Topic of the Week: Reflection

  • Posted on: 17 April 2017
  • By: thecollective

What are some examples of things you've strongly believed in the past but don't currently, actions or protests you once thought were effective, or moments that changed the course of your political/anti-political growth or somehow informed the way you view or approach things today? What caused you to change or move away from your former views, methods, assumptions, etc.? Has a negative experience ever proven useful for provoking some sort of personal turning point?

Chile: Reflections From Some Comrades...

  • Posted on: 15 August 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Insurrection News received on 11.08.15 and translated:
About the recent arrests following the street clashes

As is known, in recent months there have been a series of arrests of juveniles accused of participating in riots and clashes with the repressive forces during actions carried out by encapuchados (hooded ones) outside universities. Some of them now remain in various regimes of imprisonment, from house arrest to remand.