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"the ineffable Real we separate from upon the acquisition of language"

Cognitivist and psychodynamics theory tell a different story. The principle of reality comes before the acquisition of language, while the latter is a process spanning over a few years. It starts as the perception of the Permanent Object then later as the awareness of a self as opposed to the perceived Other. Or maybe you were assuming "language" in a broader sense, then okay, maybe... but this brings us back to the useless game of chicken and egg to prove a philosophical stance.

You're getting somewhere in the latter part of your comment, tho still imposing what you believe as are other people's desires upon those people. My true desire isn't exactly in reaching or even becoming one with this object (which in the Freudian sense means that I seek going back to my mother's womb), but to get over this subject-object binary as the dialectical resolution of this tension.

This can ever be possible by non-desiring, as far as I can tell, which doesn't mean a non-being, but rather a kind of "Being in itself", a naive being, emotionally divested, contemplative, comprehensive yet unwilling to consume. The Epicurian living. This is how people can assert their individual sovereignty over the realm of the physical, or *despite* the latter, without falling "prey" of their own desires.

This naive being can be responsive and responsible; they are just staying away from the trickeries of their own gratification routines.