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TOTW: Solidarity

I’ve been monitoring the news lately, and it is bad. An anarchist and anti-fascist comrade was run down, presumably by fascists, Across the world, Turkish military is invading and decimating the YPG/YPJ held areas of Kurdistan, in Athens, the anarchist neighborhood of Exarchia is under assault by the state. All of these things seem both overwhelming and like things that call for actions in solidarity, and yet, I find myself unsure what would be effective.

Solidarity (at least in North America), in these sorts of reactive moments often is shown by banner drops, a broken window (or several), or flyers and graffiti, all of which make a blip in the anarchist news cycle, sometimes making it to the MSM for a minute, but often does little to affect the situation it attempts to show solidarity with. In other parts of the world, solidarity sometimes looks like something else.

What have been examples of solidarity that have resonated with you? What are ways we can push the concept of solidarity beyond the spectacular, or is the spectacular the best we can hope for from acts of solidarity?