dry. IRL down motherfuckers appreciate every bit of support coming from whoever, whatever form it takes. It's your childish insults that are divisive.

About the only thing they do is dissuade people from siding with us

While I am very eager to dissuade people from siding with primitivists, that wasn't the point I was making. It is actually your own actions that are dissuading people from siding with you, in much the same way that crashing planes into the World Trade Center played a factor in dissuading Americans from joining Al-Quaeda or the fight for radical Islam (though it probably wasn't the only factor).

How much good will it do the movement when continuing primitivist terrorism justifies a police crackdown on anarchists (you're nothing like us but we'll get the blame for your actions because you stuck "anarcho" in front of your name to look cool)? How much good will it do the movement when newspapers can slap "x people killed by anarchists" across their front pages?

If you want to be an anarchist then forget about blowing shit up and start thinking about education. What anarchism really needs right now is to be known about, for the general population to understand what it is, what it opposes, what it can offer, and how we can achieve it.

NB: All primitivists should look up the word "brony", because you have so much in common with them. Maybe instead of "anarcho"-primitivists you could call yourselves brony-primitivists. That way we anarchists can get on with trying to dismantle the forms of oppression that exist in our society and start building the kind of world we want to live in.


Ok... So you're not a troll. You're an idiot.

That is your post and you accuse me both of trolling and stupidity? You really should read you own post again.

Incidentally, why don't primitivists ever try to counter points against their theory with intelligent, well-constructed arguements? It seems they have two approaches: 1) tell that person to "fuck off", call them stupid or in some other way demean their arguments without addressing the points they make, or 2) post epically long rants full of meaningless pseudo-philosophical babble, again without ever addressing any of the points raised against them.

If the best defense of primitivism is "fuck off" then maybe it isn't worth defending.

Steeve, why you gotta be like that? I posted a few pages worth of introductory anthropology for you the last time this came up. I can post more if you like, but you never replied. I get that you don't really like primitivism (honestly, I don't either), but you can't pretend that the best you got was a "fuck you".

And for what it's worth, I actually agree with you on this one, and have been meaning to say so for a few days now. Militant actions should not be treated as sacred and critiques of them should not be taboo. I'm sick of seeing other militants get denounced as liberal traitors for uttering the slightest constructive criticism of some hair-brained action-gone-wrong. If you're grown up enough to blow things up, be grown up enough to accept that people are going to have strong opinions on that.

As for primitivists, though, they really haven't blown much up in the English-speaking world in a while. The whole primitivism thing was really big five or so years ago, but nowadays you'll meet these same kids talking about insurrectionism, egoism and nihilism, or at least some kind communization which are far more fashionable these days.

Sorry, I was inaccurate, you did post something and it wasn't "fuck off" (though you did say in that post "I'm not a primitivist" so you don't disprove my theory that primitivists are incapable of forming an argument better than "fuck off", except emile who is incapable of articulating anything).

Even if those articles are correct and the hunter-gatherer's life wasn't entirely terrible (and they by no means represent a consensus among anthropologists) it doesn't really change anything. A primitivist society would, by necessity, start with the slaughter of an untold number. All those who need medicine or medical equipment to live will die (and Zerzan should throw his glasses away, hunter-gatherers didn't wear glasses), populations that can't support themselves entirely on locally sourced food will suffer famine, all those who aren't properly prepared (and that will be a large percentage of the population) will die. Some anthropologists may argue that the homicide rate among hunter-gatherers wasn't as high as once believed, but they still died much, much younger than we do today.

Besides, merely expressing their opinion on the internet has negated their opinion. Technology must have some benefits, otherwise they wouldn't use it to spread their opinions far further than any hunter-gatherer could have (especially if they couldn't talk, as Zerzan is hoping).

Can we back it up a little? Where exactly did primitivism come into all this? Scrolling up, I don't see anybody but you bringing it up.

They are fairly easy to spot once you understand the language, attitudes and tactics of primitivists. It was definitely them.


Words like "leftist" and "workerist" (as well as variations on them), for a start. Although they use the "anarcho" tag to look cool and/or relevant they have a hatred for all things anarchist and this is normally reflected in the language. They also love to sneer at the idea of a revolution, though I've no idea why.

You should also keep an eye out for their tactics. Primitivist ideas are so fucking stupid that they can't possibly be defended and so they prefer to lie about what people say then criticize them for it. That seems to be the only tactic they've come up with apart from telling sceptics to "fuck off".

And at the end of the day, when you're being pestered by idiots you should start by looking for the biggest idiots of them all. That would be the primitivists.

Did you get your heart broken by a primitivist or something? You've been tirelessly spamming your hate for zerzan's children since that post went up like a week ago. What gives dude?

fuck off, leftist

of which you speak? For a movement can represent a bodies relocation from one space to another. Yet, would not kant or Descartes speak of space as a body and does that not require further specificity? So perhaps movement is the act of mass transcending space in a given area or time? But even so, the what is seems to be sublimated to the how in this case. For what is this mass which moves and to where does 'it' wish to go?!
Does Steve refer explicitly to the movements of humyn being? And if so, who comprises such a mass and to where do these elusive subjects wish to go?
Does this movement have. A cause/effect relationship which can be fragmented and isolated? Is it a continuum of relations between various bodies and spaces? Are these bodies distinct from one another or homogenous???

C'mon Steve, you're being pretty vague here.

The "Leftist" slurs come from the "post-leftists".

Accusations of "workerism" come from pretty much anybody who isn't an AnCom, syndicalist and/or platformist.

The "anarcho-" tag is used by pretty much all anarchists.

Sneering at "the revolution"(TM) is done by nihilists, situationists, insurrectionists and just about anybody else since the advent of the "new left" in the 1960s.

None of these ideas are original or exclusive to primitivism. Nobody's talking about civilization, domestication, industrialism, rewilding, primitive skills or any of the usual primitivist bit. And well over half your post is really just a bunch of petty name-calling. What is this, a Chris Hedges essay?

you're either a cop or don't understand the situation with anarchists in the US. If we were to go ahead and do what you're suggesting, we'd all be repressed and thrown in jail very easily. People can get away with stuff in other places because they have different historical and socio-political situations than the US.

Either that or I'd rather not carry out actions it they are likely to move an anarchist society further from our grasp.
I'm not even against violent action, I just also see a value in other methods.

please don't generalize

"Centralization and civilization; railways, the telegraph, new arms and new military organization; in general the techniques of administration, i.e., the science of systematic enslavement and exploitation of the masses of the people; and the science and suppression of people's and all other riots, carefully worked out, tested by experiment and perfected in the last seventy-five years of contemporary history—all this has at present armed the state with such enormous power that all contrived secret conspiracies and non-popular attempts, sudden attacks, surprises and coups—are bound to be shattered against it. It can only be conquered by a spontaneous people's revolution."


"You said that all men should be such, that a complete renunciation of self, of all personal wishes, pleasures, feelings, affections and ties, should be a normal, natural, everyday condition of everybody without exception. You wished, and still wish, to make your own selfless cruelty, your own truly extreme fanaticism, into a rule of common life.11 You wish for an absurdity, an impossibility, a total negation of nature, man, and society. This wish is fatal because it forces you to spend your strength in vain, always shooting to miss."

-Both from Bakunin's breakup letter to Nechaev, who was a fucking worthless asshole, as you are.

I'm not into the whole "revolution" thing, but just for what they said, I wouldn't compare them with that whacko

I want to make sure for future discussion of Mason.

yep. more info soon.

When building support for a prisoner you basically have to "brand" a person, like publicize their situation, make people familiar with them, and try to promote advantageous associations with them (like their imprisonment = injustice or some crap). It seems a name change while imprisoned could undermine this? Just a thought.

that's lyke... yer privilege, u neck beard bro!

From pugetsoundanarchists.org:

Seattle: "On Wednesday June 11th the city of Seattle held an open house at The King
County Juvenile Detention Center. This open house occurs annually in order to
provide a space for the state to show that ‘the community’ is involved in
the process of building a new jail. Inside the jail surrounded by free
mini-sandwiches and science fair-style tri-fold boards the usual do-gooders
spoke passionately of the need to develop ever more subtle means of
controlling people and preserving existing structures of domination."

Tel-Aviv, Israel/Palestine--

No, Tel-Aviv is in Israel, not "Palestine" (which is not and has never been a state). Is it a coincidence that the event that gets its country messed up is in Israel?

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