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No. I've been struggling to decide about what type of tone or attitude should I have with this.
I thought I might want to be encouraging and go easy on them.
I think that's wishful thinking, seeing so many bad things happen, wanting to see something good in the first thing that pops up. The only good thing were the things broken and set on fire. CHAZ is just a quelling down of the rage.
It's more effective than previous forms of peace police, it's a whole fucking peace police town.
How is larping sim city an appropriate response to the killing in the streets and the tortures in prison?
It's like the inverse of complaining about rioting and looting in response of these killings by police.
It's racist to put property destruction in the same equivalence as the killings by cops, it's racist to think some community garden or spare change is some kind compensation for it. That's just pretending like you solved the problem because you get scared to follow through. George Floyd is the name that sparked it for some, but the names keep being added on the list, where's the proportion? I understand people can't riot forever and that they will get tired. But I think CHAZ has to do more to the vacated premises by COVID quarantine and the mutual aid activity around it, than having any relation at all with responding to the killings by police, trying to abolish police, prisons or the state. I know bad things are always happening, so it's not as if you can stop living your life until everything bad "is fixed", but it kind feels like they're playing with sand castles (or chalk in the streets) while some people might still want to burn precincts or do actions to put pressure so they drop charges to some recently arrested. It's like there was a moment with momentum and they put it to a halt. Too eager for a "new" normality while everything is still in place as it was.