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TOTW: As The Wheel Turns

History says the revolution attains “permanence,” or at least duration, while the uprising is “temporary.” In this sense an uprising is like a “peak experience” as opposed to the standard of “ordinary” consciousness and experience...But such moments of intensity give shape and meaning to the entirety of a life. The shaman returns - you can’t stay up on the roof forever - but things have changed, shifts and integrations have occurred - a difference is made. - Hakim Bey

With the christening of CHAZ a direct (and for some likely uncomfortable) connection was made between the ideas of Hakim Bey and the current riots/rebellions/uprisings happening across America, a connection that implies impermanence. For those of us spectating the CHAZ and various other rumored autonomous zones sprouting up around the country, it’s hard to tell what is truly happening, how strongly these areas are held and by whom. But out of a plan-for-the-worst-hope-for-the-best instinct let’s assume the CHAZ will fall, where does that leave us?

The anger caused by the state, police and capital will still be there, as will the fear and effects of Coronavirus. But there is also a new media focus on Anarchists, a lot of people seeing the United States as an enemy and a flurry of ideologues attempting to contort recent events into their analysis. How can Anarchists use this situation to our advantage? Should we? Is this the time to step up propaganda projects aimed at non-anarchists? The time to bring in new blood to our scenes? Or perhaps this is another example of over-exposing ourselves, and instead we should be battening down the hatches as a wave of oppression approaches, finding cracks and hollows that allow us to live outside of direct confrontation with the state. Tell me!