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Mid-May Discussion: What the Virus Said and Eco-Fascism

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Join us on Sunday, May 17th for another virtual discussion via Jitsi Meet (email/dm us for the room name and password)!
We’ll discuss two readings: the first piece, What the Virus Said, considers the virus as a life form, one that has come to disrupt the day-to-day workings of the capitalist machine:

Thank me for the truth test of the coming weeks ; you’re finally going to inhabit your own life, without the thousand escapes that, good year bad year, hold the untenable together. Without your realizing it, you had never taken up residence in your own existence. You were there among your boxes, and you didn’t know it. Now you will live with your kindreds. You will be at home. You will cease to be in transit towards death. Perhaps you will hate your husband. Maybe your children won’t be able to stand you. Maybe you will feel like blowing up the décor of your everyday life. The truth is that you were no longer in the world, in those metropolises of separation. Your world was no longer livable in any of its guises unless you were constantly fleeing. One had to make do with movement and distractions in the face of the hideousness that had taken hold. And the spectral that reigned between beings. Everything had become so efficient that nothing made any sense any longer. Thank me for all that, and welcome back to earth !

The second piece, Eco-Fascism: The Rhetoric of the Virus by Jay Fraser, discusses the recent obsession with the idea that the natural world is healing as a result of our staying home. The mainstream media (and many of our Facebook friends) would have us believe that dolphins are returning to the canals of Venice. Are humans the real virus? And if so, which ones?
Reading discussion will start at 2:30pm Eastern time – but we’ll gather at 1:30pm to enjoy each other’s virtual company. See you then!