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There are 14 Comments

going to be blank for four years like anarchists during Obama and now Biden

Obama's presidency, aka the Great Recession, saw a lot of anarchist activity in the US. That was the height of insurrectionary anarchy's influence in the US (or at least the smashy smashy communique version), Occupy, Ferguson, Standing Rock, etc.

Regardless of the struggles that broke out at that time, I think anarchy was much richer during Obama's presidency. The lines between anarchists and liberals/leftists was clearer.

Bullshit, It sounds like good anarchist propaganda but save that for IGD or CrimethInc

I am 100% *smashy smashy* in fact I say more of it enough with the liberal protest and chants, smash, loot, and leave. but saying the 8 years of Obama saw a lot of anarchist activity is propaganda at best

in my view the obama years saw much more (interesting!) anarchist activity than the trump years for sure. during trump most anarchists just let their activity become indistinguishable from militant leftism.

(i'm not the above anon)

"Peak anarchy" of the recent years was around 2008-2012. Some interesting uprisings happened in 2016 and 2020, but let's face it.. they were all about externalities (i.e. politics of resentment) and they allowed the false counterpowers to gain influence. Riots are not anarchy, in themselves. Riots are just riots. They're an outburst, a response. I feel them as stressful events in stressful times. A "social relaxing" is the shorter version of my definition of what anarchy is, in the current world.

One thing you don't want as anarcho: being amalgamated with the liberal Leftists or the more authoritarian Leftists. Which is what happened during the Bush years and the reason why most anarchism during this period SUCKED ASS.

This is why Democrats back in charge is relatively "good" news. Also perhaps it'll be good news for those ***refugee families under ICE custody***, in case you forgot that little detail, just as their children are still being fucking abused by detention goons.

If you want less Antifa big tents, then have less actual neofascist groups doing their strategy of tension, or at least let the to the care of the FBI, while anarchos can concentrate on better things do to.

"This is why Democrats back in charge is relatively "good" news. Also perhaps it'll be good news for those ***refugee families under ICE custody***, in case you forgot that little detail, just as their children are still being fucking abused by detention goons. "

Fuck off

In case you forgot the little detail that Obama with Biden Built the Cages, Militarized ICE and expanded it, and has the most deportations in history, including more in his first four years then trump did

Obama did it all before Trump

Ok so I guess I could retract that part of my comment yet it nowhere invalidates the rest. The best years for anarchism were under "liberal" admins, not due to how these admins are supportive to autonomy and freedom, but for how it gets way easier to draw the line at the right places.

Bets years for what though? proving that the majority of U.S anarchists are just liberals? having a book fair? conferences?

when you say best years, what do you mean?

This arguments is dumb. Both parties have pushed border militarization . If you actually work directly on these issues you know it's gone from bad to worse under Trump, it remains to be seen how far the democrats will walk back new practices of incarceration of minors or denying 99% of asylum claims or illegally repatriating people and not letting them seek safe harbor. But ICE definitely embraced a new wider mandate under Trump and armed paramilitary have been emboldened and increased. If you do anti border work you're relieved trump is out and you know you will continue the work. That's it. Quit acting like anarchists being reasonably relieved is a problem, we're not encased by electoral politics but it does materially affect the landscape we work in... stop arguing online and go join a solidarity group, do something if you don't yet.

in his first four years Obama deported mroe people then trump did in fouor, and he continued it. there is that quote of Bien saying he supported a fence because Mexicans drive across drugs, it sounds exactly like a Trump quote, both biden and Harris said they don't support abolishing ICE they just wantt to reform it with oversight. so no, fuck them and fuck democrats

so, maybe it sounds good to say we should be releaved with Democrats but the reality is no, even Sanders didn't support open borders

as far as anarchists Biden said all anarchists should be jailed

There are directive memorandum regarding asylum rulings that might change back and ICE feeling less like they can do whatever they want is important. Sanctuary cities matter.. Obviously the democrats are shit but their policies could be different and there were differences between the administrations. Barr vs not Barr... these things matter a lot. Generally both parties are neo con fascists about border policy but things like whether you got separated from your kid or await your legal process out and together matter... details matter to directly impacted communities, anarchists are just too busy calling each other reformists to notice most of the time.

It doesn't have to mean anything, it doesn't have to be some political-ideological show or presentation, it just is because it is nothing more

and anon reveals their relatively young age! lol

way to make me feel old ...

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