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a 'state' exists only insofar as people believe in its existence. it is an intellectual abstraction. the states of 'The United States', 'Mexico', 'Canada' exist for people who put intellection into an unnatural precedence over the physical reality of natural experience. the same terrain is understood as unbounded relational space by winds, rivers, deer, birds and by stateless peoples.

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It may not be noticed by many initially but we hope that "flat comments" will accomplish many things.

1) It'll fix the broken theme (where responses aren't in the right place in the threaded comments)
2) It'll end hierarchy! (not really but it will end threads)
3) It'll improve comment quality. This might seem overly optimistic but it will require references to other comments to have to cite sources which will be a change for sure.
4) It'll make short drive-by comments... different.

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listening to voices in dialogue open to living with differences is enjoyable (e.g. Aragorn and Bellamy’s podcast) but harder to make space for. it’s a bit like setting aside some quality time with your child, one has to give committed attention. tuning in to text based exchanges is more like being with the child while you are having a hamburger and watching baseball on the box. so, the podcasts are harder to get to than the text forums because of that (my appetite is greater than my availablity).

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voting is important

voting is important because it revives our dream of having our intentions prevail over the unfolding situation we find ourselves in.

in the physical reality of our actual, natural experience, 'situationism' is in an inherent precedence over 'intentionism'.

it is the great myth of Western civilization that we are all 'independent beings' and that 'sovereign states' are independent entities, and that we all reside, operate and interact in a space that is independent of the inhabitants that reside, operate and interact within it.

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Brittany says
“1. Anarchists are each really unique because we highly value sovereignty and individuality.”

“valuing ‘sovereignty’ and ‘individuality’ does not lead to a unique category of people. different people have very different understandings of ‘sovereignty and individuality’;

History Books?

My understanding of history (outside of the USA) is shit. Lately, I've really wanted to learn more; so, what are some of your favorite (non-US) history books, authors, narrative styles? I'm particularly interested in the developments that lead to contemporary transnational power dynamics. I wasn't ready to dive too deeply into this when it was a more popular anarchist discussion (anti-globe era) - so good analysis from that time-period wouldn't be redundant for me.

Thanks <3

OH! And if you have any documentary video or any audio recommendations, plzzzzzz share

anarcho-primitivism as a modern idea

Ive seen several arguments against anarcho-primitivism based on the fact that a primitive life would lead to death, sickness, and general discomfort. While it cannot be denied that technology does give add some luxury to life, there will always be a debate on wether something is actually important to happiness in life or not. As there are many people with many ideas on what is important in life its doubtful that a consensus will ever actually be reached.

What is the "Anarchist Spectrum"?

A myth, plain and simple.

When I say "Anarchist Spectrum", I refer to the branches on the Anarchist tree. Common and widely practiced branches, or schools, would include Anarcho-Communism, Anarcho-Capitalism, Anarcho-Syndicalism, you get the idea. While this itself very obviously exists, what does not exist is this idea of any branch on that tree not being allowed to be attached to the tree.

Where does 'presentation appeal' come from? by emile

The appeal of visual display presentations is subjective.

Each element of the presentation must work with the collection of elements in an aesthetic way.

Example: politicians in Canada are arguing over the presentation/appearance of candidates for citizenship during the ceremony of joining the set and taking on the Canadian 'identity'; i.e. the niqab should not be worn, according to one faction.

continuing conversation from FRR audiobook Against Identity

just to say, there's more than one portal into identity politics

the analysis of identity politics in terms of 'spectres' and reducing unique individuals to instances of spectres has also gone on in, using other jargon, in mathematics, and parallel points have been made.

the two choices in mathematics are;