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Identity politics = dominant politics on the left. This will not change until it has played out and another current takes dominance. Autonomous zones aren't going to have any purity so it is ridiculous to act like they need to look like a particular form. The point on autonomy is the organic fluidity the base structure takes on. This base structure is the composite created by the intermingling of individuals and groups that compose of the CHAZ. If micro-state features disqualifies it from being a "real" autonomous zone, then no zone has ever reached TAZ status.

But what I'm really saying is AZs aren't formed by the Committee for Critical Autonomy alone, and won't ever be completely broken from the society that hatched it. Instead its conflicts with the dominant order are based on the contradictions that created it. Black Lives Matter and identity politics mix with anarchy, activism and socialistic political parties are the parents of this autonomous zone, so it will look like it, with all its various contradictions.