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What came after Nietzsche is historical relativist philosophy that accepted that historical facts are both meaningless and given meaning accordingly with the narrative of every historian. In other words, there is no factual history but a narrative based on arrangement of historical facts that tell little just by themselves.

Also pre-20th century philosophers were pretty bad historians. Which includes the Enlightement guys as well as most of the Hegelian school, starting with that terrible Hegel himself, who seen everything as rooted in Ancient Greece. They're the reason why we all been stuck with that absurd "Dark Ages Vs Renaissance" paradigm in school classes, an historical notion that's entirely made of imperialist ideology.

These "historians" never had the Stirnerian intellectual strenght, or honesty, for getting over their classical education that inherently put Greco-Roman culture on a pedestal, while these cultures were essentially a rather bland construct made of a synthesis of foreign cultures (Greek architecture an city planning, for instance, was a poor continuation of Egyptian, Anatolian and Mesopotamian architecture). Historical narratives are tunnel-vision readings of human history serving their own political agenda.

Most contemporary historians are aware of this... even those reproducing the same schemes to get jobs for one or another political interest group. Also a good discipline for unsuccessful yet talented fiction writers to recycle themselves into...