Anews Podcast 193 – 12.18.20

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast is on anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

Sound editing by Greg.

What’s New written and read by Chisel and Greg

This week there’s a new segment called “U Mad, Bro” (listeners can guess why, ok, it’s because chisel has a weird-ass sense of humor). Two guests this week.

Thanks to Ariel and Dominique for their conversation on the topic of the week: conflict–fight me!

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I wish I could have been in the room for the conversation about "Constructing Anarchisms," but it was fun to listen. For the historical side of the "built on a provocation" issue, you might look at "Proudhon's Barbaric Yawp," which talks about the circumstances of that "first" anarchist appropriation of the language of anarchy. In terms of "the brand serving us well," there's some of that dry humor involved, I suppose, since part of what I meant is that one of the reasons we keep talking about anarchy is because the notion is at once exciting and illusive. I'm always torn between wishing that the early anarchists had been clearer about what they intended and recognizing that it is precisely all the places where they were indeed quite clear that even anarchists have pretty complete ignored in favor of "property is theft" and "you are my food."


agreed, it's a great word. it's just that the context points to a spelling error

And a spelling error is indeed what it was—with the brain avoiding allusive, but somehow not quite getting to elusive. In retrospect, however, we probably shouldn't downplay the role of allusion and illusion in making the language of anarchy the lasting sort of provocation it has been. (How's that for scrambling...?)

The brain is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it is wonderfully wayward...

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