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I just don’t understand what this essay? Op-Ed? Proclamation?? Thesis jazz????? or any of the commentary that follows it (besides the sardonic humor— fartbongs? Jfc lmao) adds to me being free, here and now. What does this add to anarchy, exactly?

I guess I’m free to not read it, but perhaps I anticipate more from a site called “anarchist news”? I guess I expected it to be more...well, “anarchist” (related to anarchy) It mentions anarchy but it feels more nihilist than anything. And for “news” I just dunno how a bunch of dead philosophers can do anything for anarchy. Like, existing in a state of anarchy, not just waxing hella (cult-y almost!) poetic about it. (Or in this case, nothingness?? I don’t even know tbh)

A whole lot of debate on philosophical/existential stuff in needlessly academic language that really doesn’t, to me—the average piece of shit individual—convey much meaningful information. Granted, most of it I easily follow along with, aside from some of the more esoteric vocabulary—this all is enough for me to understand I don’t desire to pay attention to whatever the author’s alleged theory can offer.

To the author in particular: aside from checking for grammar, structural editing, inserting quotations, and consulting the thesaurus, how much time do you spend revising your work? Or do you make one draft and then publish it? Who is your target audience? You cover quite a few “-isms” while assuming the reader is familiar with them or their terminology. The academic language supplementing the existential stuff demands a lot from most people, as it is. And too much of all of that stuff makes it read clunky and take effort to process info, especially if the reader is unfamiliar with more than one of the concepts addressed. And though it presents itself as a thesis of sorts, it concludes in this weird pseudo-religious artsy commentary which is frankly a disappointing conclusion to a provocative title and a hassle of an essay.

Plus like what the hell is with the weird hyphenating things? Some I get for purposes of breaking down the meaning in the words but wtf is “in-fant” ? That shit reminds me of every single pamphlet on Woo like homeopathy or hydro “colonics” whenever they say “dis-ease” instead of writing disease. Weird.