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Who let the dogs out?

from Athens Indymedia


On July 15, while mountain climbing in Mavrorachi vilage of Pilion we discovered two dogs chained to two trees. As soon as they saw us they started to bark as if they were calling us to come to them. Seeing their strong need and desire for liberation, we decided to intervene and lead them to freedom. As we said, the two creatures were tied with chains about one metre long to two trees, which greatly restricted their movements.

In the suffocating context in which they were forced to live, their food was down on the ground next to their feces. The only thing certain is that their owner is not interested in their hygiene or living conditions.

We live in a world where abuse affects not only non-human animals but also human beings, such as women, children, migrants, transgender people, and many others. In a world where the financially and physically strong try to dominate what they consider weak and vulnerable. In an indifferent society where power is pervasive, it goes without saying that we are angry and outraged and are not going to sit idly by.

For us the total release of human and non-human animals is a key part of our action, so we hope such actions will be an inspiration and a springboard for other comrades, as we have been inspired all these years by the thousands of animal releases.


ALF – Anarchist Counterinsurgency Case of Immediate Action

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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I'm surprised there were apparently no actions like these before, or at least not reported. In the Greek backcountry it's a relatively widespread practice for land owners to lock in guard dogs to a post and let them live an untold misery under the heavy sun and no contact with other life. If any of you go to Greece and will be travelling through the country, I strongly urge you to bring boldcutters and some meat in order to lure and feed the dogs while you cut their chains. These dogs are super violent yet the moment they are release and got something good to eat under the nose they won't care about you. I regret not having had the means to liberate them when I biked through the country... The urban anarchos tended to be careless about the issue, but perhaps less nowadays.

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