Towards an Anarchist Ecology: A new workshop series in Southern Ontario

From Knowing the Land is Resistance

As the current wave of Indigenous struggle continues to build, many non-native people are challenging themselves to think seriously about the history of colonialism on Turtle Island. Because colonization played out differently across the continent, it’s important for settlers who want to engage in anti-colonial or Indigenous solidarity struggles to become rooted in the land where they live, to really know the land.

When we set out to know the land though, we find this knowledge often jealously guarded and mediated by so-called experts. The study of ecology in this society is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a deeply colonial and oppressive practice that has and continues to serve the interests of the powerful, usually at the expense of Indigenous communities. We call this dominator ecology.

For the past three years, the Knowing the Land is Resistance crew has been building up a fierce rejection of dominator ecology and have been developing some starting points for an anarchist ecology. This workshop with start with a discussion of how dominator ecology plays out in our lives and in our communities. From there, we will offer what we’ve learned about building an ecological practice rooted rooted in careful listening and observation, trusting the authority of our own experiences, active engagement in defense of the land, and participation in anti-colonial struggles.

These ideas are far from new – we owe all credit for them to Indigenous Peoples around the world who continue to embody a radically different relationship to the land than the one we’ve inherited from this culture. We are also inspired by scientists who valued the land more than their careers, the more socially-conscious elements of the nature connection movement, and all the lovely people we’ve gone on walks with during the thirty or so workshops KLR has done throughout Southern Ontario. We would probably also be inspired by your voice too, so if you love the land come out to this workshop and help us all vision ways to collectively deepen our connection.

We will be debuting this workshop at the Kitchener-Waterloo Anarchist Bookfair on February 16th, at 4:30 pm. We are also arranging other workshop dates in Hamilton and Guelph — check back here for details over the next month! In contrast to our past workshops, which have been outdoors and focused on activities, Towards an Anarchist Ecology is indoors and discussion focused. Each workshop will be about 1.5-2 hours long.

If you’d like to bring Towards an Anarchist Ecology to your community, or if you have any thoughts on what an anti-colonial, anti-authoritarian ecological practice can look like, write to us at knowingtheland (at)

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.....yawn.... Fuck this liberal garbage.

Troll harder... A few more elipses... and the end is in sight...

Wow captain hardcore, relax. It's not like these cats made love to your mother.....or did they?

this is probably the dumbest thing i've ever read on @news, and that says a lot. go actually read something about anarchism, ecology and native groups before you post dumb shit like this again. do you actually know the first thing about ecological science, ecological theory, and the multi-decade history of anarchists and ecologists working with and engaging with the ideas of native communities? just fucking embarrassing.

If you look at their website, you'll see that these folks actually do know quite a bit about ecological science. They are also offering a critique of it. Lots of ecologists have supported indigenous and ecological struggle, which it seems is acknowledged in this call out, but they're saying that on the whole, the discipline of ecology is colonial and alienating

So... What exactly do you have a problem with? What very important history are you worried is being ignored?

"the multi-decade history of anarchists and ecologists working with and engaging with the ideas of native communities?"

What, like how conservation authorities will bend over backwards to "mitigate the harm done" to sensitive ecosystems and endangered species while supporting a business park being built on a wetland? Or like how they'll determine what the safe level of sewage that can be dumped into the grand river and flow down to six nations, then reccommend an appropriate fine when all the fish die?

How about when they advocate massive clearcutting to deal with the pine borer? Or when they manage the salmon fisheries into extinction? Or when they ignore the role of Indigenous humans in healthy ecosystems and displace native folks before declaring an area a national park?

Maybe you're talking about how the most prestigious environment science programs in southern ontario are funded by monsanto? Or maybe you're thinking about how both anarchists and indigenous communities love to go swimming when a dammed reservoir is turned into a conservation area - anyone want to go hang out in the chlorinated section of christie lake?

Oh! And remember that time all those progressive ecologists helped sell the greenbelt to the GTA to de-activate the environmental movement, while slipping in another 25 years of sprawl development? How about the ones who produce studies for timber companies about how well their reforesting is working? It really makes all those tree planters feel like they're doing good work.

tl:dr : Fuck you.

without making a fight out of it: you're wrong.

Anarchism is the ‘natural way’ and there is no need to read reams on the history and theoretical articulation of anarchism, except as a wake-up call to re-begin;

“ trusting the authority of our own experiences”

In order to get back in touch than our own natural way of experiencing the world, we have to get beyond ‘discussions’ with its ‘linguistic idealization’ trap; e.g. we need workshops that serve to exercise our atrophied powers of intuition.

I bet working with actual indigenous cultures is great (can't say I've done so myself), and I hope things are different in Ontario, but out in California "trusting the authority of our own experiences" is short hand for putting together a personal shopping list of woo-woo New Age beliefs that match your alternative "green" consumer you live your ecologically destructive American consumer lifestyle driving cars and eating loads of meat and/or chemically farmed soy packaged in disposable petrochemicals, but then you go do a neo-pagan ritual to the corn God and buy a bunch of expensive homeopathic medicines (which BTW DON'T WORK -- I'm not dissing herbal medicine that's been practiced for millenia here, but homeopathy is nineteenth centuy European pseudoscience bullshit, water with "memory" sold at high price to desperate credulous suckers) and then feel good because their "trusting the authority of your own experience" that the "energy" or "vibe" or whatever of their behavior is ecological sustainable (when it really really isn't) instead upon a reality a majority of people can agree on about how the world works. Maybe the deal is whether you're trusting the authority of your individual experience as an atomized consumer or of a group living intimately and sustainably in nature...but it's terminology that raises my hackles because it sounds so close to the muddle-headed west coast new age green consumer mindset disease, which also bases itself in ignoring objective reality...

I here what you're saying about the yippie "my shit don't stink" consumer culture that prevails in cali, but I don't think objective reality is some authoritative force, nor do I think these cats are being dismissive of it.
You can lay out all the facts about prison, poverty, oppression...ect, but in the end, you don't know anything about them until you experience them. So in my opinion, its no different in terms of ecology and just to add a little troll bait at the end of this, I feel opinions come from books, and knowledge from experience.

Enough with the Leftist identity politics. Such much liberal garbage like this is posted on "anarchist news" that I am beginning to wonder if the people who maintain this site even know what anarchism is.

I think it is posted so that the trollish chaff can be separated from the anarchist grain by the novices of anarchism who are new to this site. It is for educational reasons. A comment trolls or critiques a post of abstract concepts thus revealing its logical flaws and saving the newbie months of negotiating ideological variance and contradictions in long drawn out 3,000 word rants. When one becomes an experienced anarchist one can skim over a post and instantly recognize it as not worthy of anarchist debate, such as this post!

"We are also inspired by scientists who valued the land more than their careers, the more socially-conscious elements of the nature connection movement, and all the lovely people we’ve gone on walks with during the thirty or so workshops KLR has done throughout Southern Ontario."

Seriously? What crap.

I don't know haters ... there's really not enough details in this post to justify the hostility. Are you really so bitter that you'll randomly lash out at harmless hippy nature walks? Critiques of flaky "green" yuppie lifestyle shit are fair enough but whenever I go to workshops like these, they're full of the most harmless, genuine, intelligent people. Definitely NOT the enemy ...

10 to 1 its some troll with personal beef with these people who is using anonymity to lash out and discourage them on a public form. You know, like most @'s do.

especially when concerning there is a lot more shit on this site worth the bizarre outbursts of rage.

"Enough with the Leftist identity politics".... did I miss something?

anarcho syndicalism is the only true form of cynicism.

I bring a message from the 236th workers' Council of trees. We were not consulted before the announcement of this workshop. We follow a very disciplined PROCESS when we hold events like this, and we find it incredibly hasty and too early for such an event to be held. Next time you would like to hold such workshops, we insist you go through the proper mosswork.

Yawn. So many trolls. So fucking hardcore. So little to do with the workshop.

Ask yourselves this: how much time can you spend shitting on each and every anarchist project you hear about until you are, in effect, nothing but a fucking pig?

Yes, we've seen a dramatic increase in the attendance at our weekly meetings.

Yes it would, and to be honest, I'm really concerned about that new guy Fred. You just can't trust a man in birkenstocks

Ecology is an alien term and concept to HGs or those societies which are pre-agrarian. From the European continent agriculture spawned private property and its ownership and went on to dominate the world with its domestic politics. Ecology is a pretty word for studying the empirical data by way of using a neo-colonialist methodology to do so. To conjoin it with anarchism is a flagrant contradiction!

These anarchists who are focusing on anti-colonial struggles, indigenous solidarity and gaining deep knowledge of the place where they live while maintaining their commitment to an anti-political viewpoint are, in my opinion, basically on the right track. I would go further and say that the anarchists who aren't talking about/exploring our relationship to land, re-learning subsistence skills and solidarity with indigenous people are probably ultimately wasting their time in terms of personal liberation or inspiring revolt or being helpful in any way on the journey toward the dismantling of authoritarian institutions. The reason we aren't free is because we are dispossessed. Re-occupying a land base, is, ultimately, a necessary condition for anarchy. One could say that the goal of anarchists is to re-occupy land. The physical obstacle is political authority and the military power it wields. Some of the other forces are fear of freedom, fear of punishment, indoctrination, coercion on many levels, private property, morality and the low self-esteem that often plagues the defeated (the proletariat).

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