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From C4SS by William Gillis

The great advantage of the anarchist movement is our decentralization, but without resilient protocols and networks we’re always at risk of losing pieces of our history and knowledge. There have been a number of compilations of anarchist and left-market anarchist pamphlets and zines over the years, and unfortunately most of them have decayed or fallen into obscurity.

It’s not enough to have material available, it must be also be accessible. To this end C4SS is happy to announce the launch of a single repository collecting printable materials from across varied left market anarchist projects and traditions:

Hopefully this will make it easier for interested radical community centers, tabling projects, and lending libraries to get physical copies.

We’re still getting started, but so far we’ve managed to dig up and collect zines from Red Lion Press, BAD Press, Movement of the Libertarian Left, Market Anarchy Zine Series, ALLiance Journal, Corvus Distributions, Distro of the Libertarian Left, Ceros Press, Invisible Molotov,, Devil’s Claw Distro, and more.

This is in addition to the zines C4SS has produced and that are available for purchase in our store, if you want high-quality prints and to support our work. We don’t believe in intellectual property and try to assure that everything we sell is always available in full online.

To get in contact about adding any missing content, you can email rechelon a t

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i'm no fan of the tech cultists either but this isn't actually a bad project

A rom-com set in Portland where an extremely horny nerd is looking for the right chemistry that can only be found with a Japanese anime girl sex robot.

"He is hard for the hardware !"
-Kevin Carson

"Best movie of all time !?"
- Mises Institute

"This guy is a ducking loser !"
-John Zerzan

Even though I'm not a commie one has to agree with the anti-exchange critique in the long run of things(there can be individualist material minimalist anti-exchange positions as well). One term Silly Willie also uses, which I think is a good post-market market agnostic term, is the term network. Network anarchist would be a more congruent neo-Proudhonian position to take as it networking can have an exchange and non-exchange context. It would certainly make sense for anarchists that are into broader uses of emerging blockchain machinology beyond market exchange processes(though for the foreseeable future exchange relations-which you don't 'abolish' lol-will be in the picture).

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