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TheTao (not verified)
christ, some people are dumb:

they'll call you lazy because the previous posters on here weren't smart enough to talk about some of the details concerning BF's posts, instead they just want to say vague crap about how he "retweets conspiracy theories" or "he is a right-winger", or "off guardian bad" tell me why i have a reason to believe anything anyone posts on here.

It was fun giving you science bros a headache, next you'll get triggered about how anyone who critiques anything you say "gets triggered", clearly stripping any pretensions of my manliness away (gasp!), and then you'll also take my words and try to twist them to your purposes!

Now tell me, how does me saying that all of nearly all science is related to corporate and state money mean that i was saying "all science is funded by the state"? But you see, taking anything on here posted by an anon seriously is a mistake anyways, because that means nobody can have a coherent discussion with you, because anon is a generic identifier that supposedly just means you are part of a generic mass of idiots.

None of what you say has any factual or credible weight to it unless you can figure out how to argue with people in a more precise and less cyber-bullying manner. If you actually read the article that bellamy retweeted, they are supposably "debunking the coronavirus narrative", in otherwords, it isn't a conspiracy theorist article, it's disputing whether lockdowns are based on credible science or not, you dumb lazy fucking science bro. Whether or not lockdowns and all the "science approved" measures are justifiable or not is beyond me. As someone who's spent considerable amount of time looking up the science relating to the virus, i only came to the conclusion that i still don't know anything, and the experts are still learning about it, and i also want to consider learning about it, so thank god there are scientific/medical experts way smarter than you out there posting articles online. It is not BF "supporting conspiracy theories" as some anons and big navi have been saying

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