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Primal Anarchy Podcast 22: Primal Anarchy Podcast 2.0

Primal Anarchy Podcast 22: Primal Anarchy Podcast 2.0

From Primal Anarchy

Primal Anarchy Podcast Episode 22
November 26, 2019

Now back to our irregularly scheduled programming… Meet our co-host, Natasha Tucker! For Wildness and Anarchy is finally out! Talking about the book and how Black and Green does second editions. The Kickstarter debacle nearing its end. Looking ahead to 2020 and twenty years of Black and Green. What’s coming up for the podcast, looming interview episodes, expanding the networks and branching out our work, plus books on the horizon. Talking about the reason why we do the work we do, the nature of isolation in civilization, rampant depression and feeling broken. Upcoming books and fundraisers about to launch for the second edition of Origins: A John Zerzan Reader and Natasha’s new book, Rites of Passage. Discussion about Natasha’s work and approaches, plus the book.

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