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URGENT! On the recent illness detected in the anarchist comrade Francisco Solar and his delicate health situation

In the first months of 2021, Francisco together with other anarchist and subversive prisoners carried out a hunger strike that lasted more than 50 days against the modification of Decree Law 321 and for the immediate release of Marcelo Villarroel.

In 2010 Francisco had already put his body as a barricade of combat in another strike of more than 60 days in the framework of the Bombs Case.

It is during the last mobilization that several blood tests were taken from Francisco by the prison administration, including a suspicious situation, where Francisco was urgently admitted to the prison hospital due to the bad result in the blood tests, but a few minutes later the jailers recanted and alluded to a mistake, returning him to prison.

After a slow recovery, continuous cramps, excessive thirst, weight loss, Francisco requested medical examinations after being transferred to the prison of Rancagua. It was not until September 22nd that these examinations were carried out and he was hospitalized urgently. The diagnosis: advanced diabetes with 700 mg/dl of glucose, that is, on the verge of a diabetic coma.

After achieving a minimum stabilization, he was returned to Module 2, where, despite the two doses of insulin administered daily by the doctors-prisoners in a restrictive manner, he still did not achieve normal glucose parameters.

A few days later, the prisoner began to suffer a significant loss of vision that continues to this day, without receiving any attention, preventing him from reading or other daily tasks. The Rancagua Prison, being managed by a private company, includes terrible food and a systematic prohibition on the entry of parcels, so that the prisoners are forced to buy a series of sweets and food that the concessionary company, like a monopoly, sells. This reality, in practice, is nothing more than the aggravation of the illness and worsening of Francisco’s health.

For the life and health of our comrade, it is urgent that the gendarmerie does not place restrictions for his admission, which is already being negotiated with a private doctor, the end of the prohibitions and limitations in the entrustment, the facilities for an adequate treatment that allows him a minimum autonomy inside the prison.

We know that prison seeks to annihilate and diminish the individual, so overcoming the obstacles and impediments placed by the prison bureaucracy can only be done with mobilization, solidarity and mutual support. We hold the Gendarmerie responsible for any worsening of the comrade’s health condition.

Agitate and solidarity for the health of comrade Francisco!
Subversive and anarchist prisoners to the streets!

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Francisco's captors all have names and addresses.
¡Agitar y solidaridad por la salud del compañero Francisco!

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