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Lecce, Italy : Poster in solidarity with the anarchists in Turin

From Act for Freedom!

Received by email and translated by act for freedom now!

Poster reads:


7th February 2019: six anarchists have been arrested in Turin charged with subversive association, for carrying out a struggle against CIEs (now CPRs), prisons for foreigners without papers.

What is striking is not the charge, endlessly used against anarchists, but the aim of the struggle.

On the one hand it demonstrates that for the last twenty years concentration camps for migrants have been important for the State and rulers of all sorts not only as an instrument to deport the desperate ones who get entrapped in them back to their countries of origin, but also as a weapon to blackmail the totality of the immigrant mass in Italy; a warning to those who – for the moment – have regular documents, but could lose them at any time, and a form of blackmail to all those who on the contrary are forced to hide because they are hunted. A form of blackmail of a mainly economic nature, which serves to turn a mass of people into slaves prepared to work under any conditions whatsoever in order to survive, a form of blackmail that also affects legal migrants and poor Italians, as they are also forced to accept miserable working conditions so as not to be excluded from the slavery of waged labour, in a perverse mechanism that nourishes hatred and racism towards those who are in the same condition, rather than towards those who generate the latter.

On the other hand, the arrests in Turin also demonstrate that at a time when State racism is the mirror of a social discontent and rancour that feed each other, there are still generous individuals who choose to put their own freedom at stake and fight for the freedom of all those struggling against the disgusting aspect of our time that aims to normalise the imprisonment of the destitute foreigner trying to enter Europe and the everyday massacres happening one after the other in the Mediterranean, and not only. A disgusting feature that wants to normalise the elimination of borders to move merchandise around while making the lines more marked when it’s people who want to cross them, certain people, and in so doing is staining the border with their blood.

It’s strange that this blood doesn’t scandalize the good citizens dazed in front of screens in the same way that they are scandalized by smashed windows and burning skips… Still too little, really, in the face of what’s happening.

Twenty years of revolts, escapes, damage caused by prisoners and the struggle outside carried out by many people in solidarity have given a lot: they have closed down detention centres for long periods or for good, but we still haven’t managed to annihilate the entire mechanism of the imprisonment and deportation of undocumented migrants. The sky is burning, and six or more arrests won’t stop this struggle.

Onwards this way

Solidarity with the comrades arrested in Turin. Freedom for all

“Disordine” Occupied Anarchist Library