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TheTao (not verified)
yes 3:22 lmfao

and big navi is coming through again pretending to have a better understanding of the article BF retweeted than i do, this is what i said:

"If you actually read the article that bellamy retweeted, they are supposably "debunking the coronavirus narrative", in otherwords, it isn't a conspiracy theorist article, it's disputing whether lockdowns are based on credible science or not, you dumb lazy fucking science bro."

and yes if you read the article, it has more to do with state's reactions to the virus and the lockdown measures, and it doesn't say anything about the virus not existing, it's an opinion piece about the threat being not that bad, which is not something i really agree or disagree with, but that's what they are saying. Recognize that i used direct quotes, when someone speaks i generally do want to know what they mean, and if i make a mistake i recognize it and move on, i don't try to argue my original point if i later find it to be bullshit. That's what decent science is all about.

Big Navi, you've gotta be careful with this stuff if you want to be taken seriously by anyone. The article says nothing about Q anon. Q anon theories are way more whacky and strange than the article that BF retweeted, it's funny to me that you are so desperate to expose BF's lies but then the more you talk, the more bullshit comes out of your mouth. If you want to be a scientist then get the fuck off a news and take some science classes online, they're offering discounts given the current situation. Get an organic chemistry set and a microscope, study bacteria, stop arguing bullshit.

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