Anews Podcast 173 – 7.24.20

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast is on anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

What’s New was written and read by Chisel and Greg

Thanks to Ariel and friend for talking about the ToTW: Sports and competition.

1. Trombone (edit)
2. Lil bow wow – Basketball

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I like there’s tone put into the readings in the what’s new segment.

Lol Greg, anti-ess pee ee, missed opportunity to go anti-speeEEehHHhh?

Nice to hear Ariel along with Nettle, they have good chemistry together. Nettle sounds younger but then is all like “when I was a kid in the 70’s”.

And yeah, those fun loving anarchists that the TOTW author mentions should come around here more often, funny how it did’t seem to rub off on them, questioning if sports are allowed lol.

Is it? And if it is true, wouldn't it be better for people? I mean, those who work in the whatever get to own the whatever and receive 100% of their wages/salary for one thing, right? However, I don't see the workers taking control, so what do these people who claim communism is here or is coming here, mean by communism? All the riots/protests are supposedly something to do with communism, so I keep hearing! Really? Oh, and capitalism has proven to be so good for freedom etc!!! The bailouts, is this communism or capitalism? Being stripped searched at airports is communism or capitalism? USSR wasn't communism or was it? China, same thing. Cuba, same thing. When people who work in the whatever, own the whatever, then maybe the declaration of communism is coming maybe true. What is coming appears to be more akin to fascism. Yet, I don't think the protestors realise this yet. Clarity anyone?

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