A pixelated garden featuring green grass, teal flowers and bushes scattered about, and a pink pixel humanoid shape.

David Graeber/Alejandro de Acosta essays - IN VIDEOGAME FORM!

Some friends pulled from 3 different essays written by 2 anarchist authors about games, play, and freedom. Play it here!

featuring original music by someone who remains nameless~


[1] The Utopia of Rules, David Graeber 2015

[2] A Funny Thought on a New Way to Play, Alejandro de Acosta 2008

[3] What's the Point If We Can't Have Fun?, David Graeber 2014

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ok i decided to actually play it and it's mostly text, i'm not opposed to 'gamifiying' the essay but this is a shoddy attempt at it, it's basically just the essays squished into text boxes on a faux-8 bit screen which makes it inifinitely harder to read. the music is pretty good tho, the graphics aren't 'bad' and the game mechanics are ok but it could definitely be done better.

imo the text should be cut down and the gameplay worked on, of which there is practically none


Just lemme know when there's a downloadable version so I don't have to worry about yet another Javasnitch "dark alley" being put under spooky totalitarian hostile agendas like that "Exquisite Venom" thing.


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