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Technology has always been a strong ally of domination. Today, however, one could say that it is one of its most important weapons. So technology has flooded every corner of our daily lives. “Smart phones”, “Smart watches”, “Smart homes”, even “Smart cities”. Everything ready and arranged for our convenience. Behind this apparent convenience we have been given, there is huge business. A massive collection of information on each individual. Mobile phone companies clearly have their place of honour in this situation. Always available to hand over conversations, messages and any other information they have, they have proved their good cooperation with the institutions of power many times.

One of these times was the dystopian period 2020-2021. At the first warning of “mass imprisonment”, these companies hurried to comfort the people with packages of offers to gild the pill of each person, who had to stay home at all costs. Still, they have been and are one of the most basic means of social control, as movement is allowed mainly by sms, while at any time the civil protection have the ability to send out messages, with ridiculous sirens blaring.

Beyond this social context and the pandemic situation, we are well aware that these companies provide the “desired” information to the cops when they want to file new lawsuits and open new rounds of prosecution. Interceptions of telephone conversations, surveillance of people through cell phone spots, have often been elements of indictments of fighters / slaves, cut and sewn to the preferences of state security. In every corner of the globe, this cooperation has helped the current power to locate its enemies, imprison them and try to exterminate them in every way. Our hatred for this rotten world is tearing your borders apart, tearing down your antennas and leaving only smoke, sending our solidarity signals. So, on Sunday, April 25, we set fire to a COSMOTE car (TELEFONE COMUNICATIONS COMPANY), on 25th of March Street in Triandria.

We dedicate the action to the comrades Monica, Marcelo, Joaquin, Juan, Pablo, Jose, Tomas, Gonzalo who started a hunger strike on March 22 in the infernal prisons of Chile with demands:

The repeal of Article 9 and the restoration of Article 1 of Decree 321, which regulates “conditional release (conditional release of a prisoner)”, turning the right into a privilege

The release of comrade Marcelo, who has been imprisoned for more than 25 years, for actions against the state and capital

The end of the pre-trial detention of the accused for actions in the context of the uprising that lasts until the conviction.

The rejection of the convictions for Marcelo and Juan, which were based on torture, without having the right to defend themselves.

We see the enemy worldwide constantly upgrading its means, for targeting individuals and for repression. So let us not turn our backs on thinking that it is far from our own reality. So let’s organize, arm our thoughts and desires, so that we become this dangerous flame that will be feared will burn at some point by those trying in every way to extinguish it.


Arsonist Troublemakers groups
Translated by Act for freedom now

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You love to see it!

This is really great. Recently this action got posted and it was massive. Deportation infrastructure - a building and lots of buses- got destroyed in a fired. It wasn't claimed by anarchists, but it sure warmed anarchists' hearts around the world! The communiqué also includes helpful d.i.y. instructions, fun activities for the whole family and children of all ages!

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