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the "defund the police" movement, i'm somewhat interested in figuring out if there's anything that can be done locally for me in this regard, as the police take such an enormous percentage of tax money...but as a skeptical anarcho-nihilist, the question is, can tax money fund anything that's more conducive to the goals of anarchists? The answer is probably no, even though there are some public expenditures that i personally prefer to the cops...not schools (that's really the fucking problems i'm having with engaging in activism again, i know that everyone i know is going to be like "LET'S TAKE THAT MONEY AND PUT IT IN EDUCATION!") but libraries, parks, community resources. The other problem is how readily the liberal minded want to fund "fixing up the town" which just translates into gentrification.

I'd say other than that, we could continuing taking part in riots, steal, loot, vandalize, continue enjoying what we can, yet we should also be weary of getting caught up in any sort of activist/revolutionary hype that can turn us into foot soldiers for causes.

I ain't no general, these are just my is tempting for me to be some sort of anti-cop activist again.

Question: what made CHAZ come into fruition in Seattle?