The Brilliant episode 74

  • Posted on: 14 July 2018
  • By: thecollective

The second interview is the heretic series is long time anarchist heretic Rotn. Rotn and I met just before the “battle in Seattle” that really boosted his notoriety (he appeared in 60 minutes in the following weeks) and is a great start to a two decade long friendship. During about a decade of that friendship we were publishing rivals. Me with Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed and he with Green Anarchy.

This conversation should have happened some time ago as our chemistry and spiritedness is apparent. If you want to ask us questions for a deeper discussion on topics, leave a comment here or email us!

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ok so this is on me for being a dummy and not paying attention, but i missed a whole boatload of episodes because the rss feed is down. just a heads up.

Oh I was looking at the "entries" feed. Thanks.

Considering coming out of the woods and re-engaging with a bit of writing after hearing this episode. Not sure what the distinct prompt was, but it's here now.

Is there a boycott of Anarchy Radio or what?
ICYMI this week's radio show:

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you're just really dumb and can't figure out how to read. Anarchy radio is posted every week, for example here is the one from THIS PAST TUESDAY -

Really nice to hear you laugh. This is your best series thus far. It just has a more relaxed feel to it. I could have listened to more of this. I imagine JZ may have a word or two about it on his show. I'm still unclear though as to what is spiritual anarchy? Surely, it isn't Dr Dolittle talking to the animals, is it?

I didn't think I'd hear an episode of The Brilliant with a joke and a callback.

It was a very telling comment by Rotn when describing the prospect of fighting a wild fire burning near his hobby farm when he said that he would have been hoping for fires 20 years earlier. This was an admission of smug contradiction and fickle depth of commitment to the environmental cause. This seems to be the usual status of most activists. Also, just get over the social media revolution most people don't like sitting around in cabins looking at sunsets forever and growing vegetables in chicken manure, or having shallow face to face relationships with hick farmers!

So true! I'd rather be watching a screen 24/7 than the eyes of a beautiful women, or the trees dancing to the wind, or listening to the last birds at dusk, or...

Sociopath gonna call a realist a liberal!

there are so many people like him, almost no one knows about the Land I'm interested in. Would you even WANT the likes of him around YOUR sanctuary in the "wild"?

You appear to have NO knowledge of how the Original People ("wild Indians") tended ecosystems like the one Rotn lives in.

Oh, I'd guess they exploit the ecosystem like all homo sapiens have done since climbing out of the trees and picking up a rock or they'd be extinct. Being in denial of human folly is in itself a self-preservative reflex, don't be hard on your own instincts dude, its sometimes liberating to just admit your own complicity in the capitalist totality ;)u

You really DON'T know anything about how normal humans ("savages") live in any ecosystem they inhabit. They tend it to maximum health, which benefits both the humans and all other life forms. I know how this was done in the ecosystems I've been intimate with since age 5. There is one MAJOR exception. There is evidence that near the end of the upper Paleolithic (around 15,000 years ago), Homo sapiens in Europe were doing mass killing of prey species with cliff drives. This stupidly extincted these prey species, and resulted in a mass die-off of the humans - a sign of worse things to come. Also, Homo sapiens showed up MUCH later (around 150,000 years ago) than Aridipethecus ramidus (and even earlier species) came out of the trees on a regular basis 4-5 million years ago.

Let's keep it simple dude, ever since mankind and his wives roamed the Earth, the main priority was getting a fire going and having a BBQ then some sex. Don't try to change the fact that that's the formost survival instinct all creatures possess, stupid, wasteful, desperate random fate and the lucky one makes it through the obstackle course, don't hesitate before you throw the spear or you are going to starve to death, take the shot and drive all of the herd off the cliff and have a feast we wont know when the next big opportunity like this comes along before winter, we can freeze all the herd in the glacier etc.

"Let's keep it simple"

This has to be the most quintessentially American statement of all time. Not wanting to think too hard is as American as apple pie.

Apple pie is hard, throwing meat on a fire is easy. 21st Century update should be "As American as BBQ and beer" Covers obesity, heart and liver disease ;)

WTF, so the critique that primitivism is a death sentence for 50% of the population is a naive and simplistic 101 deduction!? JZ, get used to a future with 10 billion connected urban dwellers with a quality of life superior to a village dweller of the non-industrial Middle Ages.

Are you a paid troll for the capitalists, or just extremely young and stupid? If the latter, you will exist long enough to experience what happens when nature no longer indulges this vast blood-sucking mess. A clue: The U.N. Agriculture estimates the world's presently farmed topsoil has an average of 60 years left in it at present rates of degradation/destruction. This is just one of many, many late capitalist "developments", which in synergistic convergence will be a protracted, ugly death sentence for 98% of the population.

Im a young optimist and read that the mulched waste products of humanity are a self-contained self perpetuating byproduct capable of growing food sustainably ;)

"mulched waste products of humanity"
even more night soil!

one of the most enjoyable episodes yet, for sure. thanks, both. i hope Rotn continues to expand on and make available his ideas (nihilistic, inward hope)… before the owls get him.

Has anybody got this to put online?

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