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Have you railed against "idpol" for over a decade? Haven't figured out how to work with individuals that accept its premise? Have you failed to make anarchy because you can't get the numbers interested in your viewpoint, yet see idpol as somehow a vague monolith?

The problem is your quest is political. An attempt to change the moral framework of the left. At this point idpol is fully within the left and only fringe complain about its basic assumptions, that would also be allied with it.

However, being anti-left, you have so little in common with the left, maybe instead of complaining, just do your own thing? Autonomous zones will continue within the left and gain popular activity whether you complain about them or not. They won't ever fit your ideals and no one wants to spontaneously create your ideas on autonomy on any scale. It's fine. Peak experiences can still be achieved and instead of your focus on resentment politics, you could have a reading group that digs your perspective. This can be your springboard to more activities. I'd love to learn of any results.