Racist Corporate Media Offices Redecorated

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Gimuy / Cairns, So-Called Australia: Racist Corporate Media Offices Redecorated

Received on 04.08.2020:

During the night of 03-04 August 2020 we visited the offices of News Corp publication The Cairns Post and the local offices of the Seven Network, broadcaster of 7 News. 

On the entrance to the offices of The Cairns Post we spray painted the words “News Corpse” and “Racist Scum”. On a prominent wall of the Seven Network building we spray painted the words “Racist Scum COPaganda Network”.

The Cairns Post is one of several Murdoch-owned News Corp print and online media outlets that dominate the news media landscape in so-called Australia and aggressively promote a far-right, ultra-conservative, anti-Indigenous, anti-refugee, pro-military and pro-law and order agenda. These newspapers are also the home of far-right “commentators” such as Andrew Bolt and Rita Panahi. The Seven Network promotes the same agenda via their news and current affairs programming. We haven’t forgotten the despicable “Inside Reclaim Australia” special aired on 7’s Sunday Night program back in 2015 – a supposed “investigation” that gave far-right activists a platform to present themselves as “concerned parents” and “ordinary Australians” and increase their social media following. Nor have we forgotten the disgusting racist comments by panelists on 7’s breakfast show Sunrise in 2018 during a “hot topics” segment about the Stolen Generations or the fact that Sunrise gave regular airtime to far-right Senator Pauline Hanson, including paid appearances during the lead up to the 2016 Federal Election.

The Cairns Post and 7 News are just two local examples of everything that is wrong with the media landscape in so-called Australia – a landscape dominated by a handful of corporations and interconnected family interests resulting in one of the highest media ownership concentrations in the world. These media monopolies have led to a significant percentage of the population being completely brainwashed into acting against their own interests and adopting what are essentially the authoritarian worldviews of corrupt billionaires and their cronies as if they were their own.

As antifascists we believe that the struggle against resurgent fascism in this part of the world needs to move beyond obsessively focusing on the activities of fringe far-right “social media personalities” and start actively targeting the structures and institutions embedded within society that provide fertile ground for the normalisation of fascist mentalities. As anarchists we believe that action speaks louder than words. We hope that our action serves as a small contribution towards this goal.

Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement both here and around the world.

– some enemies of the settler state

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My heart is with you all, and I don't want to be a voice condemning those doing what makes sense to them, but what is the point of writing communiques about things like this? I know prolific graffiti writings, but they don't try to frame it as an attack against the structures of power or whatever, they do it because it's fun for them. I once also believed that these sorts of actions were "small contributions" toward something greater, but years of this sort of activity wears you down and you have a harder time convincing yourself that your petty vandalism is part of some great movement against the Bad Things. If this sort of stuff makes sense to you, by all means do it, but maybe tone down the rhetoric a bit?

"what is the point of writing communiques about things like this?"

Like.. how the hell would you learn it happened, on the other side of the planet, if not by communique? Do you trust mainstream media to cover stuff like this? And even if so, does it mean we're supposed to be searching through mainstream media of every single country for any anarchist action that happened?

You kinda got drunk, yeaaa. Get less drunk, do more think.

But why do I need to know about someone doing a small amount of graffiti on the other side of the world? Kids in my neighborhood do this every night. Graffiti is cool, but why pretend it's an action against society worthy of a communique?

Because a communique is a form of com-mu-ni-ca-tion, foo'

If you're not interested about actions being done elsewhere than your hood/cubicle, that's YOU. And I don't know what are your "needs"... But if you don't need to, you just don't have to read them, you know? And you don't even have to read from this site as a whole.

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