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TOTW: Same Pandemic, Different Day

Yet in some regions it will likely open up possibilities for the spread of civilisation’s rule. Some lands may remain (relatively) temperate — climatically and socially. As for civilisation, so for anarchy and anarchists — severely challenged, sometimes vanquished; possibilities for liberty and wildness opening up, possibilities for liberty and wildness closing. The unevenness of the present will be made more so. There is no global future." - Desert

Heading into the second week of this oh-so-euphemistic Shelter-In-Place, I want to look beyond the immediate boredom and struggle of confinement. When we finally emerge from this enforced hibernation, what will the world look like? I imagine pretty much the same, but with some temporarily clean-ish air and maybe some more empty-ish streets. I also foresee a lot more of our friends unemployed or at least more precarious.

So, while in this virally-induced cocoon, I’m wondering what ideas Anarchists you have for when we burst back out into the world. What projects, resources, spaces, etc. will be opened up by the new normal of this world, what will close? What will we do with our friends when we lose our jobs? Start income sharing? Set up Anarchist apprenticeship programs? Free Skools? Shoplifting clinics? How do we move on from here with those closest to us?