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"But out of a plan-for-the-worst-hope-for-the-best instinct let’s assume the CHAZ will fall, where does that leave us?"

Right where we were. The way that"wokeness" has spread through academia, social media and mainstream culture in general in a way that mostly that of "discourse" (also know as rhetoric or just talk) has had some cosmetic implications in the ways liberals/democrats do and speak politics. It's nothing new, but it might trick newcomers or those not paying attention. Occupy TM, then Decolonize TM, then Autonomous Zone TM, then whatever it is now. They're renaming streets, and doing the most meager gestures as concessions. BLM and community leaders were peace police then, and so they are now.

"The anger caused by the state, police and capital will still be there, as will the fear and effects of Coronavirus. But there is also a new media focus on Anarchists, a lot of people seeing the United States as an enemy and a flurry of ideologues attempting to contort recent events into their analysis. How can Anarchists use this situation to our advantage?"

Anarchists have been few and harmless enough for a while in US and have for the most part gotten little mainstream attention, now you'll get 15 minutes of fame as the boogieman/scapegoat/strawman and will be persecuted and thrown under the bus by liberals everywhere.

"Should we?"

Do it if you can.

"Is this the time to step up propaganda projects aimed at non-anarchists? The time to bring in new blood to our scenes?"

Any time is a great/terrible time to do that. So yes, sure, go for it.
-There's already an overabundance of people preaching and keyboard warrioring, and spectators of anarchism avidly consuming all the abundance of anarchist content from anarchist websites.
-All the anarchist "scenes" have at this point become so co-opted and so diluted, since always appealing to the lowest common denominator of liberals in order to subsist or get more numbers. So no, don't bring anyone into scenes.

"Or perhaps this is another example of over-exposing ourselves, and instead we should be battening down the hatches as a wave of oppression approaches, finding cracks and hollows that allow us to live outside of direct confrontation with the state. Tell me!"

I'd say abandon the scenes and the Internet. But that won't "do" anything, except it's the thing no one would expect you to do, because no one is doing it. Everyone is ever more online. Go to quiet places you've never gone before and leave your phone at home. Don't log in for months. Disappear until the world forgets you exist. Then pretend you don't know what politics is, nor anarchism, nor social issues, nor language. Act dumb and crazy to everyone. Your motto "The world is yours, you can have it, I don't want it." Let the activists prove you wrong and let them "fix the world" if they're so capable, plentiful and energetic. They can't say it's your fault, because you're not obstructing them.

What's the alternative? To fuck shit up. But insurrectionary propaganda is a lie, those are not easily reproducible acts by anyone. There is a barrier to entry of courage, rage, focus, decision, determination, commitment, etc. The few that do it stand out among the many.

On the other hand there is no barrier to entry (except dignity, but that can be stripped away from you) to be conforming citizen, a pushover constituent. The system makes it the default, throw formation and punishment etc etc., singles out the criminals and the deviants and neutralized them and gets rid of them.