Solidarity Actions at Every Police Dept & Courthouse!

All Solidarity Actions Appreciated!

July 18th will be the one year anniversary since the event that brought the unwarranted charges against the Sunset 5 for "graffiti" and "Conspiracy to place graffiti" with children's washable sidewalk chalk. Even though the charges for this act which was not a crime were dropped it caused many people to become afraid to exercise their right to freedom of speech. We were out their letting people know that it isn't right the police murder people and get away with it. They charged us because they wanted to cover up their crimes and silence us.


We want people everywhere to not be afraid to let people in their community know about the crimes that the police commit in this completely peaceful manner of protest that uses a children's toy. From Keene, New Hampshire to Olympia, Washington we want the police to know that chalk is protected and that even if it is made illegal we will do it anyway. Join us on July 18th and say "chalk washes off, injustice never will."

Event date: 
Friday, July 18, 2014 - 21


uhhh what? do these people know that cops also kill people? jesus christ these small town A's are so bored they jump at just about anything.

What would you suggest they do, then? Nothing at all?

Not the above commenter, but (1) stop using Facepalm as outlet for actions, especially anti-State, anti-police actions, (2) go beyond activist routines and plainly assume the realitynof social war we're into, not just addressing police brutality as a problem separated from the wider totalitarian social order, and (3) learn from past militant experience, especially for what made it advance, fail or stagnate.

.. yeah, this is just sad. Too earnest to be parody … no troll is that good

This is cool! You guys are being jaded fucktards! This is confrontational and hilarious! Good Job y'all. We'll be participating! #chalkback

… sigh

Yes... Do not be afraid... Give yourselves up to Facebook. Your whole life is now just data bucks for Big Brother Inc.

If there is social tension - even if it a stupid citizenist online protest movement - comrades should identify limits and push to meet them as quickly and collectively as possible. That's the bottom line. Where there is frustration we must be. Fuel to the flames and shit.

As crazy and as seemingly pointless as it sounds the above commentator pegged it--and the anarcho-spoilist faction who are far too good, or too committed, or too smart, or too whateverthefuck should be trolling elsewhere. History of social contestation is as close to psychotic as one can get without being certified and medicated. Recall that the Bastille Day event started with a handful of artisans looking for musket, shot and shell. The 1848 Revolution was sparked by a banquet at which freedom of the press and the assembly were to be celebrated. Those lunatics crashed the French state a second time. Is the US state going to sunder as the result of a protest about chalk? No way in hell. Do I support it. You bet your ass I do. No anarchist action against authority, civilization, Capital or power is ever truly wasted--not in comparison to the worthless jabber of the lackluster intellectuals who survive by trying to make themselves seem smart, and the rest of us foolish. Get a life guys find a neo-anti-colonialist-identity-politics-Marxist-Leninist-alphabet-soup-party to join. Or sit down, shut up, and hold on.

fucking chalk.

holy christ this is embarrassing. literally do nothing instead. do no things. I hate that I can guess what you look like.

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