Let’s Not Spread the Cop Virus!

from anarchists worldwide

Originally published on Nantes Indymedia on 27.03.2020


If you see a street vendor on the street, don’t call the police to report them. Go and buy something from them.

If you notice they aren’t wearing a mask, don’t yell at them, try and get them one. Don’t be a cop.

If you hear that your neighbor is showing symptoms, don’t look out the window to see if they are shopping. Ask them if they need anything. Don’t be a cop.

If you see people walking around your neighborhood, try not to assume the worst, don’t call the police. Maybe they had to go to work. A lot of people don’t have the privilege of shutting themselves away at home with a full fridge. Don’t be a cop.

If you have to go out shopping, don’t make hateful glances at people around you for fear of infection. Just say hello. Make conversation. Other people aren’t your enemy. Don’t be a cop.

If you meet somebody who lives on the street, don’t cross the road out of fear. If you can, offer them food, a mask, water. Don’t be a cop.


It’s a virus that won’t leave us alone.

(adapted from a leaflet that originally appeared in Spain, French version translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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YES to this

Should tear the masks off street vendor's faces so can understand what they are saying when you haggle with them!

Huh... but what if some street vendor is a price-goucher reselling items they hoarded before/during the consumer panic? I'd rather be stealing from them straight up instead of calling the cops on them, for sure, but... buying!? *Captain Picard facepalm*

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