Paris, France: Many Tires Slashed in Solidarity with PNW Grand Jury Resisters

  • Posted on: 19 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From PSA:

During the nights of August 15th and 16th, some tires rebelled against their existence, preferring to deflate themselves rather than perform the tasks imposed on them.

- an Orange[1] SUV (exploits prisoners)
- a Veolia[2] car (nuclear)
- a Red Cross van (manages the Roissy detention center[3] and other detention centers in several countries)
-an SUV of Sunland Energies d’Avenir[4]
-a city government car
-two Vinci[5] cars (builders of jails)
-a SPIE[6] car (nuclear and surveillance technology)
Tired of transporting yuppies from work to home, the tires of 17 vélib’[7] tires have committed suicide. The same goes for some 4x4's and a Porsche.</td><td><img title="Existence precedes deflation" src=""></td></tr><...

This small action is a modest contribution in solidarity with the anarchists incarcerated in the American Northwest after their attacks against domination; in any case, those who remain silent in the face of the Grand Jury. Dedicated also to those incarcerated under "Ardire" and "Mangiafuoco."[8]

Here's hoping an epidemic of tire suicide will ensue.

Some tires who are deflated--but not resigned.

translator's notes:
[1]Orange is the name of a French telecommunications company, which presumably profits off the prison industry
[2]French energy company
[3]French prison
[4]French Energy company
[5]French multitechnical company
[6]Construction company
[7]Government-run "free bicycle" program bikes
[8]Recent state operations of repression against anarchists in Italy


Best news i had all day >

How sad

she posted at 7am. good way 2 start the day

Awesome, and hilarious. But, what exactly is the problem with free bicycles? I feel there is something about that I'm not getting...

"The newspapers conscientiously draw up the list of causes for die sudden disquiet. There is the financial crisis, of course, with its booming unemployment, its share of hopelessness and of social plans, its Kerviel and Madoff scandals. There is the failure of the educational system, its dwindling production of workers and citizens, even with the children of the middle class as its raw material. There is the existence of a youth to which no political representation corresponds, a youth good for nothing but destroying the free bicycles that society so conscientiously put at their disposal.

None of these worrisome subjects should appear insurmountable in an era whose predominant mode of government is precisely the management of crises. Unless we consider that what power is confronting is neither just another crisis, nor just a succession of chronic problems, of more or less anticipated disturbances, but a singular peril: that a form of conflict has emerged, and positions have been taken up, that are no longer manageable."

So it was a tiqqun shout out?

No, it is an ongoing phenomena in France that is described by the Invisible Committee.

"How do we find each other?"

Through communiques anonymously claiming vandalism disseminated through the internet.

stupidest action of the year.


no! it's not wrong! it's right! trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. poop.

Love bikes, hate bike shares. Smash those shits.

Also LOL at Italy tag.

The action was also dedicated to repressive operations against anarchists in Italy.

"Dedicated also to those incarcerated under "Ardire" and "Mangiafuoco.""

"During the nights of August 15th and 16th, some tires rebelled against their existence, preferring to deflate themselves rather than perform the tasks imposed on them."

Damn I'll always love the clownesque humor of the French!