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"I am against Identity Politics, but there is quite a bit of anti-IdPol that sounds like "I don't see colour" liberalism and tons of Native erasure in the american anarchists milieu."

I don't see as much Native erasure, nor the "I don't see colour" as much as I see nationalism justified by victimhood. I see a reinforcement of identity through identity-boundary policing and a lot of demanded (identity-based) ass-kissing. The fact that there are people on this thread goin' on about "white boi" this and that is revealing that despite never having *seen* anyone on this threat, anyone who disagrees with liberalism is labeled "white supremacist" or "colonial". A big part of what makes identity politics so laughable is judgement based on socially assigned constructs, and people who pretend to represent all people of whatever identity.

It is pretty simple: if you treat others like shit, expect to receive that back. If you want to engage in genuine communication with someone, identity politics is detrimental because it erases the complexity of individuality. Get to know people for who they are- not by the constructs authoritarians assign them.

Isn't it interesting? Anarchy is all about liberation yet, some people (IdPol) intentionally reinforce the prisons of identity whenever they refuse to see people as anything other than merely "white" or "brown" or "black" etc.