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another category in a culture addicted to belief in categories

Western civilization, by putting binary reason and binary morality into an unnatural precedence over intuition and balancing/harmonizing, constructs categories wherein the general rules over the particular. the general is a collection of common properties that defines the member of the set (category) so that one need not bother with the particularity that comes from one's unique web of relationships within the transforming relational continuum.

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how language is shaping social dynamics is important inquiry

your inquiry into the influence of language and definitions on public policy has the potential to deliver valuable insights. philosophical writings like those of Nietzsche in 'Twilight of the Idols' and related works can be very informing; e.g. on the issue of defining terrorism, as you have already pointed out;

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with regard to your questions about nouns and verbs;

re your question;

1. Do verbs have any meaning without nouns.

‘Semantic reality’ is at attempt to give intellectual representation to the physical reality of our natural experience. In a world that is given only once, as a transforming relational continuum (Mach, Nietzsche, Schroedinger), there are only relations; e.g. energy relations as in ‘field’;

Anarchist responses to/anarchistic strains within BlackLivesMatter

I find it interesting though not surprising that, while even the most hostile, not-wasting-my-time anarchists all but had no choice but to weigh in on Occupy in 2011, regardless of how distant from anarchist concerns the whole thing was, I've seen fuck-all in the way of anarchist responses to the BLM phenomenon. Certainly there was talk, action and networking going down in solidarity with Ferguson and a little when the Eric Garner and Mike Brown grand juries led nowhere and the whole country was having demos, shutting down highways, etc.

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The notion of anarchists as a physically real group is delusion

Whether we are talking about Catalunyan ‘libertarians’ as a group or ‘anarchists’ as a group, it is illusion which becomes ‘delusion’ if one takes it ‘literally’ [realists take such concepts literally, while pragmatist idealists accept that such ideas can be useful].

New image procedure is death of @news?

So from this comment (, I decided to start a topic.

Lots of people keep on commenting on the image procedure (which I say instead of "policy" because I hate the word "policy"). Most of the comments are negative. I, myself, preferred worker's approach to thecollective's, so count me as negative too.

Why does this matter to people so much, tho? Like, seriously, as much as the images were funny, and value-added for the site, I never came here for them.

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there's more to it than technology

its possible to find a fit for all kinds of different theories in the data simply by way of 'correlations'; i.e. rising technology, rising hollowness in civilized life, rising CO2 concentrations, rising temperatures, and of course, this can provide impetus for backing out of the alleged 'causal agencies', ... reduce the invasiveness of technology in society that is allegedly causing the hollowness, reduce the CO2 omissions that are allegedly causing the rising temperatures.

this is very simplistic reasoning.