Updates and Tabler Lineup for Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair May 11-12th Boyceville, Wi

When we first put the call out for table submissions we were overwhelmed. It is good to see so many people were interested in tabling this event. Many didn't get back to us in time before others confirmed. But here is the good news: (unless we get locked up or some shit like that) we doin' this event again next year! Anyone who didn't make it this year and still interested will get first pick for next year. So here is the official lineup!

North American Animal Liberation Press Office
Viscera Print Goods and Ephemera
Oogle Insurrection Distro
Burning Bridges Distro
Warzone Distro
Green House Distro
Days of Rage Patches
Intellectual Vagabond Editions
Anarcho Mofo Books
Milwaukee Prison Abolitionists
A Boulder on the Tracks Mobile Bookstore
Contagion Press


We really want/wanted to have bands play in the carpeted basement downstairs for this event. We only have one band confirmed and like 4 maybes. We were aiming for 8 bands. We will continue to keep band submissions open but it IS possible there won't be live music for this event. But that could change in the next few months. We shall see and keep everyone posted.


We have at least 3 different speakers confirmed. Details of what they will be speaking about are still a bit too fuzzy to post here. If they are reading this and want to post in the comments what they will be talking about, that would be cool. Submissions for other speakers are still welcomed.


Attendees are welcomed to either:
-sleep inside the venue (Blasphemy Collective)
-sleep outside in the (big) backyard
-set up camp outside at a *free* camping park one block away


There is a facebook event page that is set to private/invite only.

Dangerous Space Policy:

The Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair will be eschewing a 'safer spaces' policy in favor of a Dangerous Space Policy.

This means that we expect all attendees and vendors to be responsible for their own actions, and the potential repercussions of their actions. As hosts of this event, we refuse to assume the role of "police" or "security" to mediate conflicts that happen between people. We personally will not be used as a security apparatus to kick anyone out of this event, unless the conflict is with us directly. Everyone who attends is expected to utilize their own individual agency in directly dealing with and solving their problems with others.Therefore, this event is a dangerous space for anyone who disrespects the space and those occupying it.

We accept that oppression based on identity exists in our present society, but we are not interested in perpetuating this paradigm. All voices here are weighed based on the merit of their experience, not the identity of the person who voiced them.

This should go without sayin' but to make it abundantly clear, this is an anti-capitalist, anti-fascist event.

Any questions, concerns and hate mail please send an email to the address on the flyer.


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Since this is the space we have access to, it is very likely subsequent events will occur here.

Are eco-fascist creeps and libertarians also welcome?

Other than that... it's good to see there's several possibilities for housing, usually @ book fairs offer zero.

"This should go without sayin' but to make it abundantly clear, this is an anti-capitalist, anti-fascist event."

This is the kinda anarchist who throws anti civ anarchists under the bus because they read an idg article and now everyone’s a fascist.

sounds fun.
and dangerous!
is Intellectual Vagabond Editions thee Intellectual Vagabond Editions?
asking for a friend.

Yes, they are tabling. Yes it will be dangerous! And if fascists try to pull that shit they pulled at the Boston Anarchist Bookfair, it will be fun!

Yeah let's see how well that floats when Warzone Distro's "antifascists" show up too. I'm sure they'll be ganging together like chickpeas.

Let 'em come, any of the fakers or haters. Been a while since I made vegan swiss cheese

**materializes a slice of follow your heart from nowhere**

what is this 2005? there's many more and tastier vegan cheese options these days. shame on you!

Its crazy killing cows for meat when they can produce cheese for 30 yrs!

"The Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair will be eschewing a 'safer spaces' policy in favor of a Dangerous Space Policy."

FUCK YES!!! that's what i'm talking about! wish i could be there!

Yes, because what’s an anarchist book fair without lord of the flies style strong arming in lieu of conflict resolution. Sounds awesome.

jump to conclusions much? the wording of the policy or whatever is pretty reasonable. do you prefer vague and passive aggressive exclusion based on "behaviors, patterns, and decisions"?

If an anarchist bookfair can't commence without the promise of cop-logic mediation and big daddy save us appeals it begs the question...how much of an anarchist event is it? Shit is getting pretty flimsy these days.

your straw man is so sophisticated it might be too high tech for this book fair. I’m asking where’s the sense in promising danger? Get your head out of the binary thinking trap. If it’s autonomous gangsterism vs sjw policing, why even bother to choose.

Nowhere is it "promising danger". It's laughable that you are the one lodging strawman accusations.

It's basically just saying "take responsibility for your own actions and conflicts and don't disrespect the space and people occupying it".

My head is in the binary thinking trap? yet to you the announcement for this event is promoting "autonomous gangsterism". How paranoid can you be? Maybe you should contact the organizers and volunteer to do security, otherwise it will surely devolve into a lord of the flies situation. It's as though anarchists have never done anything without your safeguards you seem to desperately want to cling to.

You are just a troll though, its obvious this bookfair announcement upset you, or something else did and this is your proxy to shit on.

dangerous space? i want a bookfair in OUTER SPACE.

This "bookfair" FLAGRANTLY opposing Anti-Oppression Activism with a Dangerous Space is a Racist, Xenophobic, Misogynist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Non-binaryphobic, Kinkophobic, Fatphobic, Ableist, Inperialist conspiracy! It should be BANNED.

And ham-handed irony at that.
(But then IdPol manages to be a characature of itself anyway.)

i'm not going to make it to this because of timing and location but if anyone feels inclined to write a reportback it'd be much appreciated.

Don't worry anon, I wrote a reportback for you but apparently The Collective felt it was too dangerous to post to the front page, so you can find it in the forums.

all hail the power of imagination! this is how good it gets when one never actually leaves the house. you can simply *project* experiencing something while staying glued to the computer screen!

*Whispers* Mommy dearest, would you share your opiod suppositories with me, pleeeease,

2nd time i’ve seen you post this meme, and it still disturbs me; that must mean it’s effective...or idk...ur weird...

I'm going to make a cocktail with granpa's viagra just for antifa rallies and the lolz :-]

Dare I ask if there are any indigenous anarchists involved, or is this green anarchy for civilized colonizers only

Hahaha all the colonizer SUVs form a defensive ring like in Mad Max, bring it on sort out the Idpol yuppies from the anarchs!

Only if you dare to ask a pointless, loaded question. Does a bookfair like this lose "white ally" points if the organizers are all white? Who gives a shit. Identity politics is garbage and this is why anarchism is a joke.

As you can witness, at least two visitors (me plus the other commenter) do.

While this wasn't the most pertinent question ever, it pales in comparison to your whitey boi's hot-headed dick-waving.

Of damaged humans will most likely start off with a race war. All the IdPols, including the white racist ones, will do life on earth a BIG favor by killing themselves off.
The full Collapse will be protracted.

Yeah, I can see you both are identity politicians. *slow clap*. Just because someone thinks your identity politics is dumb doesn't automatically mean their white, (or have dicks to wave for that matter). Yes, it is true. POC are fully capable of thinking identity politics is a load of shit *idpol mind explodes*.

wait, you both organizers of the LA anarchist bookfair? the one that let black nationalists show up and fuck shit up, then kiss their ass afterwords? lol

Asking if a bunch of alleged eco anarchists actually care about indigenous cultures and struggles is pointless identity politics....ok, cool. I’m sure a bunch of edgy white people gathering to celebrate their self important militancy on stolen land is nothing at all like the past 500 years of white identity politics in this continent. Glad to see 4chan types like you finally figured out ‘what anarchy’s really about’- its manifest destiny, as it were.

Of anyone dependent on capitalism will be ugly, protracted death. Nature WILL NOT CARE what yer Native American blood quotient is.

I'm just DEVASTATED. I need to go to my Safe Space now.

Yeah, the manifest destiny that's actually happening in **TRIGGER WARNING: intense pragmatism that may undermine your prefab weltanshauung** the real world around you is more, more, more and also more social expansion and parallel tech development and spectacular invasion, as they keep producing this Star Trek crap and more shitty Netflix productions, bro. Coz it's all fucking related, according to Creg Zymanski PhD and Robert Baartman, PhD of Stanford and maybe Yale.

So yeah, Redpanther, dream on, boi. Keep dreaming about your ontological apocalypse of Nature/Gaia righting the wrongs of our invasive capitalist civilization, independently from any ethnic or cultural particulates. I'll sure keep waiting in a basement with you with the popcorn. Hopefully the stench from our rotting bodies will notify the neighbors and the police after a while.

"their self-importance".... FTFY!

So I guess if you're going, you should prepare for an personality cult fest circling around (yes) your usual 4chan edge lords. Which includes the Anarchyplanet IRC clique of 4-5 closet reactionary ass-wipes.

But for exploring actual eco-anarchy, your doctor's advice is to be looking and going someplace else, this summer. Believe me, there are a great many more interesting regional and global destinations and colorful people to meet up around the planet than Shithole, Wisconsin featuring your favorite anarcops, and rest assured that your life can keep going pretty fine and maybe even through many great adventures without these circle jerk-inflated pedants... for as long as you do not rely on their positions as intellectual despots.

As for me I'll be watching from a distance and wait for the feedback from others.

oh look it's the butthurt circle-jerk troll come to wag their strawfinger at all the mean @s that don't behave the way they want :-(
we are very disappointed that no deformed penis emoticon was used to close this tantrum. please be more consistent.


No, that's the emoticon for the hand mimetic gesture of wanking at your bougie face, m'lady. ;-D

I fucked YOUR mom when you were 9 while your dad was away at the gay sauna.


wtf does that even mean? god damn you kids are fucking pathetic.

Oh noooo!! Anyone who questions the ingrained white supremacy of North American anarchism must be a Maoist trying to gulag us enlightened anarchs. Shut them up immediately!!!

Nearly all the white supremacists (and all the other IdPols) are going to DIE.
There is already VAST habitat now owned by the Forest Service, logging corporations, BLM, wealthy individuals, ect., that is almost totally depopulated. Well into the Collapse, these entities will no longer exist, and will lose control over all this land before that.
Assuming you have significant Native ancestry, did it EVER occur to you that there will be vast opportunity to regenerate the ancestral Way, and de-facto repatriate ancestral Land?
No, becoming adaptively fit is just too DIFFICULT. It is SO much easier to just WHINE and call anyone who doesn't grovel before your IdPol crap a white supremacist.

Yes, comrade. Time to think about safeguarding the White race with "anarchism", as it is threatened of extinction by dem ID pol LIBUHRULLS who're taking down our Muhrica all in the service of China! Read the Turner Diaries, friend... also available at the Green Scare Bookfair.

My question. I can't IMAGINE why.
Native Americans taking back their Land is "safeguarding the white race". Brilliant.

i didn’t answer anything cuz i’m a different anon who is currently solely responding with low effort absurd “your mom” iterations on different threads

To the post above yers.
And anyone who doesn't agree with everything I say is
a FAAACSIST monster!

Because you started your bullshit talk by claiming that the Whites are all about to die soon. Which is not linear yet very compatible with the usual "White genocide" talking point of Alt Right brainwashed idiots.

*slowly looking at some specific people here*

And before we go any further, I refuse to get onto some discussion based on this same old underlying moronic belief in the Collapse. My point made above, is that the Collapse is not going to happen any time soon, unless there's a well-coordinated effort to accelerate it, or that some natural disaster bring us to a point of no return. But it is also a process happening already.... just not for the stuff we hate, but rather for the gazillions of innocent lives that are victims of our very brilliant concepts and projects.

Does Collapse have anything to do with "genocide" singling out whites only? Even in a race war, ONLY whites will die? To repeat myself, ALL the IdPols, including the white ones, will be the biggest factor feeding mass death in the early stages of the Collapse, IF they get widespread traction. You deny Collapse exactly because you are helping to feed it. The white supremacists should FUND you.
The full playout of the Collapse will run up to 100 years, as I've stated in other posts. It could possibly be blunted by a very deep, radical, widespread spiritual awakening, the likes of which history has never seen, and resulting revolutionary change. But this is not the most likely outcome.
You also didn't answer my question again.

your mom is a spiritual awakening. that or the collapse.

Yeah, I am Native, I never said anything about "White Supremacy" I said there is a vast amount of anti-native anarchists and leftists, if you are sensitive to that, that is on you, I am not imposing some collective "guilt"

I am against Identity Politics, but there is quite a bit of anti-IdPol that sounds like "I don't see colour" liberalism and tons of Native erasure in the american anarchists milieu

Careful what you say native dude, your comment could be interpreted as hate speach against the american anarchist milieu who are genetically 95% of Anglo-Saxon origins

Since EVERYTHING for you seems to be all about race/ethnicity, you should know that rednecks are not Anglo-Saxon. We are Celtic, i.e. Scots-Irish.

Ya also forgot about the loads of German-Americans and Dutch-Americans.

"I am against Identity Politics, but there is quite a bit of anti-IdPol that sounds like "I don't see colour" liberalism and tons of Native erasure in the american anarchists milieu."

I don't see as much Native erasure, nor the "I don't see colour" as much as I see nationalism justified by victimhood. I see a reinforcement of identity through identity-boundary policing and a lot of demanded (identity-based) ass-kissing. The fact that there are people on this thread goin' on about "white boi" this and that is revealing that despite never having *seen* anyone on this threat, anyone who disagrees with liberalism is labeled "white supremacist" or "colonial". A big part of what makes identity politics so laughable is judgement based on socially assigned constructs, and people who pretend to represent all people of whatever identity.

It is pretty simple: if you treat others like shit, expect to receive that back. If you want to engage in genuine communication with someone, identity politics is detrimental because it erases the complexity of individuality. Get to know people for who they are- not by the constructs authoritarians assign them.

Isn't it interesting? Anarchy is all about liberation yet, some people (IdPol) intentionally reinforce the prisons of identity whenever they refuse to see people as anything other than merely "white" or "brown" or "black" etc.

GROVEL before verbal abuse, YOU are a White Supremacist Colonialist Monster!

(anon 22:09) is a lot more reasonable. I don't even disagree with it.
Very few a anarchists, and no leftists, are serious about "rewilding". Those few who are need to learn how the Original People/Native Americans there lived and tended the ecosystem to peak health. This is not about Political Correctness. It is about adaptive fitness.

if it’s so eco why’s it a bookfair and not a forest gardening convention?

Because we've found a solution for the bookfair nihilists. Tho they're likely not to like it, but that's not our problem!

Can I bring 2 cougar-kitties to this nefarious bookfair?
They each weigh 170 lbs. and will NOT be on a leash.

You are emphatically encouraged to do so.

Bring a revolver to play russian roulette, and some scissors to run with as well.

Whatever you do, don’t bring helmets, mouthguards, condoms, vaccines, healthy foods (unless they pose a choking hazard, or a slipping hazard: like banana peels), hi-visibility/reflective clothing, safety goggles, safety cones, life-savers, defibrilators (unless used incorrectly or recreationally), clean needles, clean anything, hmm, use your creativity!

Can I bring my special recipe of donuts with razor blade shards? Also books by Heidegger tricked with bombs inside?

Yes and yes.

Also, it bears reminding that per this year’s dangerous space policy, the built environment and surrounding areas at the event will not be OSHA compliant.

We are still looking for volunteers to dig both the gator inhabited moat and the spike pits, to hang the sword of Damocles, and to somehow design and construct those spinning fire bars that appear in mario bros, that’d be really neat.

You also can’t bring safe words, or safes either. Other prohibited items include: thimbles, oven mitts, Scotchguard TM, spare tires, first aid kits, trusted friends, safety nets, baseball bases nor homeplates, and memory cards, among others.

Another poster here, OK, we get the point about the nanny State and how life is over regulated and controlled, and how everything material or constructed is in fact a device to make things easier and safer, probably a lot duller as a result, less offensive and in many cases on an average SAFER and requiring less supervision in the long run. A balance between
1) Less supervision with more laws . = Safe and Secretly paranoid
2)More supervision with less laws = Safe and Cunningly paranoid
3)Less supervision with less laws = Happily dangerous and paranoid
4)Zero supervision and negation of law = Anarchic merry, free and dangerously safe with mild paranoia directed towards strangers high on opiod suppositories and indigenous folk with bow and arrows.

And we have Catholic missionaries, exotic diseaes, oil and gas corporations and agricultural monoculture.

Nope, that's a colonialist methodology of conquest first described by the ethno-archeologist Jarred Diamond.


But if ITS can come over, that's fine if they're native as long as they're not native from the region, right?

Okay, so... anti-native pro-White settler policy, but ITS good. Duly noted!

It seemed that this thread had been cursed by greyface but this made me laugh. Someone should print this up and post it at the door.

: (

Do they eat bookfair nihilists specifically, or any Celtic person who makes sudden movements or running motion?

Can I also bring a few UNSAFE straw men, filled with random edgy fragments of Ressentiment, that explode when thrown into a commenter's camp? Can't get through convos with any of those.

I also got this kit, the "Full Maxx Circle-Jerk Ego Inflator TM", that I always carry around for my friends to pump it up recursively when needed. I just plug it to their appendages then the hot air from pressure release goes straight to my brain, and it gets me going for days. I tell ya... this stuff is better than dick coke!

i hear the kid who runs oogle insurrection is gonna be selling the 2019 crew change for only 5$ and offring train riding lessons in exchange for food.

I'm aware of a lingering residue of the conquest orientated Celtic Weltanschauung permeating the mainstream Western consciousness. Crudely referred to as a post-colonial epigenetic legacy, more effort should be made to erase it from ones mind, and this bookfair may offer the means to express these desires.

I hope this bookfair is as epic as this comments thread.

Dear Identity Politicians,

You are all invited to come as well! I just wouldn't expect this to be an obligatory "everybody-kisses-my-ass-because-I- am-a (insert identity)" party if I was you :D

Are a Racist, Colonialist, Imperialist Monster!
There, I think we have 100 comments. But no wager this time.

that was my concern, this green scare event already seems like an id-pol-green identity politics project in the making. Using the word "dangerous space" doesn't really convince me otherwise.

Fashion statement is an identity. So is the self-ID as "anarchist". Democrats vs Republicans is IdPol, often a proxy for racial and cultural IdPol. None of these solve problems. They are diversions from developing adaptive fitness.

LMAO redpanther how many years you even have left, maybe focus more on enjoying your time and less on making it another wheezing day

my post on another thread about my recovering from shoulder surgery faster than anyone Ortho or Physical Therapy has ever seen, even in people half my age. Adaptive fitness also results in enjoying my time. I am also likely to live to a much older age than you will, unless I die in armed combat or something (you just never know). Non-attachment (which is received from God, not "attained") also helps.

You forgot to mention the massive mind warping healing benefits of LSD.Just helping out your argument for danger and longevity you super feline athlete ;)

I should NEVER have neglected to mention psilocybin/LSD. BAD kitty.
Other "wheezing" I neglected to mention: Shortly before surgery, with 3 ripped-up shoulder tendons (from 35 years in my trade), I could lift and carry 100 lb. flagstones and moved 1 ton of rock. I'm 61. Also, abnormally strong immune system for my age.

The reverse-ageing I was given doesn't have anything to do with me. It was received from God (Emptiness for the Buddhists), and anyone else can receive it too.
It is unwise to assume a 61-year-old is a "wheezer". (Cue in long IdPol rant about Ageist Monsters.)

Redpanther will be fine for a few more decades I think. "God" gave him a self-healing factor following his accident which may multiply his life expectancy. Expect him to score big at the DANGEROUS Forest Decathlon competition held at this Green Scare Bookfair, where he'll have to dodge crossbow shots will slinging from one tree to the other then stab a few SPOOKS on the way.

I'm a heavy plains-dwelling lion type dude, not so much into tree leaping, more flatout sprinting and launching my 400kg of rippling muscle onto the backs of Spooks and snapping their necks with my powerful jaws.
I don't expect any accolades, its just a job, mkay?!

rawr ; )

Ya see critic of critics, you assume I desire to convince you of *anything*. You put too much faith in internet debates. The fact is, some of us don't care about semantics arguments online, or really being online much at all. Trying to convince you of anything is meaningless. Just like anyone else, you will either come to the event, or you won't. It's that simple. :D

Some of us only care about being dangerous, real fucking dangerous. And Wild. Real dangerous and wild. Ya dig motherfucker???
And all us wild and dangerous types are going to get together at the blamsphey co-op and it's going to be an event like this pathetic scene ain't never seen.
Ya dig motherfucker???

Woah, slow down. This year we’re having a “dangerous space policy”. No one said anything about being wild. Let’s try to keep it civ up in here.

two peeves, only one of which is yours. the expression is spelled *whoa*. the other peeve (since i’m feeling surly) is when people write “yea” when they mean “yeah.” the former is that King James bullshit, as in “Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death”; it’s a formal rhetorical affirmation, the opposite of “nay.” “yeah” is the way to spell the informal affirmation, the slangy version of the pedestrian “yes.” this is not hard stuff, people

Dangerous pedant that you are, you might be perfect for this event, I heard that blasphemy collective has enough crash space so get in touch soon!
Note though that in keeping with the dangerous spaces policy the single bathroom is running on a 'dangerous' grey water system (more of a yellow water system really), so you may want to arrange for your own latrine.

Food prep station will be next to the latrines to ensure the lettuce has dangerous e. coli.

Oh, well there's always room for improvement. After all, this is our first year implementing this policy. We'll try to incorporate these and other improvements from the feedback we get after this year's event. If we survive!

That's pretty savvy. Planting the dangerous seeds so the danger can grow on trees in a few years. Dangerous long game!

(1) get some giant hogweed seeds in the fall, somewhere by a road (careful not to get infected by the plant)

(2) spread them all over some yuppie community garden, lol

I'm going to grow marijuana plants in between the danger trees and create a balanced apolitical ambient environment where the nihilist kids can play while their parents get all dangerous amongst themselves.

Dangerous space policy includes sepsis for every wound.

Blood poisoning FT(dangerous)W!!!

Just some advice for the less hardened novices. I myself charge in, my sheer audacity repelling sepsis and streptococcis gigantus.

Lectures, motherfucker! And buying BOOKS! And maybe even spend time by the bonfire, looking all tuff and WILD as we look at the fire with psychopathic GLEE.

You can catch me tabling over there. I’ll be handing out copies of my book “Armed Glee”, and “Rebel’s dark giggle”.

these pathetic milquetoast liberals and them needing to label anything outside of their liberalism "edgy"

Only stop screaming the word DANGEROUS when I have to suck in another breath before my next scream.

Some footage of Redpanther when he dropped in on an Idpol conference which disturbed his afternoon beauty nap. Enjoy.

BadKitty! Why you only attack brown folks?!

*sprays kitty with water*


Race doesn't exist, only identities to be slashed!

Good luck explaining that to the tiger before he rips your face off! I'll be over here with the popcorn.

to happen.
However, I'm part of an Officially Recognized Identity Politics Oppressed Category (which working-class whites, comprising up to 60% of the U.S. population, are NOT). I've been in love with other guys and have even (gasp) slept with other guys.
This means I'm REQUIRED to call myself a Queer, go around Queering everything all the time, and whining/ranting about Straight men, my Monsterous Oppressors all the time. Yawn.
Time for Bad Kitty to have another cat nap.

Before you go, love the way you throw hetero guys off 20ft high walls and tear their sneering faces off, nice, purr on feline avenger!

vicious kitties should ALL be put on a vegan diet!

You sound hawt

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