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Enjoy three new episodes of Immediatism podcast, featuring the writings of Renzo Novatore. These singularly beautiful insurrectionary writings, poetic prose exemplifying individualist thought, should occupy a place on the shelves of those who value insurrectionary and even egoist writing. Toward the Creative Nothing is about an hour long and the favorite piece of the three. I Am Also a Nihilist will give you a quick taste. My Iconoclastic Individualism claims that "All societies tremble when the scornful aristocracy of Vagabonds, Unique ones, Unapproachable ones, rulers over the ideal, and Conquerors of Nothing advance without inhibitions."

"So, come on, Iconoclasts, forward!"

Immediatism 103 Toward the Creative Nothing

Immediatism 104 I Am Also a Nihilist

Immediatism 105 My Iconoclastic Individualism

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Novatore: The Collected Writings of Renzo Novatore, from

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The pretensions of anarchism in its individualist forms have always been laughable.

Debord, 'Society of the Spectacle'

name a more pretentious prick than Debord. never worked, but made self-aggrandizing imputationism his trade. made it a point to insult more harshly those closer to him and his ideas. hardly a point of contrast.

You post that quote like it actually means anything. His following sentences critiquing anarchism might be worth responding to, but that sentence alone is as easily dismissed as his dismissal of individualist anarchism.

Nasty anti-intellectuaĺ neo-Marxist and arrogant Debord covering his books with sandpaper. His books should be blow-torched!

were really at best just poor men's individualist anarchists. They existed in an epoch and century dominated by Marxism and in that context they deserve credit for at least helping that hellish century be more libertarian then it was considering the inner wars collapse of anarchism. Ultra Left libertarian marxist communism was the best of a bad lot with the other options being some shade of post-colonial 3rd worldist ideology or orthodox vanguard marxism. I'll take the former for all its flaws when anarchism is in a comatose and post-comatose state of quality.

Yes nice description as "poor man's individualist anarchist". I confess that, ironically *blushes* his "Society of the Spectacle" gave me my first glimpse at solitary rebellion in the face of the capitalist hegemony, after an initial exploration of Che's book about Cuba *uurgh*. Out of a repulsive worm a butterfly may emerge, but rarely.
In a way the common herd must seek more and similarly Trump is hanging that carrot before them as an alternative to the meek neo-Marxist liberal option of a globalized US and the loss of Muhrican identity.

Take away the word anarchism in individualist anarchism, and you've got the prevalent values of the United States -- and you've got nothing more than that.

As Kropotkin said -- someone up there with Debord as a source of many still useful insights -- anarchy means no rulers -- it doesn't mean no rules.

Individualist anarchism is closer to what's found in Clint Eastwood movies and long bad novels by the Nietzsche of mediocre people Ayn Rand -- so go figure as to why terminally disengaged U.S. A people find it so appealing..

There is nothing remotely similar about the integrated(not atomistic) individualism of anarchism/anarchy and the market fundamentalist game theory forms found in the US you communist collectivist retard.

Even the deepest of the individualists never went to war against rules you strawmanning dumbshit. Rules are basically inevitable to any kind of meaning based communication much like boundaries will be inevitable in regards to individual to individual interactions. There are an inevitable part of how games are played. The issue is when they take on high reified abstraction. This usually corresponds with rulers and this is why the value of rules can be negated. It does not mean that there are not guidelined rules in a world of anarchy.

Eastwood movies are based on zero some predatorial games, not something anarchists and anarchs are interested in. Now go back to cock sucking to the communism that will never exist.

its far too late in the game, as the terms individualist and egoist stuck long ago,,, but,, wouldnt dividualist be a more apt descriptor over individualist (a non-divisible atomistic monad)? wouldnt Stirner and their followers advocate for something more along the lines of infinite divisiblity? these terms certainly are persistent spooks haunting Stirner and co. for generations now...

Yes, you get with our program or else, you Clint Eastwood anarcho-indivualist, GOT DAAAT?

A US-of-A type response, if ever there was one. How's tricks down at the America Legion, pardner?

are you accusing u.s. anarchists of being anti-intellectual? activist? do you not care if no one knos whatyou're talking about because you're just trying to sound smart to yourself?

what is going on!?!

What is going on, indeed! My, but aren't there some powerful arguments for the validity of individualist anarchism on display here!

have you tried listening to the reading instead of just skimming the comments, anon?

Nahhhhh -- no time for stuff as substantive as the arresting titles above. Gotta keep abreast of question of similar import -- like, whether the extraterrestrials-who-walk-among-us are the nice green ones of the mean gray ones!

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