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that's strange because Ive found that most anarchists, especially those influenced by Stirner, take an anti-work position. perhaps its the anarcho-leftist/syndicalist/communist variety that you're referring to?
Stirner even critiqued the position of work taken by the communists of their time:
"That the Communist sees in you the man, the brother, is only the Sunday side of Communism. According to the work-day side he does not by any means take you as man simply, but as human labourer or labouring man. The first view has in it the liberal principle; in the second, illiberality is concealed. If you were a 'lazy-bones,' he would not indeed fail to recognize the man in you, but would endeavour to cleanse him as a "lazy man" from laziness and to convert you to the faith that labour is man's 'destiny and calling.'"