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What is the "Anarchist Spectrum"?

A myth, plain and simple.

When I say "Anarchist Spectrum", I refer to the branches on the Anarchist tree. Common and widely practiced branches, or schools, would include Anarcho-Communism, Anarcho-Capitalism, Anarcho-Syndicalism, you get the idea. While this itself very obviously exists, what does not exist is this idea of any branch on that tree not being allowed to be attached to the tree.

Where does 'presentation appeal' come from? by emile

The appeal of visual display presentations is subjective.

Each element of the presentation must work with the collection of elements in an aesthetic way.

Example: politicians in Canada are arguing over the presentation/appearance of candidates for citizenship during the ceremony of joining the set and taking on the Canadian 'identity'; i.e. the niqab should not be worn, according to one faction.

continuing conversation from FRR audiobook Against Identity

just to say, there's more than one portal into identity politics

the analysis of identity politics in terms of 'spectres' and reducing unique individuals to instances of spectres has also gone on in, using other jargon, in mathematics, and parallel points have been made.

the two choices in mathematics are;

Questions About the Site..?

Just a few,

1) Are all those who write the articles for this website supposed to remain anonymous? Most people who enter in articles appear to be or use a group name, and there is no author name. What is the issue with using your name in the event it's just information or opinions? (I understand being anonymous for actions and such)

2) Does this site deny or frown upon members of any school of Anarchism? As I was checking it out it didn't appear that way, but just out of curiosity I'd like to know.

Anarchists Vs. Humor

Why is this site so PG with its humor now? Anarchists should offend, not the other way around. We are not fascists and you, the moderators, have been acting like fascists. This is the cop calling behavior people are not trusting with anarchists now. This sneaky talking to the police instead of handling your situations as individuals to other individuals. We should be about developing thicker skin and getting comfortable with using hostile language. This leftist poison you are drink, oh moderators, is leaving you sick in the head.

continuing conversation from topic of the week: old time religion


understanding the values based origins of social conflict

social dynamics tend to be understood 'scientifically' rather than 'intuitively' (intuition informs us more deeply than reason)

'reason' and 'morality' are at the top of Western values. what is required is a devaluation of these highest values.

take the example of 'black lives matter'. many people see this as 'racism' in a white-dominated society.

So, what are important social castes of today and how do they affect us?

Yeah. So like, what are the important social castes of today and how do they affect us? By "us" I mean, where you are at, perhaps give some details on how you understand us and them. Are there distinctive behaviors to certain social castes that are generally unique to them? On roles in the economy, what roles do social castes generally fill and why? Is the complexity of one economy radically different between various nations, or can we expect similar economic behaviors on ownership and workers' rights.

The New Nihilism forum topic from the comment section

the fabric of the cosmos.
infinite becomings. the flow of relations.
both Wilson's magnificent essay and emile's prescient
response give to all of us ways for the opportunity express
ourselves and to allow us to experiment and experience different world-views
and different life-styles with a sense of creative satisfaction and wonderment.
how fortunate we are on this site to be able to partake in these explorations.
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American Post-Left vs. European Ultra Left

I wanted to open this up for discussion. Seeing that the American context of theory has gone in dramatically different directions than the Europeans. I did see others talk about how post-left and ultra left held different things in value. I wanted to discuss just how different the context of European radicals to American radicals. What makes the two so different, but still similar? Why aren't we sharing a discussion with Europe in an International, as there once was? Other countries?