Vancouver Insurrectionary Solidarity

  • Posted on: 12 July 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Last night all 6 windows were smashed at a Starbucks and a newspaper box tossed was into the street. This was done in Solidarity with all comrades engaged in the struggle and the opression from the recent Mayday events and raids. This is the second time in as many weeks its been smashed to shit.

Anti- Capitalist Unite!

fuck the state.
fuck capital.
its esy to attack!</td><td><img title="is shit the fundamental particle of (successful) anarchist activity?" src=""></td></tr></...


I was going to comment but then I decided not to.

i was going to comment but then i decided to commit jr-high school level vandalism and post a communique about it.

I was going to write a critical internet comment from my armchair on a real world action but then I realized how pathetic I was. Good thing I caught myself. That sure would have been embarrassing.

i was about to say something of substance but then i resorted to the old "anyone who criticizes anything ever is a piece of shit who lives in an armchair" trick. i felt pretty fucking awesome.

i was about to say something of value but then i resorted to the old "i was about to say something of substance but then i resorted to the old 'anyone who criticizes anything ever is a piece of shit who lives in an armchair' trick. i felt pretty fucking awesome' trick. It felt pretty motherfucking awesome.

I obliterated armchairs from my vocabulary. That IS awesome!

What if, a tossed newspaper box does not end up in a street?


innnnnnnnnnn theeeeeeeeeeeee streetssssssssssssssssssss!

tossed some shitboxes. it was hott.

That'll teach those newspaper boxes to oppress us!

fail attempt at sarcasm. Seriously, bro? Mass media is a major brainwashing device.


Mass media is a brainwashing device? Because one dude owns ALL the media and controls ALL the journalists? Or because people are too stupid to make their own decisions?

Your cynical worldview is only overshadowed by your ignorance of how journalism actually works (as opposed to how it works in anarcho fantasy land).

there is no redeeming qualities about the specialists of knowledge, although im sure you could tell us about the pure intentions of "real journalists"



wow, if only you had a picture, then you'd have the trifecta.

Holy shit... newspaper boxes, at last! Revolution resuuuuumes!!!

Newspaper box in street? WELL I GUESS IT'S A REVOLT THEN.

Good job! Now do it a hundred more times all over that yuppie hellhole.

Its esy to mispel

If you haven't taken direct action this summer then wtf are you doing!!!


Starbucks had the windows replaced by opening time, and their insurance covered the cost.

Better yet, you proved to everyone yet again, how truly stupid insurrectionary anarchists are.

Go back to work, you douche! And when you suck you boss's cock, don't forget to shallow. That'll remind you what you are...

on the internet this troll remains anonymous, in real life these people are known for the cowards they are.
heres to hoping their fingers are smashed with a hammer

haha right. the only people i knew getting beat up in anarchists scenes for their politics were i@s.

You must get a lot done, i'm sure you are the best Anarchist alive, at least ppl are doing stuff...

Really? People are doing STUFF??? Pray tell, what exactly have these people accomplished? Besides driving the window industry?

keep trying to make work under capitalism better instead of changing capitalism, fellow worker.

If a newspaper box was tossed in the street and noone was around to see, was it really tossed?

to say nothing of postings on @news read by the 10-20 other ppl who waste time here