Anews Podcast 209 – 4.23.21

From The Anews Podcast!

Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast is on anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

Sound editing by Greg.

Script by Enrico Arrigoni, read by chisel and Greg. Mixing it up!

Thanks to Octox and SUDS for doing the totw conversation: self–sabotage

1. DMX – Where My Dogs At?
2. Desmond Dekker and the Aces – Sabotage

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Fun to hear "The Dog and His Master" read aloud. Is someone digitizing "Lunacy of the Superman"?

brilliant reading. so fun. more! more!

q: "what do you want from anarchism?" --suds
a: anarchy.

SUDS stop trying to make "sheeple" happen. It's not going to happen.
Leave this term with the infowars chuds. Hmmmm SUDS,,, CHUDS ???

Ok so now using words like "sheeple" makes someone a CHUD. Regardless of the fact CHUDs are sheeple themselves. Or also is owning guns in the US another "proof" of being Far Right Infowars clown?

Sheeple only means a docile, conformist crowd of people, and this could stand as synonym for "normies".

I connect with Octox's ending (farewell?) statement here, even though I wouldn't describe the imaginary delocalized internet "communities" as self-defeating... but rather alienating. Not a huge distinction. The IRC does create a false impression of social bond or even milieu, that is deceitful even if done with the best intents.

I find the idea of getting "intimate" with people you'll likely never meet IRL to be rather problematic. So at best that's why I mostly use the IRC for the lols and occasional exchanges of infos and ideas. I read a few fascinating stories from a few people over there, and stories based on life experience (or why not fiction) are maybe the most appealing thing to share through a chat. Along with DIY tricks...

the pandemic was much of "leveling of the playing field". Ultra rich people like Jeff Bezos turned a massive profit...this has only been a "leveling of the playing field" in the sense that people more comfortable and middle class have lost their easy comforts. It's kinda funny that there are people out there (i'm not talking about the radio show guests necessarily) who see this as a net gain for a fight against oppression...

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