Anarchist Think Tank Locked Out of PayPal

from Center for a Stateless Society

by Alex McHugh


September, 24, 2021

Contact: Alex McHugh

(240) 510-7831,

Auburn, AL – The Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS), a left-wing market anarchist think tank and media center, has had its 16-year-old PayPal accounts permanently disabled. 

It is unclear at this time why PayPal has disabled these accounts. C4SS financial coordinator, James Tuttle, is working with the rest of the coordinator team to try and right this situation as quickly as possible, but we have yet to hear back from PayPal.

This is an absolutely devastating loss of service for us, made worse by the complete lack of transparency and communication around why our account has been frozen and what can be done to rectify the situation. We are currently discussing alternative payment platforms to use in the future. 

Not only does this mean we will be unable to pay writers and translators on time for September contributions, we’re not sure when or if we’ll be able to access our funding on PayPal at all. Our store and publishing operation also operate on these funds and so we’re unable to fulfill orders or refill stock for the C4SS Counter Economic Store until this is figured out.  

As a point of clarity and transparency: C4SS operates as a 501(c)3 nonprofit media organization under the name of its parent organization, The Molinari Institute and previously used this PayPal account for almost all transactions. We are fully compliant with regard to tax documentation and 501(c)3 status.

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lol, using Paypal in 2021 for anything serious is just fucking dumb. The company's got terrible rating and reviews at the BBB, and they're well-known State collaborators. You might as well ask the cops to handle your funding.

Fuck you, pay me.

Did the “anarchist” corporation really think the capitalist corporation would be nice to them if given the chance not to be?

LOL market “anarchism”

member when everyone dunked on IGD for wailing about how patreon fucked them over? i member!

oh my bakunin this is fucking hilarious and too delicious. the implicitly pro-status quo faux anarchists at the C4SS "think [sic] tank" are somehow surprised that "the market" is actually a political tool of the capitalist class so there's actually no such thing as a free market. yeah, so they got all their bureaucratic papers in order as a non-profit, but they still got blocked from PayPal. boo fucking hoo, losers. who you gonna complain to? the state, of course...
when actual anarchists get pooched like this, we throw up our hands and say "well, it was good while it lasted" cause we know that *nothing* we do can ever be guaranteed under capitalism. we regroup, try to recoup our losses, and move on to another interstitial scam and work to overcome the next bureaucratic hurdle. more importantly, we don't whine in public about how dumb we were to put all our eggs in one basket.

"not sure when or if we’ll be able to access our funding on PayPal at all"

This sounds like they just leave funds sitting in PayPal, instead of regularly moving it to a proper bank account, which seems foolish.

fuck william gillis, fuck c4ss, and fuck paypal.

anarchists have been boycotting (with that mischief brew) paypal since before 2011 Lulz Sec #oppaypal.

since before 2011. and anarchists still have not defeated paypal (keep using it). big sad.

we live within capitalism but paypal, eww.

Sadly, the Anarchist Black Cross of the US are still stuck with Paypal, even tho they're also using Venmo and CashApp... that are US-exclusive transfer services. So this leaves international anarchists with... Paypal or money orders as the only means of sending solidarity funds.

Bravo FBI & DHS.

Laissez faire capitalism wouldn't have discriminated against them, if only Bakunin had relaxed his anti-capitalist rhetoric and focused on monarchies instead, and allowed for the gradual transition into a currency-free economic free market, Then they could have been recompensed, or even sued PayPal for the return of sheep, cows, tobacco, pizzas, beer, or whatever commodity is the bartering item at the time.

This is very disappointing, PayPal and market "anarchists" have a lot in common. How can a market revolution be done without pay, pal?

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