Anarchist Views on Communism, on Immediatism podcast

By specific request, Immediatism has four readings of texts giving anarchist views of communism. The first two episodes (624 and 625) express pro-communist views and the second two (628 and 629) are anti-communist. Of these four, the one receiving the most attention is episode 625 "The Relevance of Stirner to Anarcho-Communists," by Matty Thomas. The other authors are Dr. Bones (pro-), Apio Ludd (anti-), and Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (anti-).

"The good news: Communism is already here. Capitalism is simply market communism. ...[T]he bad news...I am your enemy...for the same reason I am an enemy of capitalism. And don't be fooled if I appear impotent to you. In my world I am the most important and impishly potent entity, and I am an implacable enemy of capitalism and communism." ~Apio Ludd, Why I Am Not a Communist

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624 Egoist Communism: What It Is & Isn't, by Dr. Bones

625 Relevance of Stirner to Anarcho-Communists, by Matty Thomas

628 Why I am Not a Communist, by Apio Ludd

629 Communization: Senile Decay of Anarchy, by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

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He is a brilliant and much misunderstood psychedelic pirate who has somehow mutated a nihilo-communist vision with the individualist egoist lifestyle.

"Why I Am Not a Communist" is serious evidence that Wolfi is senile. Moralistic garbage.

"Why I Am Not a Communist" is serious evidence that Wolfi is profoundly wise. Anti-moralistic treasure.

is he tho? i mean, the old hermit who sneers at everyone's foolishness is certainly a comfy little ego trip for a recluse.

he gives the game away at the end "don't be fooled if I appear impotent to you!!!", there's a desperation to these delusions of grandeur. one of the more ridiculous trolls around here always rocks this shit too and for their sake, lets hope they're just joking.

BUT IN MY OWN MIND, I'M A HUGE DEAL! ... how embarrassing for you to admit that in writing!

Follow the thread, lumpy. It was clearly just mocking the flimsy assertion above it with a counter assertion of equally insubstantial boasting.

Sez the Leftie authoritarian who totally believes EVERYONE should accept communism as their Lord and Savior...

Not egomaniacal!

Only individualists and anarcho-nihilists are egoist maniacs. We in the Church of Latter Day Soviets know how to cover the entirety of our uncivilized flaming egos with a thick layer of marshmallow communitarian narratives!

As far as I'm concerned that essay should be a 101 go-to read of why anarchy and egoism is not communism. I would only add and adjust and say the pole against communism isn't capitalism but propertarianism which is also obviously not on. Anarchism, beginning with Proudhon and Stirner, was essentially a rejection of both. Proudhon found a middle position, Stirner did something else entirely, outside of the thought realm of societal form and existent permanence.

Anarchy is simply neither communist or propertarian.

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