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"Liberty = Freedom
Globalism = Globalization"

These are semantics carrying different ideological subtexts. You probably know it, but just wanna play LeFool.

"Liberty" is a classical liberal political concept being massively used by Right-wing libertarians, also their White racist counterparts, for justifying all kinds of colonial, supremacist politics. Liberty is private property, and in the sense of Confederate views, it is the right to also own Black slaves. Liberty is all over the old KKK propaganda.

Liberty is, and is not, "freedom". Just like "freedom" in the US could mean the freedom that is free, but also the freedom that's not free. Words take meaning according to their users, and their historical precendent of use. A Swastika is still a Nazi symbol in the West, because Nazis are still using it. The fact it's something entirely different in Asia is meaningless.

Hence, Freedom to liberals or to conservatives means something different than it does to radical Left or anarchists.

There's only one freedom that is relevant to the views supported on this site here, and it's "total freedom". Which means, yeaaa, things like Black people having the same "liberties" than you in life. Same thing for everyone else. That sux to you? So consider going back to 8kun for good.

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