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Rise of the 'Unholy Alliance' of Libertarians and Leftists

Occupy is often derided as having been leaderless and ineffective, but in conjunction with the Tea Party, few if any social movements in American history have done more to identify and discredit collusion between government and corporations. "Corporatism," once a term confined to academic discourse, is now routinely used to describe the general relationship between government and business in the United States. Moreover, it seems safe to assume that because of the efforts of Occupy and the Tea Party, which began in 2009 largely as a protest against the Troubled Assets Relief Program, few if any members of Congress will vote for another massive corporate bailout in the foreseeable future without fear of upsetting their constituents.


Backhoe window smashed in city vs rail shitshow

Smashy smashy in the west side of Vancouver! This fight is between Vancouver's cleanest and greenest ken doll mayor and CP rail over some railroad tracks that the rail wants to get operational again and the city wants to turn into yet another bike path. It seems like CP rail wants to get their shit operational again so they have another stream of blood money flowing through the city. Over the last 25 years people have been snatching up the free green space along the tracks to plant gardens and carve their niches out of the shithole that is this town.


Update: Luke's Address and How to Help Him

The Luke O'Donovan Support Committee has posted Luke's address (which is temporary and will change multiple times in the next few months).

He can be written or sent postcards at the following address:

Luke Patrick O’Donovan
c/o: Fulton County Jail
2S 602
901 Rice Street NW
Atlanta, GA

If you've never written a letter to a prisoner, please go here:


Phoenix, AZ: Anarchist Graffiti in Support of Ferguson, MO and Palestine

Link with pix:

Phoenix Arizona anarchists have been active supporting the Ferguson uprising in different ways. Anarchists are organizing and attending local events as well as spreading propaganda both online and off. Many comrades see the events in Ferguson as much more than an isolated disturbance or a singular flash point that the state is having trouble controlling.


FRR: St. Louis Anarchists speak on Ferguson Revolt


Rydra & Doug interview Luca and Elsie, two anarchists from St. Louis who have been in and around the riots/revolt against the police murder of Michael Brown. They discuss the lead up to the riot, the militarization of the police, the peace police/left/liberal/church/non-profit's attempt at containment, and much more.

Anti-Police Banner Drops in Tucson

Anarchists dropped two banners off an overpass in Tucson, one reading "Tucson to Missouri: Fuck the Police!" and the second reading "Sí Se Puede Vivir Sín Policía" (Yes We Can Live Without Police).

We in Tucson want to send our solidarity to the antagonists in Ferguson, MO. Keep it up! We recognize that a couple of banners don't hold a candle to the spirit of resistance you continue to bring us. WE FUCKING LOVE YOU.


Anarchist Sabotage Equipment at a Mcdonalds Construction Site in Portland.

Earlier this week, several pieces of heavy equipment, including a dump truck and water pump, located at the construction site of a Mcdonalds restaurant off 29th and Powell in S.E. Portland, were sabotaged by having bleached poured into their fuel tanks.


Let Us Not Become Police, Let Us Not Become Sheep

1. What happened to Mike Brown is a tragedy that can’t be put into words. A less spoken tragedy is that it’s the day to day reality for so many of us–especially those of us who are young, who are people of color, who don’t fit the cops’ idea of an acceptable, law abiding citizen. How often do the police kill someone? In St. Louis, it seems like almost every month. We often don’t do anything about it, or feel like we can. The last few days have been different.


Staying Safe in the Streets

In view of the ongoing police violence in Ferguson, Missouri, comrades have requested that we post some new material about how participants in protests can protect themselves in the streets. If you are participating in dangerous protests, especially if you are part of a group targeted by police violence, please take steps to minimize the likelihood that police and other repressive entities will be able to capture or identify you. You deserve to be safe and free!


Anarchists Target Chapel Hill Police Headquarters in Solidarity with Luke O'Donovan and Ferguson Rioters

In the early hours of August 14th, three police cruisers were smashed out at the Chapel Hill Police Department Headquarters in Chapel Hill, NC. A message was also painted on one of the cars, reading, "For Luke."

This was done as a small gesture of solidarity with Luke O'Donovan, of Atlanta, GA, who was recently sentenced to two years in prison for defending himself against five homophobic attackers. We hope this brings a smile to his face.