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The reason to talk (if at all) to the media is thus:

- It is possible to shape coverage of a story. We’ll go over tips on how to make this possible.

As far as you aren't in charge of the editing room, no it's not. Any news outlet serve their own interest/agenda. They got zero reasons to serve *yours*, unless you got buddies/partners working for them, maybe.

"- If you don’t speak to a journalist writing an article, its possible someone else might. Why not give them a good quote?"

Again, the "good quote" won't be your making, but the editors.

"- You can, sometimes, break stories in the mainstream press. This coverage might help your organizing efforts."

Yes, that's where smashing and burning important stuff comes into play.

"- Speaking to the media also can potentially normalize our ideas to the general public. Just think about how many people know that the Alt-Right wants an all-white ethno-state as opposed to what kind of world anarchists want to see – and who made that possible: largely journalists."

Typical liberal delusion coming from someone who still believes in "the public". Do you even know what world you want to see for yourself, beyond some communalist Appeliste pipedream that's just another archipelago of society? And why do you think that some capitalist reporter would get suddenly all dreamy about communicating that to your general public?

Mainstream reporters come from some of the most reactionary departments of academic, i.e. communication studies. Filled with lipstick chicks and sleazy edgelords who'd be the first to call the cops on you for anything. You're lost if you think that's a good idea to engage with them.