Primal Anarchy Podcast 26: Interview with Deana Dartt

Primal Anarchy Podcast 26: Interview with Deana Dartt

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Primal Anarchy Podcast Episode 26: Interview with Deana Dartt
May 25, 2020

House keeping: Book club and upcoming meeting, first book is Terra Nullius by Sven Lindqvist. 15% of all of our sales still going to Indigenous Mutual Aid, please toss them some support ( Kickstarter underway, will be up anytime. We continue our ongoing conversation about primal anarchy and the nature of resistance to civilization and domestication with Deana Dartt, PhD. Deana is Coastal Chumash and Mestiza. Her work is focused on decolonization and indigenization, raising Indigenous voices and experiences back into the lands and narratives that sought to erase them. She has worked with everything from museum curators to activist groups to push forward this necessary discussion. She also shares our enthusiasm for bridging gaps between decolonization and anti-civilization. Listen up, you’ll like it. More importantly, you’ll learn from it. Support Deana’s work at

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Tucker joining the "ethical consumerism" bullshit bandwagon with 15% of sales going to "THE GOOD CAUSE" is kind of cringe. Pushing for sales with the idea that by buying his books they are supporting "THE GOOD CAUSE" is kind of a shit on the struggle he is pushing for sales through and a shit on potential readers. He's reduced himself to the type of practices Starbucks and WholeFoods do, to draw in liberal-leftist idiots.

What we're talking about is transactionism not consumerism. I'm not against an ethical or enlightened adjustment to transactional extractional humanity in the current context of history but what really needs to happen is a movement towards alternative surrogate activities that have a more vintage retro futuristic and even neo-archaic character.

Consumption(even conspicuous) is not the issue transaction/extraction and exchange are.

Okay SE, the whole world will rectify their language because you said so.

So cars are full consumerism of the dumbest kind. For going anywhere you gotta consume gas, and usually pay for it. I can't really call this "transactionism", as this ain't just a transaction. This is consuming shit, and buying it (i.e. double consuming) to consume it. It's not just a transaction as you consume money and/or efforts to get what you want to consume. It's like sex... consumerism all over.

You're neglecting to mention that there is a structural element of economy and work that 'drives' the car and it's culture. Consuming is not the issue as I see it. I could see cars in a retro futuristic post-economy world having less of a problematic context. Think of a younger Roman Polanski and that old antique that he would drive back in the 60s. That could be a type of post-economy car use that is preferable to what exists now. I see the car as more of a use value utility then a transactional phenomena.

Kevin Tucker is constantly just trying to hustle his primal anarchy brand. It’s weak and embarrassing. Being a part of the channel zero network just means your anarchism is safe and palatable to be sold to boring social anarchist twenty somethings who jerk off to IGD.

Most of which are the same crowd out there calling anti civ anarchists ecofascists.

this ain't reddit, people

"Give me more money than I need for you to buy my books and I'll pass it on to people who should have it, instead of me selling my books at an unnecessarily high price and trusting you to support struggles that are worth supporting." Kevin Tucker

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